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Why did my older female cousin pat my ass?

asked Nov 7, 2015 in Questions by pus_ha (205 points)
edited Nov 9, 2015 by longhands1

I am a 27 year old guy. This is about my cousin who is 5 years older than me and married for the last nine years. She has one 6-7 year old boy.

This incident happened 2 years back at a small family get together. I was just standing and she came from behind and patted my ass like very fast not the slow and feely type.  So, I want to know why she did this?

4-5 years back once I was standing beside her and she just started playing with me like to raise our hands and all. During that play my arm brushed against her right boob. I saw it completely and felt it too. I still remember the bounce and then I looked at her but she didnt say anything, like it was all normal. We both knew what happened but didnt talk about it. She has got very big boobs and a nice fuckable body, but she always remains covered in front of me and never shows her cleavage and all.

Now tell me, how I should react.

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3 Answers

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Stop living in the past. What happened 5 years ago is of no consequence now. Remember she is your cousin and since she is elder to you, she must be treating you like a little brother. But of course she does not  imagine that her little kid cousin has now grown up and has a snake in his pants that is waiting to come to life.

She may have big boobs and a fuckable body, but there is no chance that she is going to let you find out about it. Stop dreaming. You have clearly mentioned that she is well dressed before you and does show you her cleavage. This is a sign of decency and if you have any grand designs, then you will lose her friendship and respect.

Instead of patting your ass, she will pat your face, which will not be a pleasant sight. So just back off and stop fantasizing. At your age, look for friendship with girls who are not family members.   

answered Nov 7, 2015 by longhands1 (76,980 points)
selected Apr 18, 2016 by pus_ha
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I haven't find anything serious in your question , why you are thinking about all this so much. ?? Are you sexually attracted to your cousin ?? I think so. If you are then calculate all rights and wonrg sides and then take the next  step .
answered Nov 7, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
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Why did she pat your ass she can only reveal? We cannot predict, as reasons might be many but now it is useless to cry over spilled milk. If you were so much interested in her, why did not you react at that time? Now, gone are the days. However, next time if she does something like that then you may response her with same intensity or may ask her why she is doing this?
answered Nov 8, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)
commented Nov 8, 2015 by pus_ha (205 points)
Thanks for the replies everyone. But I would like to put some light on some aspects which you have forgotten in your answers, I guess.
Let me go one by one.
jhonsm- yes, I am attracted towards my cousin but you please help me by mentioning the right and wrongs involved.

longhands- This happened 2 years ago not 5, and why didnt she say anything when my hand brushed againt her soft boob?

alpesh- what could I have done in front of everyone? and what can I do if she does this again? I dont think I can ask her that, hey, why did you did this?
commented Apr 19, 2016 by longhands1 (76,980 points)


Thanks for selecting my answer as the Best.

Agreed that this incident happened 2 years ago, ut dont you think 2 years is still a long time.

She is your cousin and not a stranger. Physical contact between family keeps happening. That does not mean we should read anything into it. Yes, if she was a stanger and it happened then you could be right in imaging some motive. But not in the present case.


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