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My aunt is asking me for anal sex. Should I do it with precaution?

asked Dec 5, 2015 in Questions by gilijacob8 (310 points)
edited Dec 6, 2015 by longhands1

Me and my aunt are in a sexual relationship. We two watch porn together and sometimes try things from it. Few days back she asked for anal sex. Honestly I always wanted to do it with her and checked internet for each and every precautions to be taken.

But still am little afraid whether should I do it or not. Please give me your Advice.


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5 Answers

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Hi gilijacob8,
      First please mention ur and ur aunt's age , Anal sex is very much painful for the first time it needs more and proper lubrication  u can perform it with precaution , use condom during intercourse if u both feel comfortable u can continue else if anyone of u feel uncomfortable better to avoid it. Nothing is impossible, u both have strong desire to enjoy anal sex  if possible u watch the porn movie made by vivid entertainment 'expert guide to anal sex' may be it will be helpful for u . even i have a fantasy to enter from backdoor.
All the best enjoy backdoor sex
answered Dec 5, 2015 by Suryabm (220 points)
commented Dec 7, 2015 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
Am 19 and my aunt is 42.
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enjoy dude ..........but i think rather than going for anal try differnt position ((((its my suggestion )))).just few days back i saw a video on sex position with total  111 sex position .....u will enjoy trying ...just surf on sex posotion and then done
answered Dec 6, 2015 by GSM (240 points)
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I presume that you would come know by internet search that you need to use external lube to make anal sex smooth and painless so I am not going to give you information on lubricates. Anal sex is very different from vaginal sex and gives different experience too so since you both are ready to try it out go ahead. It requires some tolerant and practice to get pleasure from it so if you fail for few sessions do not give it up and keep practicing. Do not worry about precautions only condom will do. Let us know your experience.
answered Dec 7, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (25,205 points)
commented Dec 7, 2015 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
We are searching internet for how to clean the hole before anal sex. Any ideas on this?
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Why are you afraid your aunt should be worried cuz of the pain you will enjoy it a lot with all the stiffness but make sure you lubricate well as anal sex needs a lot of it and first use finger and get her used to the feeling have fun and don't forget to use a condom.
answered Dec 7, 2015 by pritesh007 (680 points)
commented Dec 7, 2015 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
Am not afraid. Am just worried because I want her to clean her hole completely. I don't want to get in any awkward situation and spoil our mood. Any suggestion on how to clean the hole before having anal sex as I want the hole completely clean.
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If you want it and she wants it, I can't see what the problem is? If you look in the AA archives, you will find plenty of advice on how to make anal sex a painless and extremely exciting activity for both of you. It really comes down to the recipient learning how to relax completely, and using plenty of lubrication. Both myself and other editors have written plenty of advice on preparation for this activity, and if you and your partner follow my advice, you can enjoy this practice together.

anal sex has become an increasingly popular activity over the past 2 decades, corresponding as it does with the rise in the availability of the Internet. As it features so frequently in mainstream pornography, it has ceased to be seen as some kind of taboo subject. It has always been a popular practice amongst people with a more hedonistic attitude towards sex, and for girls like me, it is an extremely enjoyable activity in which I indulge regularly and frequently as a normal part of my sexual activities. As I say, it really is down to preparation, and once a woman has confidence and trust in her partners, she will get just as much pleasure from anal sex as her man.

Now go and search through our archives about painless anal sex.

Have fun,



answered Dec 7, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Dec 8, 2015 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
You know that hole is used for excretion. So the only problem is I want that hole clean without any shit.
commented Dec 8, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I can't see any great problem here. If you are that concerned, let her use the toilet 1st, and then a bit of soap and water will clean things up. Apart from anything else, a little bit of shit won't hurt you or her. If things get a bit dirty, just have a good wash afterwards.

The lady wants to enjoy anal sex, so why don't you give her the pleasure she wants? Believe me, if you do this right, you will both absolutely love it.

commented Dec 10, 2015 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
Ya, its true that little bit of shit won't hurt us but it will definitely spoil my mood.
commented Mar 20, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
dear gilijacob8,
 tell her to go to excretion before anal sex, as salma madam said she can clean her anus, and you can say her to insert her finger into her anus and rotate , some shit sticks to her finger and then she can withdrawn her finger from anus and can  clean it/ wash that finger. do like this 3 to 5 times then her anus will be completely clean. in cause if there is shit remains in her anus that will not give you any trouble, use condom, with water base lubricants, go and satisfy her anally, if a girl asking you for anal sex what's your problem, i promise you definitely get more pleasure.
in my cause my husband is a ass lover, he always wants anal sex, do you know  he don't like if i go excretion before anal sex, he like that shit of me,  at my first anal sex, i got excretion on bed but he didn't stop to fuck my anal, he continued to fuck my anal till he ejaculate. at that situation his penis was too dirty with my sticky shit. we both have wash it afterwards. not at first time whenever we do anal sex, there is shit involving because i will not go excretion before anal sex..but we don't feel it is disgusting, we just enjoyed that act. every couple should enjoy the dirty acts in their bed rooms.
go and fucks her anal, if you like, you can lick her anus also.

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