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How to convince my wife to cuckold me?

asked Oct 29, 2015 in Questions by raj6889 (125 points)
edited Oct 31, 2015 by longhands1

I am an Indian cuckold husband. My wife is hot and sexy. How do I convince her to cuckold me? I want her to wear hot, revealing clothes while going out and have sex with bull in front of me.


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3 Answers

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Cuckolding as explained by you in your comments is right. However this is the next phase. The first phase is to get your wife to agree to having a threesome - with another man. This may not be easy. You will have to gauze to what extent your wife will go to fulfill your fantasies.

The bottom line is that she must be excited to sleep with another man. This is only possible through communication. What is her re-action when she watches threesome porn with you? Does she show any emotions. One give-away is the sex that follows such porn viewing. The woman will be extra wet and raring to go. Even if nothing is said, you can be sure she is playing out the scene in her mind.

Get her to talk about men (actors) she fantasizes about. When you are making love to her, get her to imagine and name the other man (it could be a fictitious name). Once you have been able to convince her (never, never easy), then the next part, would be for you to get the man, you think is trustworthy and free of any STDs' etc. 

In Metro cities, there are masseurs who will give the woman a massage - highly erotic and then with the concurrence of both will procced to sex. You can either watch or leave them alone. Book a hotel for this purpose, so that your identity is not revealed. You cannot trust anyone these days. Insist on use of condoms at all times.

Finally, back off the moment you sense that she is not willing. If you mess it up now, you will not be able to broach the topic later. 

answered Nov 11, 2015 by longhands1 (78,290 points)
selected Nov 21, 2015 by raj6889
commented Nov 21, 2015 by raj6889 (125 points)
Thanks longhands.
We do watch Gangbang and that excites her. Her first reaction when we saw was "Do people really do this?" and then eventually she was excited with the idea of Double penetration. She was of the opinion that what kind of satisfaction the lady will be getting. It would be the best.
Again she used to compare the cock size of the pornstar and kind of satisfaction it will bring in. So this idea always excites me.
commented Nov 22, 2015 by longhands1 (78,290 points)

raj, Thanks for selecting my Answer as the Best. It is nice to hear that you and your wife both watch porn together. A healthy sign. You must recognize that the excitement generated in your wife while watching porn is a physical reaction and it will require mental tuning for her to overcome her reservations of making love to another man. 

In the meantime you can ask her to dress procatively. Go in public without wearing underwear. The resulting sex will be exciting for both of you. You can also get her dildos of different shape and sizes, which can for the timebeing mimic the cock of another man, when you are having sex. Do some role playing. Blindflokd her, tie her hands to the bedpost etc. Give her an oil massage. 

Try out these things before you get into cuckolding and wife swapping.


commented Nov 28, 2015 by raj6889 (125 points)
we do this kinky stuff.
We have some bdsm gears as well.
whenver we have sex idea of gangbang excites her a lot..
and dressing and all we have already tried.
Yes but may be going outside without underwear could be the most adventurous stuff i believe.
will definitely try
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It is not an easy task to give you advice on how to convince your wife as you know your wife better than us, and you must know how to convince her. Before approaching such a topic think about the risk involved in as it may even break your marriage if she is conservative and uneducated. Have you ever discussed with her about your fantasy? What was her reaction then? You should not take your wife for granted and you have no right to force to fulfill your fantasy. However, many couples do engage in such activities these days but what you need to do before proceeding is get her consent.  Be careful in the process of selecting a man for her.
answered Oct 30, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,295 points)
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   First of all, Make her feel special about herself. And then start talking with her about other men who are in your mind. Make her imagine how things can be different with other men. Then if she's ok with it, u may proceed. Good luck
answered Oct 30, 2015 by sadiq_khan (1,020 points)

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