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How to have intercourse with my partner?

asked Nov 30, 2015 in Questions by dosomethng (170 points)
edited Dec 1, 2015 by longhands1

Hi Anjali Aunty,

My question is: how to have sex with my partner so that it is an excellent intercourse. I mean to say, what do I need to do to give her the pleasure through intercourse, the way she wants it?

Tell me the process for having good sex.


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2 Answers

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You have asked a very basic question. I am sure this Topic must have been covered in school and you have not being paying attention.

However, since you are only 19 and still have a lot to learn, I am giving you some information. You first need to get a partner, before you think of pleasuring her. Make pleasing your partner your focus and you will do well. Learn from our Site the many features that are given in Women’s Feature which explains in detail what pleases a woman.

Important TIP is to spend time in foreplay. Do not rush to get your penis in her vagina. You should do this only when she begs of you to do this. Kissing and fondling is the fundamental beginning of foreplay and then you can proceed to oral sex. When you lick and suck her vagina, the act is called cunnilingus and when she sucks and licks your dick and balls it is called fellatio. You can both also lick the ass which produces a sexciting sensation.

Boosting your pleasure and hers is a lot about communication and talking about what pleases her. The secret to having more intense, enjoyable sex is to know how to angle yourself so that you’re hitting her most sensitive areas while allowing yourself to really let go and relax. Find out about clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation and the G spot. Read about it on the Net. It is not possible to explain all this here. In short, do something.

Respect the woman and do not treat her as an object of lust. 

answered Dec 1, 2015 by longhands1 (93,310 points)
selected Dec 6, 2015 by dosomethng
commented Dec 6, 2015 by longhands1 (93,310 points)

Thanks dosomething for choosing my Answer as the Best.

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What's your age and your partners age ??? Is she your wife or gf ?? Can you elaborate about it more. What is your exact problem , do you have problem with erection or pre ejaculations. If everything is normal then then engange more time with your partner do more and more foreplay and give each other more and more pleasure , if you are married and having a boring sex life then you can experiment other things like sex toys and threesoms  etc.
answered Dec 1, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,220 points)

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