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How can I ask my maid and her daughter to pose nude for photographs?

asked Nov 17, 2015 in Questions by mamilover (150 points)
I am 29 years old and not married. My parents got divorced, when I was 14. I stayed in the hostel for my studies.  A few months back, I left my native place and moved to the city to start a new business.  As I am living alone it was very difficult to manage the household.  So I decided to hire a maid and asked my mom to find a decent maid.

A few days later she told me that she had found someone. Her name is Sudha and she is a distant relative of mine. She has no father and her mother works in our farm house. She is around 19 years old. She is short, slim and has a dusky body, is innocent, soft spoken and never speaks much and does whatever work is given to her. She used to call me as brother.

As time passed by she became friendly with me. Later her mom joined her to share the household work. She treats me as her son. I have the habit of watching porn and masturbating. One day, Sudha caught me masturbating. When I looked at her, she just sheepishly smiled. After some embarrassment, I asked her not tell this to anyone. She again smiled.

I have the hobby of photography. I asked her to give some poses and initially she was feeling shy to pose. I made her comfortable, for the shoot. I started photographing her in different poses in traditional clothes. One day I asked her mom to join her daughter for some photo shoot. Initially, I asked them to give normal posses, then I asked them to give posses like hugging each other, kissing on cheeks, forehead etc. I felt great when they hugged and kissed.  

After this there is something going on my mind. I want Sudha and her mom to give poses like hugging and kissing in the nude. How can I convince them to give such photo shoot?

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2 Answers

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I think it mostly depends on 2 things. Whether they will agree to it, and whether that is the extent of the activities, or whether you wish to take it further.

Money is a great motivator, and if you want either of these women to pose naked for you, money is probably the best way for you to get your wish. Asking them to commit sexual acts with each other is taking things to a whole different level. You might argue that a kiss is just a kiss, but when you are talking about 2 naked women kissing each other, there can be no doubt that there is a sexual component to this, and a mother and daughter are very likely to refuse point-blank, unless they are exhibitionists, into lesbian incest. A pretty unlikely certain circumstances, I would imagine. Again, offered enough money, most people will do just about anything. It depends on whether you have a big enough bank balance.

The unasked question, which is really what we would call 'the elephant in the room,' is where do you expect this whole situation to go in the end? One thing that is clear, the young girl likes you, and is already on intimate terms with you. In fact, she couldn't get much more intimate without physical contact, and at 19 years of age, she is at her sexual peak of interest.If you are an unscrupulous type of person, there is little doubt that you could get your own way with her, but these things all come with consequences.

So, is photography all you want? And if it is, why does it have to be in the nude? Are you taking these pictures for art, or so that you can look at them while masturbating? Personally, I think you need to get out more, rather than weaving intricate fantasies about your maid and her mother.

answered Nov 18, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected May 27, 2016 by mamilover
commented Nov 20, 2015 by mamilover (150 points)
Thanks for the answer
There is no sex/porn in this issue, this is sheer art.
commented Nov 20, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Well, if you are doing this as an artistic endeavour, then I suggest you explain this to both of them, and then ask them how much they would like to be paid in order to pose in the manner you desire. If they are not interested, you could try advertising for erotic models in your newspapers, or on the Internet. As I said in my reply, people are liable to do just about anything given the right financial incentive. It really comes down to whether your bank balance is sufficient to pay for your needs. You could try talking to a few escorts. They are used to requests for nude photographs, and some of them are only too willing to pose naked, without having to have sex.

Happy snapping,

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I do not think that any of us can suggest you the way to convince them, as you are better aware of the situation and know them better. What we can suggest you is, be aware of the consequences if anything goes wrong because it is something you are trying to hit at their womanhood. It is very different thing to give poses normally and nude so understand the dissimilar between two. How can you convince them? For that, you need to show some courage and take Sudha into confident first and then her mother. However, it is not going to be easy task for you. I would say refrain yourself from doing that, as it is nearly impossible, only happen in story.
answered Nov 20, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,820 points)
commented Nov 21, 2015 by mamilover (150 points)
I am not a professional photographer, i don't want to waste my money. i must confess that i got this idea after seeing some mom and daughter combo nude pictures on the internet. So i drop this idea. Instead can i expose my body naked to them in my home. If they agreed to that can i ask them to expose their naked body, not for photography. Just to enjoy exhibitionism/ nudism.