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My daughter is insisting me to have sex. What should I do?

asked Feb 10, 2016 in Questions by Dr Randhava (125 points)
I'm a 47 years old male, and work as a gynecologist in Vancouver, Canada. In my family, there are my wife and two daughters aged 20 and 18 years and they study in University of British Colombia. Recently my elder daughter having some pain in her genital. My wife told me about her pain and examine her. I felt hesitation to examine her, so I told my wife that she's my daughter, so I won't examine her, I'll get her checked up by another gynecologist. However, my wife told me that you're the best gynecologist and don't be shy, go and check her.

Then I examined my daughter's genital. Her disease was vaginitis due to trichomonal infection. Then I applied antibacterial ointment on her vagina and smeared on it. I wondered from her facial expression that she is getting sensual pleasure as I was applying ointment on her vagina. Then unknowingly I felt some erection between my legs. I never have even the slightest thought about my daughter in a sexual way. After applying the ointment, I told my daughter that you apply ointment yourself on your genital twice daily and gave her some tablets to take.

Next day my daughter came in my clinic and told me to apply ointment on her genital. I was shocked by her this boldness and told her that do it yourself then she told me that I cannot apply it properly, please you apply the ointment. I am also a human and couldn't resist my desire to touch her vagina.

She pulled down her panty and lay on the table. When I was applying ointment on her genital. After few minutes of massage, she told me to apply some ointment inside her vagina because feeling some itching there. When I inserted my finger, applied some ointment, and did my finger in and out. She slightly writhed and squirmed in the ecstasy. She was moaning in suppressed way. Precum was oozing from her vagina. Now I understood that I'm on the driver's seat and everything is within my control. However I was getting so much excitement, but I don't want to take advantage of this situation. My moral was not allowing me to go beyond this stage.
After this incident, I decided that I won't go beyond the limit and I'll stop completely to applying her ointment in 3-4 days.

My clinic is just one kilometer away from my home. Next day she again came in my clinic. That day after removing her jeans and panty, she also took off her t-shirt and bra. I told her that there is no need of removing t-shirt and bra then she told me that she is feeling some hardness on my breasts, perhaps it may lump, and you examine it. I examined her both breasts, but found neither hardness nor any lumps. I knew she is trying to seduce me. After squeezing her tight and huge breasts, I was feeling very difficult to suppress my natural urge.

She laid naked on the examining table and I started to apply ointment on her vagina. Then she told to massage inside with fingers. After few of finger massage, she told me that she's feeling itching deeper do insert your finger more deeper then I told that my full length of finger is inserted and it cannot go any further.  Then she requested me to arrange anything longer to alleviate the itching. I understood that she is indirectly offering me for sex. I knew that ball is in my court and I can play it at as I want, but my morality and soul is not allowing me to do this.

View of her naked body titillated me so much and I couldn't control myself. I forgot my professional ethics and father-daughter relation. I took my penis out of my pants and spread her shaved, bulgy vaginal lips wide and placed my swollen glans on her wetted vaginal crack and started to rub it up and down. She was moaning with her closed eyes. That time sex is possessed me like an evil spirit and I forgot morality and ethics, right and wrong. I thought that I won't do any penetration in her vagina. Then all of sudden I blew my load on her vaginal crack and I took my penis into my pants immediately. My daughter opened her eyes, sat, saw the semen on her vagina, and asked me that what it is.

I told her that this ointment then she told that you're lying this is semen, you were rubbing your cock on my vagina. I told her that I got very excited to see your things and couldn't control myself that's why this is happened, Please forgive me, don't tell your mom about it, I won't do it again. My daughter said me that I'll forgive you on the condition that if you'll massage inside my vagina with your cock. I shocked to hear this and told that sex between father and daughter is a sin, it's immoral and unethical. What I did in excitement now that is also wrong. But my daughter was adamant to do it. Having seen her obstinacy, I cajoled her that give me some time, I'll think over it.

My wife is patient of myasthenia gravis and she's not having sex with me for two years.
Please advise me that should I have sex with my daughter or not.

Note: please don't give me moral preach because I know morality and ethics well.

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3 Answers

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You should have not checked your daughter and needed to arrange another good gynecologist for her problem hence you done mistake there.

Second things you should have kept your wife with you when you were examining your daughter but you failed to do it.

Third, you after examining her, you should have not applied ointment on her genital and could have arranged another staff from your clinic to help you.

Another blunder you did was, she asked you that she felt itching deep inside in her vagina, being a doctor you could easily caught her lying but you purposely did not do anything and followed her order like lover.

