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What to do with my sexual fantasies?

asked Feb 18, 2016 in Questions by ajit45448 (120 points)
edited Feb 18, 2016 by prashant69
My sexual fantasies are increasing day by day about my wife. I want to have threesome sex with her. It has increased for many reasons. First I have just tried to put this idea into my wife's mind and started showing her many threesome, swinger, group porn videos. One day during our sex session we were talking dirty like having threesome, bring another dick for her giving her a DP. This kind of things are increasing my desire repeatedly. Please help me. what should I do?

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3 Answers

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She may not like it if your desire is strong for such things. You need to try and focus somewhere else.
answered Feb 19, 2016 by Meenu A R (230 points)
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It is totally different thing to fantasize and make fantasy real. However, these days many couple start indulging in threesome and enjoying the forbidden act.

It might be possible that your marriage may get distressed afterwards because of jealousy and emotional issue in threesome. If you are ready to face all the consequences of threesome then you may think of going ahead.

Discuss your idea with your wife for threesome in real life and see her reactions. If she is positive then there is nothing to worry except you need to find compatible partner, who wants to share bed with you both people.

If she does not like the idea of threesome in real life then without second thought you should stop this and do not try to force her to get her into this thing just to fulfill your fantasy otherwise your happy married life may get devastate. 

answered Feb 19, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,230 points)
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It's totally normal to have such fantacies after few years of marriage , you are not the only one you can see on AA only many people expressed this desire. Try to avoid it till you can because it's not easy to go for it in our society , if you can't avoid it , then don't force your partner for it , live it with two sex workers or call girls. Yeah if your partner is also having the same then you are lucky and you both can go for it , but take care it should not make your life complex , I will suggest don't go for threesome with a known person or in the same city , plan something that you can hide your identity and have the fun. If you Wanna jump into then you can ask for further suggestion.
answered Feb 19, 2016 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
commented Aug 17, 2016 by SamRin (755 points)
That's normal fantasy, but only proceed if your wife agreed, don't force her but try to convince her. Njoy u r life.

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