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Can I ask this married woman why she wants to have sex with me?

asked Dec 8, 2015 in Questions by del99del (120 points)
edited Dec 8, 2015 by longhands1

I am stuck between a fight of my morals and ethics on one hand and the gratification of making love to a beautiful married woman on the other hand.

I am a very respecting and professional guy, and flirting is not my type. I met this woman for some reason, and I had to give her my contact number. She then started calling me from her office sometimes every hour. She invited herself to my flat. As there was no other reason why she would come to my flat, I was excited by her visit.

We touched each other, and she was excited to rub her privates on my privates. But, we didnt have intercourse as she had periods. She even had an orgasm by rubbing. After 4 days, today she said she will be coming again. And sex is a high possibility. I think she wants to have sex without a condom with me.

I havent seen her husband, but she says he is very strict, doesnt drink, and she told me to not tell this to anyone or she will be in problem. She talks very nicely to me and I respect her too.

What should I do? Should I have sex with her? Is it okay to ask her why she wants to have sex with me? How should I ask this?
If sex happens I will not do it without a condom.


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2 Answers

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As you said she use to call you from her office daily then why do not you ask her why she wants to start extra marital affairs with you in a casual manner? Ask her some essential questions and that will give you some hints why she is so interested in making physical relationship with you.

It might or might not be a trap for you but you need to be very careful going forward with her since you are not aware about her intention and her history of multiple partners. It is high time to think with your head rather than your dick head as why she wants to offer her pussy to you so simply.

Little bit of care may save your reputation so be careful. However, if you found everything normal then do not lose such opportunity to fuck mature woman but condom should be there as you are not aware about her health status. What makes you think that she wants to have sex with you without condom? Go slowly.
answered Dec 8, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,230 points)
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I feel you are lucky to have such a opportunity , she is married so must be a milf , I think without thinking much and talking much to her as this may attach you emotionally with her just fuck her till she want. Why you need to know about her personal stuff most probably she is not satisfied or she may like varity in sex so whatever the reason is you take your benefit , fuck her till she is ready and you also don't have any problem , after that just go your way. That's it .
answered Dec 8, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)

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