Sorry doctor you are keep talking about on moral issue but I find you as an immoral and sex starved man. You already crossed the entire limit, which you should have not crossed as a father.

Now she is pressuring you to have sex with you otherwise she will expose your devil face to your wife and that would be disaster for you I am sure so you have no option than to follow her order and start having sex with her.

She is young and you are looking for a vagina so do not lose such opportunity to have sex as I do not think you can find a such young girl for sex.

I am suggesting you to go ahead because your question sounds that you want to get into her pants but you should have to keep moral and principles aside, as morally, it is wrong to have sex with daughter and no arguments can justify your act with your daughter.  

However, if you really do not want to fuck your daughter then act as a father and warn her with consequences. Also, clearly tell her that you are not afraid of her threats. I do not think that she will go and disclose everything to your wife. You have to take risk if you want to play the role of responsible father. 

answered Feb 11, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)
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Dear Dr. Randhava,

The classical definition of a Gynecologist is "A person who looks for problems where others look for pleasure"

An even more apt definition is OBG. Obstetrics and Gynecology. The preference in the order given to "Birth of a Child".

On one hand, you swing a disclaimer asking patrons of this site to refrain from talking about ethics and morals. Morality is defined personally by each individual. It is a personal code of ethics. What you are doing is Illegal in the first place. It is a punishable offense and could result in a 14 year sentence.

Also, the long term impact on your daughter is going to be devastating. She is old enough to have a boyfriend and satiate her carnal desires. A dominating Electra complex is also no justification for your act. As regards your wife's condition, you can always have an EMA with another consenting adult, who is not closely related to you.

The correct thing is to put a complete stop to it. And why are you being so graphic? Are you looking for some kind of endorsement? "Massage my Vagina with your Cock?" Which school did you attend?

You are Sick to even ask this question, See a psychiatrist. If that does not work, visit a proctologist. If he cannot find your brains in your Ass, see a Pathologist and ask her to perform an autopsy by first severing your genitals from the rest of your body.
answered Feb 11, 2016 by Logical_Guru (235 points)
commented Feb 12, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Since the doctor has already chosen a best answer, and as turned off his profile to accept private messages, all I can do is add a comment to the end of this.

Dr, you ended your question saying that you didn't want people to preach morals and ethics to you. I assume therefore, that you want us to tell you that what you are doing is okay. I don't know what the Canadian Penal Code says about incest, whether it is legal or not. Your older daughter is above the age of consent, and if what you are telling us is true, she is eager to have sex with you. So it is really down to you to decide whether you want to follow your natural inclinations, or whether you are going to allow yourself to be controlled by the views of society in general. We can't make that decision for you, it's down to you.

You know that having sex with your patient goes against your Hippocratic oath, and the code of conduct expected of a doctor with his patient, because, in accepting her for treatment, she has become your patient, even while she is your daughter. I'm sure you no very well, the risk that you are taking from a professional point of view.

While incest may have been prescribed for thousands of years, it is a common enough practice. Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, class or religion, we find incest going on behind closed doors everywhere. While there may have been reasons for banning in the past, to prevent excessive inbreeding, most sex these days is for recreation, rather than procreation. If you and your daughter have sex purely for enjoyment, and you are both agreeing to it, why not?

If you have read any of the answers I have given before, you will know that I consider that I do not have the right to judge other people's morals. Each of us makes our own decisions in life, and our morality is our own concern, not that anybody else's. As long as you are doing no harm, as far as I'm concerned you should be free to do whatever you want to do. As your daughter really wants to have sex with you, then it's up to you.

You can justify this if you wish, it's in your head to make your own mind up. The only thing that I would remind you of, that is to protect her against pregnancy. But you as a gynaecologist should know this better than anybody.

So, in short, if you both want this, go ahead and enjoy.

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The site is heating up, second such question by a doctor in North america within a few days. Any 47 year old gynecologist would know that this is a sexually transmitted infection that is normally cured by a dose of flagyl. The infection appears similar to other STI so a cell culture and other tests are usually carried out. And we have our doctor, examining the patient without a glove and massaging her clit with god knows what? Carrying out no tests and risking the same infection.  I hope what you have described is just a fantasy because if its real you will be jailed for medical malpractice.
answered Feb 11, 2016 by steppen (260 points)
commented Dec 9, 2016 by Carol25 (110 points)
if SHE wants is do it, you are obligated to all the women in your wife's household.

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