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What pleasure does a woman get from anal sex?

asked Dec 17, 2015 in Questions by jit akela (120 points)
edited Dec 19, 2015 by longhands1

Do women get pleasure from anal sex? Do they desire anal sex? Do women ask for anal sex or is it forced upon them? Do all women experience pain while having anal sex?


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2 Answers

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I can only answer this from my own point of view, and I can't speak for every woman. Anal sex is something I absolutely adore, and I have enjoyed it as part of my regular sex life from an early age. My personal experience has always been a good one, because the 1st time my partner penetrated my anus, he had prepared me thoroughly beforehand, and had made me feel comfortable with the idea of accepting his penis in my back door. I was lucky that my partner the time was very considerate, and wanted to make sure he didn't hurt me. Having spoken to some of my girlfriends, I have to say that my experience is not universally shared by other women. While most of my friends have tried it at least once, their 1st time experiences varied widely. Some of them had partners who were as considerate as mine, but one or 2 of them were left in agony.

The anus is an area rich in nerve endings, and if stimulated correctly can provide extremely pleasant feelings. However, if treated insensitively, those same nerve endings can deliver excruciating pain. It really is down to proper preparation, and plenty of lubrication. Any girl who wants to try out anal sex needs to do a little experimenting beforehand. I have written extensively on this subject, as someone who is an anal devotee, and if you look through the forums archives on the subject of painless anal sex, you will find both my advice and that of other editors. For a girl to be able to take a man's penis (or a large dildo/vibrator/cucumber etc (you'd be amazed at some of the things that have been pushed into the human anus)), she needs to be completely relaxed, and to have accustomed her rectal sphincter muscles to accept something the size of a man's penis without discomfort. It's not something that can be accomplished in 10 minutes, but needs a little time devoted to it each time she is alone, and is in the mood for a bit of self pleasure. Doing this as part of her masturbatory pleasures helps to guarantee that she associates anal sex with enjoyment. As I say, there's plenty of advice on our forum.

For you guys that want to do this with your partner, and it doesn't matter in this case whether the partner is male or  female, the most important thing is to be patient. If your partner is reluctant, the more pressure you put on them, the less likely they are to be happy to do it, even if they do allow it. You need to be gentle, use your fingers, well lubricated, and very gentle, to stimulate the anus, way before you even think of introducing your penis. It takes time for those sphincter muscles to relax, and until they are relaxed completely, anal sex is likely to cause a great deal of pain to the receiver. And if you cause pain, your 1st anal experience is likely to be your last!!! For you guys that want to do it with your wife or girlfriend, I suggest you let them stick a vibrator into your anus, and then you will get some idea of what it feels like for them. If they are kind and considerate, and prepare you very gently, you will enjoy it, but if they just spit on the end of a vibrator and stuff it up your arse, you will see why so many women say NO!!! Probably the best way to encourage your partner to even consider anal sex is by going down and licking her anus, kissing it, and gently pushing your tongue into it. Even my girlfriends who don't want anything large pushed into their bottom admit to enjoying the feeling of their partners tongue licking and probing there. It certainly encouraged me when my 1st experiences in anything to do with anal were the result of my partner licking my anus.

As I have said, women can enjoy this, and enjoy it immensely. From an anatomical point of view, we do not have a prostate gland like men (which, when stimulated, either by rubbing with a finger inserted in the anus, or by the action of a penis/vibrator/dildo inserted there, provides an intensely pleasant feeling), so where does the sensation come from, and why can we have such intense pleasure that is effectively an anal orgasm? Believe it or not, the ''experts'' are still not quite sure. One theory is that anal sex puts indirect pressure on the G spot, which is located in the woman's angina, and this, in combination with the stimulation of the nerve endings around anal opening, is enough to ensure that the girl enjoys it. Personally, I don't know about that, all I know is I derive an immense amount of pleasure from the feeling of my husband's penis or  my girlfriends dildo deeply planted in my anus, giving me a good hard seeing to!!!. And what's more, clitoral stimulation at the same time results in the most intense orgasms.

I remember having a discussion with a girl from Somalia. She had undergone the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation. This is where a girls clitoris is cut out, supposedly to stop them cheating on their husbands. The girls were China is then sewn up so that she only has a small type opening. It guarantees that she receives no pleasure from sexual intercourse, but remains tight for her husband. It's about the worst thing, short of murder, a man could do to a woman, and this barbaric practice has come about because of a male dominated society in that part of the world. She is one of the many thousands of Somalis who have run away from the war in their country, and she has settled in the UK. During our discussion, she told me that the only pleasure she gets from sex is to have anal sex, as have a genre opening is so tight that penetration is agonising for. The fact that her clitoris was cut out means that she derives no pleasure from sex, except from anal sex. That was one conversation that really affected me, and reduced me to tears. Almost as bad as the act itself, was the fact that it was her own mother who took her to the so-called Dr to have the mutilation performed. We talk a lot about respecting people's customs, but there are some customs that are so barbaric that they should never be tolerated.

Finally, never force your partner to have anal sex if they don't want it. That is called rape!!! And no man with even a scrap of decency wants to rape his partner.

I hope that answers your questions.

answered Dec 18, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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Analsex is pleasurable but its directly depend on you and your partner. Some girls feel pain in their early stages in our earlier post so many answers given by our experts go through and still you feel doubt on its then we are here to give our views base on our experience. Specially I involved in analsex with so many girls some enjoyed tooo much. Some girls due to their fear never allow to analsex its depend on mutual understanding and how much active in your sexual life.
answered Jan 28, 2016 by kingmyaqueen (1,835 points)

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