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Guilt after ejaculation

asked Feb 29, 2016 in Questions by kumar.nilesh (120 points)
edited Feb 29, 2016 by alpesh kapdi
So my situation is like, after I cum during sex, there is this huge guilt that come for sometime(until I get hard again) that I shouldn't have done it, I don't really love her and all that, so does other people also have it and if yes, how to deal with it.

It's not that I lie to the girl about loving her or anything (and the girl is also not hopelessly in love with me). I am actually very honest about most things, and I don't believe that you can have sex only with whom you truly love. For me if that is the case then it is great, but you also need it otherwise, it's like a physical/mental need (like if you are hungry you need to eat), but that guilt things really pisses me off.

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2 Answers

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This is called post ejaculation depression and it is common among men. Many men feel guilt after masturbation and it shows you consider the act as a sin. Your unconscious mind tells you that you done something sinful and you start regretting the sex.

It might be possible that you were told that sex, masturbation is a sinful act, and one should not do it. Guilt feelings are liked with upbringing and influence of the adult in our life as a child.

What you need to do to eliminate those feelings, accept the fact that sex is natural obligation of human body. Start confrontation with old myths and do not over analyze your post sex session because you are doing nothing wrong by having sex. 

answered Feb 29, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,295 points)
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You are not the only one who has such feelings. For better or for worse, we are still trying to catch up with new practices and culture that were discovered thanks to the internet, movies and other ways. India is predominantly a conservative society. Go to any western society, India might still be considered a country where women wear only saris and men and women get married through the will of their parents and there are less number of people with extra/pre-marital affairs. I think it is safe to say that we think the same about ourselves, only we are not practicing it anymore.

We are modernizing, and we are doing it at a rapid pace. Trouble is, our conscious mind is still trying to hold on the roots of our culture, hence the struggle and guilt, at least in some of us. You are right when you say that sex is a need that has to be met. We are now more open to actions and ideas that allow us to fulfill that need without the stamp of marriage/relationship.

As long as you state your intentions to the other person, as long as you do not betray their trust, I believe you are not doing anything that is wrong. My answer may be thought provoking than a perfect solution to your question. But I just felt the need to put it in these words.

Good luck
answered Feb 29, 2016 by prometheus4321 (665 points)

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