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I am infatuated to my wife's divorced friend. Should I tell her?

asked Nov 7, 2015 in Questions by hunkhunk123 (180 points)
edited Nov 7, 2015 by longhands1

I am happily married for past 3 years.  Recently, I got to meet a friend of my wife. She is a sweet lady who is elder to us and having a kid. She is divorced. I was smitten by her the moment I saw her. She is the perfect aunty material.

I am very infatuated by her. My sex life is under a little drag now as my wife is not much into experimenting. But meeting her friend has made me horny all over again. Even during our sex, I imagine it is this new friend.

Please guide me with some advice. I dont know what to do. Sometimes I feel like calling her and letting her know my feelings.


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7 Answers

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Talk to your wife indirectly and see what she think about this lady. Then you can judge whether she will allow you to have sex with her or not , then if she won't then approch that lady without knowledge of your wife and as you said she is divorced and busty she must be sexually starved and she will allow you. Hope you get success , fuck her hard so that she won't leave you. Enjoy your life. Don't forget to tell what happen next and your further doubts.
answered Nov 7, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
commented Nov 7, 2015 by hunkhunk123 (180 points)
no my wilfe will not allow it. that is sure. and I am sure the lady is not having sex after marriage, as her sad situation is discussed at times by my wife and me. I am really interested to know how to approach her with out my wife knowing.
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There is a sex bomb ticking in your head and in your penis. Imagine what happens when it explodes. There is going be noise and blood around you. Have you thought what happens to your relationship with your wife when she gets to know what you are thinking.

You have clearly said that your wife is not into experimenting, so it means that she has not introduced her friend to you with a broad minded relationship in mind. You new acquaintenance being divorced is of no consequence to you. Why do you imagine that she is not getting sex, so is dying to open your pants?

Since you are infatuated by her and behaving like a schoolboy, even three years after your marriage, you can approach her in a friendly way. How will you do it, without her telling your wife is for you to work out.

Since you are having great sex, by thinking about her when with your wife, why don’t you continue in this way? This way, you are happy and so must be your wife. Why rock the boat? Choice is yours – sail on calm waters or face the impending storm.     

answered Nov 7, 2015 by longhands1 (78,355 points)
commented Nov 7, 2015 by hunkhunk123 (180 points)
I am sure she is not getting any sex. But should I or could I be the refuge for her. would like to hear some ideas to approach her.
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We always find grass is greener at the other side but my friend when you go to the other side you would find first one is greener hence you need to understand that grass is greener where you water it. Fundamentally I suggest you to focus on your marriage and try to figure out why you lost interest in your wife and how can you improve your sex life with your wife.

It is terrible idea to let your wife’s friend know about your feeling and you may bring adversity to your marriage life by expressing your feeling to her hence renounce yourself. Moreover, you have no right to make your wife suffer on your account so drop the idea about her. However, you may fantasize her whenever you are having sex with your wife and you both may go for role-play if your wife is comfortable to it.
answered Nov 8, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
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You say that your sex life is a bit dull now. Probably it is so for your wife too. It is true that after some time in marriage, the intensity of attraction between the married couple diminishes. Hence your attraction for the other lady. It happens and it is common.

Now coming to your question. How do you assume that your wife is not into experimenting? Without mentioning your attraction for her friend, you can feel your wife's mind about experimenting. If she is okay with it only, then you can casually mention about your attraction, as one of the many fantasies you have. Then you can decide.
If she is not willing for experimenting, never tell your wife about your attraction.

Since both are a mature person you can tell that friend that you are attracted to her. She may or may not agree...Hope you are friendly enough with that lady to ask the question. At any rate you can tell her to keep your request a secret from your wife. Mostly, cultured ladies will not make an issue, as long as you are decent and treating her like a lady.

But, I must also warn you about the consequences. It is almost impossible to hide extra marital affairs. My marriage ended in a divorce, due to wife's affair. Your passion for the new friend also will vanish one day. I know only about one couple where husband is enjoying many other women, with wife's consent. That is good situation where cheating is not involved.

No human being is monogamous by nature.

Good luck
answered Nov 14, 2015 by sumitran9 (1,605 points)
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Hi  hunkhunk123,

1. Avoid meeting your wife's friend.
2.Imagine her during sex is not advisable, it makes u to remember her and tempt u frequently.
3.Talk to your wife about your sex intrest, ask her to actively participate  in sex.
4.Show to your wife differnt kind of kinky pron videos.
5.Indulge in foreplay with your wife regularly.


Dont try to have any affair with your wife's friend, if your wife comes to know about it, then your family life will be spoiled.

Dont tell your feelings to your wife or to your wife's friend.

As a Human u should control your feelings, You have a sweet wife enjoy with her.
answered Nov 14, 2015 by rubber1988boy (655 points)
commented May 4, 2016 by Motilal (6,740 points)
Fuck her daily in your dream or if your wife allows to remain alone with her friend.
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There is no harm in imagining your wife’s friend while you have sex with your wife, as it does not harm anyone but bring her in your life will definitely destroy your marriage. She is divorcee that does not mean that she is ready to entertain you. Drop the idea of having her in your real life but you may fantasy her as much as you want. What you need to do is analyze your relationship with your wife and try to bring spark back in your marriage life. Discuss with your wife showing your intention to strengthen the relationship and ask her help in the process. Do not give up too early on your sex life.
answered Nov 15, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
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Happily married!!!! HUH. Its just been 3yrs and you have started thinking about sex outside your home....But then you have put up the question means that you will keep your seducing think-tank running. So before you jump into any relation outside marriage, remember one thing - Don't let the baharwaali get on your head and spoil yourself infront of your gharwali. In your case as she is a divorcee she might look towards you as a permanent support system and if she cleverly leads to pregnancy and boy you are in real trouble. And I feel no woman would continue (specially widow/single/separated/divorcee) such a relation for long without any benefits. So just try to find out whats in her mind and then proceed. It really doesn't mean that if she is alone she is sex starved or that you are her perfect Mr Fucker.
answered Nov 16, 2015 by letschat0921 (860 points)