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DSN: Mum met 'perfect gent' but he turned out to be serial stalker.

asked Nov 13, 2015 in Articles by longhands1 (80,485 points)
edited Nov 13, 2015 by longhands1

Mum met 'perfect gent' on Facebook - but he turned out to be serial stalker who continued the terror even in jail.

Georgia Biggs, from Widnes, Cheshire, had Darren Seago arrested over his twisted revenge plot, which saw him threaten to ‘scar’ her, and bury her and her children in a forest.

False: Georgia Biggs got into a relationship with Darren Seago and discovered he was a stalker.

A mother of two has told of the campaign of terror and harassment she was subjected to by a man she met over Facebook.

Georgia Biggs, 29, had Darren Seago arrested over his twisted revenge plot, which saw him threaten to ‘scar’ her, and bury her and her children Halle, eight, and Paul, five, in a forest.

But he continued to terrorise her from behind bars, telling her he was going to ‘blow her brains out’ and falsely claiming to social services that she was a cocaine addict. The evil accusation saw her monitored by social services, leaving her terrified she would lose her babies.

When Seago’s vile scheme was finally found out by police, Miss Biggs discovered he was a serial stalker with convictions against EIGHT other women. Georgia said: “I would never have known what he did to all those other women if it hadn’t been said in court,” she said.

“It was too late for me by then. I was depressed and couldn’t claw my way out of that dark place. "I was scared to go out – just going to the car would trigger a panic attack.  "I couldn’t stop breaking down in public. I’d never leave the house without a panic alarm.”

Hairdresser Georgia was recently single when Seago first sent her a Facebook friend request in August 2013. Although she did not recognise him, he did not live far from her Widnes, Cheshire home and so she assumed they had mutual friends.

“I thought: ‘He probably knows a mate,’ so I accepted. Straight away a message popped up,” she said. “He was such a flatterer, paying me all sorts of compliments, and he was funny. But I was honest and told him I didn’t have time for a man.”

Stalker: Georgia Biggs was pursued by Darren Seago.

But Seago was persistent in his efforts to meet Miss Biggs in person. After messaging back and forth for a week and swapping numbers, the pair met in Chester for a romantic meal.

At first, Georgia thought he was “the perfect gent.” “He picked me up and treated me to dinner,” she recalled. “I laughed my head off all night and gave him a goodbye kiss.

“After that we went on more dates, we’d go for picnics or cocktails and he always treated me like a Princess.” After a month, Georgia introduced Saego to her children.

She said they got along famously and that he had made an enormous effort with them, wrestling with Paul and running around with Halle. But by the end of September 2013, a dark side to her perfect man had begun to emerge.

Saego snooped on Georgia’s phone whilst she was out of the room making a cup of tea, finding texts from a male friend and jumping to conclusions. “He accused me of cheating on him,” said Miss Biggs. “In the end, I told him to leave and I threw him out the house.

“I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t trust me.” Saego begged for forgiveness and the pair reunited the following day. For a while, they appeared the perfect couple, going on family days out to the zoo, cinema and local swimming pool.

Even Georgia’s employer remarked on how happy she seemed with Saego. But his vicious temper slowly began to make more frequent appearances. Georgia said: “He would start shouting and swearing if something went wrong, even in public.

“At Asda he’d get so angry and scream at the self-service tills, but it was never when the kids were around. “I told myself he just had a short fuse.”

Family: Darren Saego falsely told social services Georgia Biggs was a drug addict.

After the couple had been an item for six months, Saego confessed some murky secrets about his past, including that he had previously been in prison. “I couldn’t believe it. He said he’d been in trouble and had got into scraps after a few drinks,” said Georgia.

“Everyone makes mistakes and as long as there wasn’t a threat to my kids, I didn’t mind. “But I started to feel nervous around Darren. If things didn’t go his way, he lost his temper.

“Even losing his keys in the house, there’d be a tantrum. I didn’t tell anyone what he was really like, because I didn’t want them to worry.”  After eight months, Georgia had reached breaking point.

She tried to break up with Saego and, after relentless pleading, he wore her down and she agreed to give him another chance. She admits she was not happy, but couldn’t see a way out of the relationship.

“I didn’t know how to get rid of him. He played happy families with us, and Halle and Paul loved when he treated them. But when it was just me and him, he could turn so easily,” she said. “He’d throw a vase across the room and yell all sorts.

