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Do you think I can have sex seeing my aunt's behaviour?

asked Dec 4, 2015 in Questions by nathanmarkq (120 points)
edited Dec 6, 2015 by longhands1

Hello friends
My age is 28 and my mother's brother's wife's (my aunt) age is 43. There was a function in our home. I was with my aunt with other relatives. When she was sleeping at night in her room alone and the other relatives had gone for shopping. I entered her room and slept with her.

Then, I started touching her body, I kissed her hands and touched her boobs and nipples and she pretended that she was sleeping. Once she said, "what are you doing" in a loud voice. Then, I got scared and changed the direction of my body. After a few minutes, I felt her voice asking me to do it again. It was a gamble for me to do it again as I was not sure about her desire.

But I took the chance and did it again. I kissed her boobs this time and her lips and she pretended that she is sleeping, but I could hear her moan. Then, I put my hands on her thighs and touched her pussy many times and she said nothing, but she also pretended that she was sleeping.  

Next day she saw me many times and talked with me like nothing had happened. Then after that we have not met for a long time, but a few months ago we met again and we both sat in the car back seat and we touched our legs and thighs and even we did it in home also. Everytime she pretends like nothing has happened.

My question is: Whether I should start talking to her more often and praise her beauty and all such stuff? Can I ask her for sex? Do you think she is interested to have sex with me?

Please help me.

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commented May 27, 2016 by Motilal (7,420 points)
Appears to be fantasy.....gone for marketing at night is ridiculous.

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4 Answers

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If your observations are right then no doubt that she is interested in having sex with you. Rather than asking her out for sex, get a chance to be alone with her and initiate sex would be great idea to get into her pant. I do not think that she was sleeping but she just pretended it because she might have not courage to provoke you openly. However, being a woman she did what she could have done now it is your turn to take driving seat.
answered Dec 4, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (25,205 points)
commented Dec 4, 2015 by nathanmarkq (120 points)
thanks for your advice.
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Bang on!!!!!!!!i women are too sensitive to there body as per description i dont think so she is unaware of your intention choice is yours what to do and how to procced
answered Dec 4, 2015 by GSM (240 points)
commented Dec 4, 2015 by nathanmarkq (120 points)
thanks for your advice.
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At 28, you are no longer a Teenager, and so should understand signals from a woman. We presume that you are not exaggerating and have told us exactly as it happened. Often, sex starved males, like to believe their imagination and give credence to what they thought happened.

No woman is unaware what has happened when you touch her body. She may be in deep sleep, but she will recognize a sexual touch. Only exception may be when she is drunk or hypotinized ( see today’s Daily Sex News).

So, your aunt is aware what you have done. Since she did not admonish you, it is presumed that she has accepted your overtures. Now, point remains how you will approach her. You have suggested directly asking her for sex. This is not a good idea. You have to create a situation where she will move on from fondling and touching to more foreplay and ultimately be begging of you to have sex.

But have you given thought to the circumstances when your Uncle and other members of your family find out. That is the tricky and dangerous part that you should consider.

answered Dec 4, 2015 by longhands1 (82,115 points)
commented Dec 4, 2015 by nathanmarkq (120 points)
thanks for giving me best suggestion.
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see she likes you and your touching romance .
so well i say you to talk with her when she is in nice mood
and this is affair so be careful beacause
answered Feb 27, 2016 by funlife16 (130 points)

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