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Is this a sign from my bhabhi?

asked Jan 31, 2016 in Questions by zach53 (185 points)
edited Jan 31, 2016 by prashant69
Hey guys
Few months back i had asked a question if my bhabhi is ready to hace sex with me,things have become more intense now
As my bhabhi already knew that i wanted to sleep with her everything continued as usual but we ended up getting even more close now
She has become so close to me that wheneve she has sex with my bro she ll tell me about it the next day with details i dono If she tells me to tempt me or making me jealous or just because we are close
And from last few days she has been insisting me that we go out fr a movie and i agreed i told her to wear saree and readily agreed and i also casually asked her can put my hand in ur saree n play with ur tummy she was lik ok vl see and later she even agreed that i can and one more thing she says shes not surr if she wants me in bed but wen she feels lik that she will tell me and i should arrange for a place

Is she just playing around or do i have i chance of making love to my bhabhi????
commented Feb 13, 2016 by zach53 (185 points)
Guys i got a latest development i was texting my bhabhi n i was teasing her am waiting to hv sex with you and all of a sudden shes lik whats ur size i told her the size then she said send pic i want to see i even did that after that we ended up having sex chat so i have hit the jackpot right??

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8 Answers

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Best answer

zach, Yes she is game for it. Definitely she wants to make love with you. For the reasons known only to her she will allow you to have sex with her. 

      Whatever the reasons may be surely you are interested in the end result only. She have some fears understandablly. And unless she is sure that no one would ever know and you too will never reveal it to anybody she would not allow you to make any advances beyonf certain extent. So first thing is you have to win her confidence. Assure her, keep telling her that you will not reveal it to anybody. And please stick to this promise,as we men always want to brag about our such conquers at least to one of our closest friends. 

   Another important thing that is coming to my  mind is suppose you succeeded in having sex with her and just  imagine by worst stroke of (bad) luck you two got caught or your family comes  to know about it then  would you abondon her?

     Because you being treasured ' kuldeepak'(son) of the family you definitely would be pardoned but she never will be forgiven and she would not only loose her husband but also a roof over her head. Her own family also would disown her . So if the time comes would you stand by her ?So take an informed decision and think using your head not by dickhead! And as goes with such questions do remember the disclaimer that only you would be responsible for the consequences of your actions . Best of luck! 

answered Feb 3, 2016 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
selected Apr 25, 2016 by zach53
commented Apr 25, 2016 by prashant69 (6,990 points)

Zach, Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the best answer. 

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She's just teasing you bro, just flirt with her as much as possible. She'll definitely give you a fuck. As you told she is frank with you. Try to tell her about your fantasies make her jealous and wet at the same time. Try to touch her G-spots all day and turn her on. Sooner or later she'll go wild and will let you ride her pussy.
Best of luck
answered Feb 1, 2016 by Noni (1,360 points)
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Your bhabhi is playing around before deciding to go all the way with you. It is very clear that she wants to have you as well along with your brother. She is just making you wait it. A woman will not allow advances from a man unless she has some interest in him as well. You definitely have a good chance of "making love" with your bhabhi.
Don't try and overstep it. Wait for things to play out. Don't ruin things by trying too fast. You'll then lose the chance forever.
answered Feb 1, 2016 by Meenu A R (230 points)
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Do not think much you are getting chance just go for it avoiding you bro only.
answered Feb 1, 2016 by Ankit cool (985 points)
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Dear zach53
As you have told that she is ready to come with you for moive, sheis telling you about her sex encounters with your bro, also she is ready to allow you  to touch her tummy .
She is ready for give chance.
Now the ball is in your court, how you handle her in theatre. If u sucessful in makeing her temp there ten you will get chance the same day may be.

But as per me she is ready for you already just you have make a start from somewhere. Once you start then you can do what ever you want. Also one more thing take her to miove as early as possible becoz" when iron is hot you have to make a shot"
answered Feb 1, 2016 by rohit.sharma786 (925 points)
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She has interest in you . She wants make love with you . Thats why she has started become close and asked you to touch her tummy. She will make love when she needs so dont force it . Wait for her to respond . Take it slowly . U can get her on bed . All the best .
answered Feb 1, 2016 by Rocky25 (190 points)
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Dear friend...

It is crystal clear that Your Bhabhi is ready to sleep with you, so she is yours there is no doubt.

But at the same time she is intelligent and  cleaver , she have made a relation with you , that is undoubtedly very much closer than the Bhabhi - devar relationship .

Since it is a delicate relationship she is taking time . Flirt her and continue with the tummy touch and other touch , include boob touch also.

She is ready to sleep with you.  Wait for right time and soon she will take you to bed.
answered Feb 3, 2016 by kapilh (1,020 points)
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You have full opportunity of fucking her so if you are desperate to fuck her then you have to approach her for sex frankly as being a woman she did what she could have done. There is no need to think too much just ask her to allow you to fuck her and tell her that you do not want to wait. Keep it as simple as it is. 

answered Feb 3, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)

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