“I felt like a bad mum, constantly upset and crying in my bedroom. The kids never saw the other side of him but I couldn’t risk it any longer.” Then, in November 2014, Georgia finally found the courage to leave, texting Saego whilst she was at work to tell him things were over between them.

Suspecting he may put up a fight, she had already taken the children to their father’s house to ensure they were safe. When she left work that evening, Saego was parked outside, begging her to get in the car and speak to him.

“I wanted it all over with, so I decided to let him drive me home - but when I got in, I heard the locks click,” she said, “Then Darren started screaming in my face and grabbing my hair.

“He said: ‘I’m going to kill your children, your parents and your grandparents and bury them in Delamere Forest.’  "He warned me I was first and he started driving towards the woods. I begged him not to kill me. “But the torment carried on, he shouted death threats as I sobbed.

“After what felt like hours, he turned the car around and drove back to my house. “He dragged me inside, as I pleaded for my life. I had to escape, my kids needed their mum. I said calmly: ‘Please I’m so hungry, I’m just going to get a loaf of bread.’

“Finally, he agreed to let me go to the shop. I went straight to police who removed Darren from my house.”

Safe: Georgia Biggs and her family were stalked by Darren Seago even though he was locked up.

Initially, Georgia decided not to press charges – but, four days later, she realised this had been a grave mistake when Saego returned to her house. She said he “seemed calm” to begin with, simply asking for a watch he’d left back.

Then, he grew agitated and refused to leave. Panicked, Georgia tried to call for help, but he snatched the phone from her hand, telling her: "If you get [the police] involved I’ll scar you so no-one ever wants to look at you again."

When Saego finally left, Georgia went straight to the police station and he was taken into custody. “A wave of relief washed over me. But in the night, I woke up in cold sweats. I had a nightmare that he would break into the house,” she said.

Although he was imprisoned, her torment did not stop. A week later while remanded at HMP Altcourse, he started phoning the salon, bypassing their censor by calling up to 10 times a day. Georgia refused to speak to him, so he began to shout threats at her boss instead.

Recalling a particularly menacing call, Georgia said: “One time when my boss came off the phone, she was shaking. “When she repeated what he said, I knew why.”

“Darren had said, ‘I’m going to get my f***ing gun and blow her brains out ... If I’m in for five, 10, 25 years, I’m going to come back and go to Georgia’s house and shoot her, then shoot myself.’ “At first I felt dead angry – he was absolutely stupid. “My first instance was to alert the police as in the past, I’d seen pictures of him with firearms.

“He hadn’t been sentenced at that point so and I wasn’t sure of his whereabouts – and that scared me. “I couldn’t wait for him to be out of mine and my kids’ lives for good.”

Caged: Mother of two Georgia Biggs has told of the campaign of terror and harassment she was subjected to by Darren Seago who she met over Facebook.

Keen to put her ordeal behind her, Georgia tried to focus on getting her life back on track - but two weeks later, she received a call from social services. Saego had sent a letter to her children’s school claiming she was hooked on class A drug cocaine and was in a relationship with a drug dealer.

Social services officials stepped in to interview Halle and Paul. “Painting me as an unfit mother, he’d stooped so low - it was disgusting. He was trying to get my kids taken away,” said Georgia.

“They could tell my children were happy and healthy and had spoken to police about Darren. “I offered to do a drugs test to clear my name. But social services believed me and were really supportive.”

In February this year, forklift driver Seago pleaded guilty to three counts of stalking, a threat to kill and witness intimidation at Chester Crown Court. Then, in March, he pleaded guilty to a further three counts of putting someone in fear of violence, stalking and witness intimidation.

A psychologist told the court that Seago had a borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression. He was jailed for six years for all six offences – a sentence he is currently appealing.

Reflecting on her nightmare, Georgia said: “The police told me he had past convictions for stalking in relation to eight other victims. “I was shocked. It made me feel a bit stupid that I’d let someone like that into my life. I felt guilty for putting my kids in harm’s way but I do think I hid things from them quite well.

“I’m safe for now, but one day I’m going to be looking over my shoulder again. “Halle and Paul only remember the good times with Darren, which I’m grateful for. “But it’s going to be a long time before I let another man into our lives.”

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