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What are these light skin lesions/patches on my penis shaft and scrotum ?

asked Dec 17, 2015 in Questions by anhonimous (120 points)
edited Dec 19, 2015 by longhands1


I am 23 years old, Indian male and have never indulged in any type of sexual activity and just do masturbation.

I have this very weird skin related problem on the left side of my penis shaft and 3 white dry small dots on bottom of the scrotum. The only problem I've faced due to this is it just looks weird. I don't have any pain, burn or any type of problems. Sometimes it itches but very rarely. I am perfectly sexually active and healthy and I don't have any problems with masturbation or urination.

So, the only problem is it gives wrong impression that I have some serious problem.

I started masturbating when i was 14-15 years. This problem started with just only single white colored pimple / bump / joint (Gaanth in hindi) on my left side of the penis shaft 6 years back. Initially it hurt as it was hard and new but with time it became soft and now it doesn't even hurt a bit. Being a child at that age, I ignored it and thought It's normal and It'll heal automatically. But years went by and during 5-6 years, it turned completely into same smaller bump and some light reddish-pink patches which reaches upto top of the penis shaft skin.

I am really confused what it is and actually how it all came even just with masturbation. I have never been to doctor.

How could I improve this as It's really embarrassing to have this type of problem. My confidence is shattered and I try my best to interact less with my girlfriend as i don't want to get embrassed and lose her (we never had sex yet). In India you can't share this in real life with anyone not even parents as they will ask me several other questions and generally masturbation is kind of taboo in India. I can't even show myself to any doctor yet as I don't know which type of doctor would see the private part and I fear that he may ask me to call my parents to discuss. I just want to get it resolved without my parent's knowledge. I can't drag them in this embarrassing thing.

Please help me with it as my parents will marry me after 4-5 years and I want this thing to be resolved by then.


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commented Dec 18, 2015 by anhonimous (120 points)
I'm waiting for past 1 day , Please do reply. I'm really tensed and with burden

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2 Answers

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You should visit doctor and no doctor will ask you to call your parents for further information and for treatment as I think it is purely medical issue, which needs expect advice.

There is no need to feel shy to go to doctor, as I do not think any homemade trick can help you as more than six years has passed. Approach your family doctor and ask him to guide you. It might be possible that simple prescription works and you are free from stress.

There is no need to inform it to your girlfriend or parents just see doctor alone and everything would be all right. If you will waste further time then it might be possible that it get worsen and even doctor cannot help you much so go and see doctor as you are left with no option.

Masturbation cannot cause this so do not blame masturbation. You need to have detail discussion with your doctor. Doctor knows that you cannot notify your parents so he will never ask you to make them aware about it instead he may help you in how to keep this secret and go for treatment. 

answered Dec 19, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,230 points)
commented Dec 19, 2015 by anhonimous (120 points)
Hi as I've told you earlier I've never indulged in sexual relations till now , not even oral even if we consider is sexual and make it an STD type of disease then it should have gotten much worse by these 6 years and so do my health but instead I'm normal like you people.
I've also posted this question in another forum from there I've come to know that Rough masturbation without lubricant is the reason as skin have inflamed patches due to this.
Can you help me which type of doctor should i approach ? Dermatologist , urologist , skin specialist ?
In my city there are only 3 dermatologist and all 3 are female doctors and know my family and other people in our city well , that's why I'm frightened to going to them as unknowinlgy through them it may spread though I'm overthinking. I can see myself to another city but in this corrupt world I really have no idea which trusted good doctor to see in another city which actually try to help me instead of taking advantage which many doctors are doing in our country now.

I think you're getting this why I'm tensed about this.
commented Dec 19, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,230 points)

I have never said that it’s a sexual disease. Why I am suggesting you to see doctor is just because I seen patches in photos you uploaded and that is normal not an infection or I do not think that rough masturbation is the root cause of your problem.

If masturbation is the responsible then patches should be on penis shaft, not on scrotum, are you getting me what I am trying to explain you? Only specialist can help you and gives you full information. You may see first your family doctor and ask his help, he will guide you further whom to see. Your family doctor and other doctors who know your parents would never tell them that you visited them for such problem so rest assured.

commented Dec 19, 2015 by anhonimous (120 points)
Thanks a lot for your suggestion and help , I'm trying making up my mind to tell this to my parents and being parents they know exactly to whom i should go see myself.
Also I've read about using Coconut oil on other forums, So started using Coconut oil from past 2 days , 2 times a day , will see how well goes. It does make skin really soft and moisturized makes it feel good.
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I have gone through your Post and also seen the Links you had provided with photos of your penis attached. There is NO doubt that yours is a medical problem and needs a medical solution.

I can understand your reluctance to see the doctor when you were in your teens, but what keeps you from seeing a doctor now. Are you trying to save money by looking for a solution on the Net? You have stated that you have come across Posts which hint that your problem is due to over masturbation.

Don’t live in a fantasy world. If masturbation caused white spots and thick veins on the penis, most of us would have been facing that condition.

You have stated that you do not indulge in sexual activity. What is masturbation? It is a sexual activity. You are right that since you have never had sex with a partner, it is not possible for you to contract any Veneral Disease, but these white patches need to be investigated. I see no shame in you talking to your parents about the condition of your penis, if you are not able (you are not earning) to see the Doctor on your own.

You need to see a skin specialist and do not be under the impression that all doctors are out to fleece you. Yes, if you visit a road-side quack, then it is possible. But most renowned Doctors have their patient’s welfare in mind.    

There is no embarrassment in seeing a Doctor now. The embarrassment will come if you delay and when you want to have sex with your girlfriend or when you are going to get married.

answered Dec 19, 2015 by longhands1 (78,070 points)
commented Dec 19, 2015 by anhonimous (120 points)
Hey , first of all thanks a lot for your valuable opinion .The main reason of not showing to doctor yet is I don't know which doctor to see myself in city and there are only 3 female dermatologists which my family personally know . Being an student I am earning myself and do ask for money from parents for any need.

Anyway What i do think about scrotum thing is it may get spread there because i never cared enough for this problem since start and thought it's normal , did masturbation like normal people , didn't take any precautions or care ,didn't bathed for days during exams in winters etc.

Well , I'm preparing mentally to tell my parents about it. Hope everything goes well and Yes i am worried about marriage thing cause my family do mention marriage again and again in an funny way. If it would be more embarrassment with it's arranged marriage and she comes to know about this rather than in love marriage as understanding is more in Love marriage.

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