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My mom is having sex relation with my friend.What should I do?

asked Mar 9, 2016 in Questions by sachin1995 (120 points)
recategorized Mar 12, 2016 by longhands1
Hello all, my name is sachin. I am from kerala. I am now undergoing my degree, final year. I have been under heavy pressure for the last few months since I came to know that my best friend (I believed so) was in sexual relationship with mom. I will tell the incident my friends. My mom (Anitha) is a divorce and I am the only child.

She got divorced when I was 13 year old. Now She is 46 years old and I am 21. My friend is living near me, just 7 km from my home. He was my friend since plus two and was one of my best friends. The things all began last year.

Since last year he was a regular visitor to my house because we are doing the mini project and final project work together and in my house there is only mom and me. At first he came to home only at weekends. But after 2-3 months he daily comes to my home saying that we want to finish the project faster.

Months passed and I  didn't know what was happening underground. Since last September my mom was always on chatting on phone over whatsapp. Initially I asked who it is and she said it was her old friends. I ignoreD it and was busy with my things. But one day at night when I was going to my mom’s room, the room was not fully closed and a small area is open only my one eye can see through it.  When I look I was shocked. My mom was lying on the bed with her maxi lifted up to her ass, she was fingering with her right hand, and she was on the phone with left hand.

I admit you guys that I watched it for a while and my penis got hard and even I masturbate thinking of her. After that I decided to find who she was chatting with. I took her phone when she was bathing. However, it was pattern locked. I tried one of the pattern which I set on the phone when it was bought. Luckily it opened. I opened whatsapp and checked it. Last chatted with "manasa"(fake name).I opened it and I was shocked seeing the chat history.

Nude selfies of my mom. Nearly 100 different pics (of course I transferred it to my phone) and video of a young guy masturbating. Then I noted down the number of that guy and I checked it on true caller but nothing showed. Then I called on that number from my neighbor’s phone. After 3-4 rings a guy took the phone and I was shocked hearing the voice my friend. I cut the call. I went back home and stayed in my room. I was full of anger and felt like a fool being fooled by mom and friend. I recollected past one year’s activities of my mom and friend. I came to the conclusion that my friend was absent on either Thursday or Friday in a week and he continued absenting for past 6 months and also my mom was on half day leave on either Thursday or Friday’s when linking all these incidents, it was confirmed that my mom was in sexual relation with my friend. I am also afraid that will my friend will upload her video or picture to sexual sites.

So friends what should I do?

Should I allow them to continue the relation without asking them anything? or Should I Talk to both of them about this separately? or

Should I also seduce my mom?( I have a half mind in it after seeing her nude pics.

Please don't be rude to me in your replies.

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4 Answers

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I was reading your question very carefully and until the last line, I was under impression that innocent kid wants to stop her mom having sex with her friend as he might be considering sex is a sinful act but your last line changed my mind upside down “should I also seduce my mom?” That reveals your devil mind on your own mother.

What makes you think that what your mom doing is wrong? Don’t you think that she has all right to enjoy sex, as she is also human besides your mom? It also sounds that you do not have a problem with your friend having sex with your mom but all you want is to have sex with your mom. Doesn’t she play the role dependable mom? Did she ever make you feel that she is not good mom?

What she is doing is her personal life and you do not have any right to interfere in her personal life. Has your friend made you feel worse? They both are adult and mature enough to understand what they are doing. There is no need to disclose anything to anyone that you know his or her relationship as it is not worth to do. Shift your focus on your career and play the role of responsible son.



answered Mar 10, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,920 points)
commented Mar 10, 2016 by sachin1995 (120 points)
I won't have any problem if I didn't came to know about it.but now I know about their relation.when i look on her face i am seeing the visual of their sex.same when i look at my friend.My perspective towards them changed and i tried to overcome it over the past 2-3 months but i can't.Now my mind says to me that"If your friend can why can't you".I admit for last 1-2 weeks i masturbate on thinking her and looking at her nude pics.

alpesh,your question "Did she ever make you feel that she is not good mom?"

yes since last 6 months she made me feel it ,she is not good.I will tell one incident.2 months ago I got first in musical in art fest.I got very happy and when i back home i said it to her and she doesn't even congratulate me or said anything.She was on phone, just heared it and ignored it.There is many such incidents like ignoring me.
commented Mar 10, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,920 points)
It sounds that you are adamant to have sex with her so do one thing when they have sex caught them red handed. Take the advantage of it and ask your mom to allow you to have sex with her. Is it possible?
I doubt that you can make her legs spread for you since she is your own mother. You may warn her that you do not like her changed behavior and her habit of on the phone all the time. Give some hits that you are aware about her relation so she can reduce her interaction. Let her enjoy sex as she has all right to do it.
commented Mar 12, 2016 by sachin1995 (120 points)
update:yesterday also(11-3-2016) my friend was absent and my mom was half day leave.when I came home she was there at her room.lieng on the bed.I asked her I want a tea.she told she is tired and told me to go to hotel and have tea and buy something for night also(seems like my friend heavily fucked her today).friends I can't withstand further.
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You should not go into your  mom business its her personal life she Will take care of it your mom is divorced lady she wants some sexual pleasure and it's not sin that your mom is enjoying with close friend
You should not try your mom body it will be sin if you try to do such things I advise you you should stay away from your mom sexual life
answered Mar 10, 2016 by Rajan07 (690 points)
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Should I allow them to continue the relation without asking them anything?   A BIG YES....

Should I Talk to both of them about this separately? Talk to your mom only if you too wants to FUCK HER.  

Should I also seduce my mom? A BIG NO
answered Mar 12, 2016 by rahulsngh (715 points)
commented Apr 29, 2016 by Motilal (7,040 points)

Mother and son both are unfit to live in society.How can you think to seduce your mother for fucking.


A one Line Answer is a comment. so have changed this to a comment.

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First I thought you wanted a solution to stop your mom from doing it. ut in the last line you say that you want to have sex with your mom. Having sex with a relative can be tough, especially when your mom is being satisfied by your friend. You can go ahead and try your chance with your friend's mom.  What you need is a sex partner.
answered Aug 3, 2016 by maya75n (655 points)
commented May 18, 2017 by Tanzeel (245 points)
Please update us if your problem is solved. Was thee any conclusion?

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