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How does Life change after marriage for a man?

asked Oct 31, 2015 in Questions by Aakas20 (120 points)
edited Nov 1, 2015 by longhands1

Hi Friends,

I am 28 years old and having no medical issue. I am keen to know about the changes in life after marriage. What to eat or not to eat for good sex life any any physical exercise, that I should do.

I feel I have a PE problem. I got chance to have sex with my girlfriend but unable to last as I ejaculated in 3-4 minutes after foreplay. I was unable to control when she touched my dick. I read that this problem will be better after marriage. I am going to marry (not my present girlfriend) in the next month but am very confused.

My doubts are:

1) After I masturbate, I feel very weak and don’t have any desire for sex for 3-4 days. Why?

2) My friend suggested that I take a sex medicine on the first night. Is this a good idea?

Please suggest.

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2 Answers

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Hi, before assuming that it's a medical issue please consult a doctor, who may suggest you some tests, then only you will come to know about it and if any problem then can be treated... 3-4 minutes of intercourse is not bad. I can't even withstand for 1 minute. There are various reasons behind PE, the most common is stress and other can be diabetes or blood pressure.

Now as per your query,
1. It is absolutely fine that you don't feel to masturbate 3-4 days once you do it. It means that you have less interested in masturbation. If you feel the same with your girl friend, then you might be under stress or in worst case your testosterone level is low. Just google the food that boost testosterone level and see if it improves your libido else consult a doctor.

2. Don't eat the sex pill unless and otherwise suggested by doctor. Anyways you shouldn't be getting it without doctor's prescription. You can discuss with your partner if she is satisfied with your current performance then take a decision involving her, of course in consultation with doctor. You can't often eat the sex pill, it's definitely not good for health.

Quit smoking, alcohol consumption and eat healthy food with less oil or less fried items.

Join a gym with trainer for exercise. Take good sleep, stay happy...

I know these are lot of things to do, but try it and I'm sure you will have a happy sex life.
answered Nov 4, 2015 by k.shastri (1,035 points)
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i think i can give u a idea ...start masturbating untill u get totally arouse and when u are about to come ,stop masturbating .hold on and dont ejaculate ...then start again to shake  and then stop .in this way u will increase time of ejaculation .......DAILY PRACTICE WILL MAKE U A BEST PLAYER ........
answered Nov 9, 2015 by GSM (240 points)

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