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Desperate to have Sex With matured women & interested in my Aunt!

asked Mar 1, 2016 in Questions by Praveen1k (120 points)
edited Mar 1, 2016 by prashant69
Hello Anjali Aunty & All Members,
I am 20 yrs Old guy shy in  nature But mischievous & Engineering Student
 I like Married women , Aunts  very Much & I am  much desperate for Sex.I  always Try  to find  married women (Bhabhi , Aunty) for Sex.And  as I travel to college by bus I make eye contact with many of Women sitting in the Bus & when the bus is fully Pack I carefully rub my penis to  their  ass & some women too enjoy this  & gives smile & give great response but at that Time my mind becomes numb & I become blank  What should be the next logical  step to make it with them?
I also have interest  On My Aunt(Mami)  She is 36 yrs old She Makes Horny. When we go for  ride on my Moped for Some work She Sit's so Close That I enjoy her boobs on my back & Sometimes she keeps Hand near my Penis Area & She Pinches  My Back
So my question is when any unknown woman  gives me  signal  or if  i feel she is interested  what are the ways to seduce that woman  & If possible tell me  how can I seduce my Mami who always Smiles  ?

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2 Answers

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Praveen, If what you have narrated in the question is true, then you can score if not with all but definitely with few of them. You say they do not resist much to your offensive touch .Some of them including your aunt in fact gives you sort of lift too!

         What you lack here   in my opinion is self confidence and assertiveness .Women like confident men. So first of all be assured of yourself. Be conffident and when some woman looks into your eyes then try to stare into her eyes to the longest extent . If she keeps staring then give a smile. If she already is smiling then you too should reply with a smile. And instead of trying for each and every woman coming your way, concentrate on few of your choice, Be selective. After this smiling phase get yourself introduced . Do not make any haste at all. Just be friendly and do not reveal your  sexual  intentions. Be friendly.These women being mature and experienced would take the lead.

@ aunt, when  you feel she intentionally is pressing her boobs on your back, you can tell her  something is piercing in your back and you are feeling pain . See her reaction. Then start praising her. Not only her beauty but her overall personality, cooking, any skill of her etc. Be her friemd. 

          Be charming. Wear decent , classic cloths.Use  perfume,  deoderant . Be polished and well mannered. And this habit of touching women inappropriately is not a nice social behavior. If any woman complains you would be an easy targate of public wrath as well as legal proveedings too!So leave this habit at once .

    And as goes with these  sort of questions Do remember our disclaimer that only you would be responsible for the consequences of your actions. Best of luck! 

answered Mar 1, 2016 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
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Your Mami is 36 year old lady,she is making you horny.Is it true or a concocted story.Fall on her feet and ask her to forgive you for your ill feelings about her.At this young age of 20,you should concentrate your mind towards studies and keep yourself away from sex adventures.Are you sufficiently grown to satisfy your Mami?
answered Aug 2, 2016 by Motilal (7,020 points)

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