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How can we spiceup our sex life as a couple?

asked Nov 7, 2015 in Questions by amar4play (120 points)
edited Nov 9, 2015 by longhands1

We are a Chennai couple aged 37 and 36, decent looking and wanting to encounter more desires. Her size is 40/36/42. We are married for 13 years and had a good life. But lately we felt we are missing somehting in our life and wanted to do some bold acts. Hence we have started with exposing my wife with sleeveless tops, transparent sarees, etc, in our home city and we have enjoyed a lot. Now we wanted to add spice to our life by trying out some new things in our upcoming trip to Goa. We need suggestions and ideas  on that.

At first we wanted to expose herself fully nude to a stranger and allow him to touch her and make her feel with out any sex. Looking for the ideas to do so.

Secondly a  erotic massage for her while I am sitting near her. Its up to her to have sex or not based on the mood with the person who is doing the massage. It will be better if you could assist us with reliable massage parlours on this.

Thirdly we wanted to swap with another couple  in goa. How to find a hygiene couple? We don't want to have with our friends because of our culture. We want to have sex with some other couples whom we don't know. We wanted to have this relation only on the vacation once in a year or two. We dont want to carry it to our home town, which might affect our routine life.

Please share your suggestions and ideas.

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5 Answers

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First of all there different ways to spice a relationship up instead of making the wife nude and have swaps have you considered the after effects of swapping? What if your craves for more are you willing to get your wife boinked by strangers continuously.  Why? U cant satisfy her try using sex boosters.the best way to spice a relationship up is to play sex games there is a recent article in the same and also role playing get yourself some new wardrobe and be a doctor or student.come out of this pervert mindset of swapping and exposing the sooner the better rest is upto u and  your wife.
answered Nov 7, 2015 by pritesh007 (680 points)
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I think you are going right , these are the things very common now a days. People get bored of each other and they do these all things and I feel nothing wrong in this. So don't listen to others who are giving free moral science classes. You can go goa Pondicherry kerala or Andaman for beach fun , in goa its mostly crowded , you can go to north goa for lonely beaches their you can even have sex in the evening in dark or you can go nearby places of goa for beach sex like sindhudurg or karwar or gokarna.
For sex with stranger you have to be careful choose a decent guy , because you said you don't want him to have sex with your wife , choose a decent guy and have sex in front of him , hope you both and he also enjoy that , or if you feel like ask him to masturbate seeing your wife or you can have threesome also , include him , I know some women like to be sandwiched hope your wife also , you can do with a girl also on the next day , you your wife and a girl.
For swaping you can choose any random couple in goa , hang in any bar you will find so many young and old couples as your wife to lure the male and then convince his wife also. It's easy now a days
I hope I had used enough space you can ask your fûther doubts if any.
answered Nov 7, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
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It is nice to know that you want to perk up your sex life. I am sure that your wife too wants the same. But does she want to do it the way you are thinking.

Getting your wife to be nude and being groped by a stranger is hardly a way to spice up your sex life. It is impossible to control such a situation and can go out of hand quickly. How will you ensure that the man who is pawing your wife does not attempt to rape her? Remember she will be nude and defenceless. Or will you be holding her clothes on the beach?

Do not imagine that just because you are going to the beaches of Goa, you will encounter sex there. Most of the foreigners who come during this season, though they may be scantily clothed, do not mix with the Indians and keep to themselves. You may find some rowdy Indian Tourist, willing to fuck your wife in your presence, but it is a gamble.

What you need to do, in case you are keen on swapping, then build up a friendship with a like- minded couple who is into swapping and plan for a trip to Goa together. There are lots of Sites on the Net that cater to such friendship, but finding the right couple is time consuming and a difficult task. There are some precautions you need to take to find out that the other party is a couple too. I have heard instances where a man hires a prostitute and claims that it is his wife. So while he is fucking your wife, you will be fucking the prostitute. This can happen when the meeting takes place in a hotel and there is no way to check about the genuineness of a couple. A couple's photo is no guarantee that they are husband and wife.

If your wife is game to have a massage then, you can definitely avail the services of a male masseur and he will come to your home. This is relatively safe and the options can be discussed beforehand. Keep a box of condoms ready, just in case, things get steamy. However it will be for your wife to insist on use of the condom, during the sex act. If she is comfortable having you watch then you can, and even join in for a threesome.

However, these are all risky ways of sprucing up your sex life. Read my Article on sex toys and ways to spice up your sex life, without involving a third person. (In the Search Box, type women’s feature and you will get many answers).             

answered Nov 7, 2015 by longhands1 (80,625 points)
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i think bored with regular sex ..........i think search on net about animal sex position .i find it quite intresting and it will make u experimental ............hope u may find pleasure .....
answered Nov 9, 2015 by GSM (240 points)
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Welcome to fantasy world . This tops the list of fantasy most men have . I agree it gives a great kick and turn on exposing wife / gf and when other men graze at their assets . Frankly speaking most men love it .
Few Ideas which can be executed safely . ( Adding it with the safety level as NEWBIE , BEGINNER , SEASONED & EXPERT )

1. Gardening with her when the neighbors are seeing  , She wearing a loose t shirt without BRA .  ( NEWBIE )
2. Opening the Door answering the Pizza guy to take delivery , she with a bath coat with water dripping open hair . - (SEASONED)
3. Going for a dinner party and she wearing a strapless dress exposing her cleavage . - ( BEGINNER )
4. Let her wear a sleeveless tops and raising hands high to reach something in the balcony when neighbors are around - (NEWBIE )
5. Nude beaches  - ( EXPERT )
6. Wearing a sexy party wear for a dance party with some drinks - ( SEASONED )
7. Making out with windows open with dim light , where people can sense your making love but cant see clearly - ( SEASONED )
8. Masturbating in car in highway while you drive pass side the trucks . - ( EXPERT )
9. Tell her wear a low neck which would expose her cleavage easily tell her to drop something and bend down accidentally when climbing up stairs when neighbors walk down .  ( BEGINNER )
10. Getting wet in the rain with a semi transparent white t shirt without a bra and getting into your apartments on a rainy day     ( SEASONED )
11. Making out on top of water tank around a high raise apartments at night . ( EXPERT )
12. Swim together in a swim suit in some pools or theme parks  ( SEASONED )
13. Short Skirt without panty and Low cut top for a shopping mall and sitting in the lounge to get the strangers attention ( SEASONED )

Have these things in mind and follow strictly

- Do not attempt it when kids are around
- Be cautious, be careful do not go around where police is there ( NUDITY IS NOT ACCEPTED IN OUR LAW )
- Keep Control of situations don't cross your limits or get carried away
- Pre-Plan things have PLAN B Always if PLAN A doesn't work out
- Know About the audience your trying to attract don't get into trouble
- Always Start Small when your a newbie .

Before you jump into this be 100% certain this is what you want as this might lead to a different path in future .So be careful.
but remember being in that situation should not make you inferior if it happens it should happen with your rules, and with the person that you choose, look you need to balance the whole fantasy and real world , cause one should not overpower the other ..Define your ground rules before you jump into this .
answered Dec 11, 2015 by srajesh (1,135 points)