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Did my neighbour friend know that this would happen?

asked Oct 29, 2015 in Questions by Rima (230 points)
edited Oct 29, 2015 by longhands1

I really cannot believe this happened to me and so neither will you.

I know a woman who is our neighbour and is my friend. I often visit her place. She and her family decided to go on a holiday. They have an Alsatian ***, who is about 4 feet tall and very healthy. She requested me, if I would look after the ***, called Tiger till she came back. I readily agreed as I knew Tiger well and often cuddled and petted him.

Things were fine for a few days. Then one day, I went for a bath and had almost finished bathing and dried myself, when I heard the door bell ring. I came out of the bathroom and crawled on all fours like a *** to peep through the key hole. It was the postman who dropped a letter and left.

I was about to turn back, when I felt Tiger behind me and he was licking my vagina. I waited for some time and was enjoying the sensation. Then I tried to get up, but Tiger mounted me and began to growl. I was tense and frightened, that he would bite me, so I remained quite. I could feel him penetrate my vagina. Slowly, I too began to enjoy the sensation, with his sperm trickling down my vagina. This went on for more than 30 minutes and I have never enjoyed for so long with my husband or my boyfriend. I was totally exhausted and orgasmed many times.

This happened only once, and then my neighbour returned from her holiday. I have a few questions:
Did my neighbour know about her ***? Has she also had sex with her ***? She did wink at me and said, you will enjoy his company. How can I arrange a repeat performance?

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6 Answers

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She would definitely knows about the *** act and perhaps she trained *** this way that is why when he found your vagina poking him he attacked you and done what he use to do with his master. If you want to repeat the incident then you have to talk to your neighbor and ask her ***’s service I do not think she would deny. However, socially and medically, you should not have sex with *** and you have to control yourself as being an animal *** is not going to control himself.
answered Oct 29, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)
commented Nov 9, 2015 by Rima (230 points)
My neighbour gave me wink when I met her. I think we may talk about it.
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Dear Rima,

         It looks like the *** was well trained for this and when it saw your pussy it started behaving the way it was trained by any of its previous owners. Start giving indirect hints to your neighbour about this and see how she's reacting. Then you can decide whether you can ask her directly or not. Good Luck
answered Oct 29, 2015 by sadiq_khan (1,020 points)
commented Nov 9, 2015 by Rima (230 points)
sadiq....I am shy to ask my neighbour, but she gave smile when we met.
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Rima, What should be said on this issue? All i have is a feeling of compassion for us men as species in general and for  your sex partners in particular ! Reasn for this feeling (of compassion) is because you very clearly have mentioned that you enjoyed this unplanned sexual encounter with an animal  than with any of these men. Superficially it is very clear that this lucky son of the *****(SOB) (pun intended) is very well trained to mount a nude women upon seeing her in nude  compromising position. It  is very much possible that your neighbor friend herself had trained this doggy! 

   Now you can also wink at her and ask her whether she too enjoy company of this ***! And made her promise that next time they are going away they will keep this doggy in your exclusive care only! Also insist on sending over the doggy for some time as you have grown a fondness for him. Best way would be after opening up with neighbor you three having DFF threesome in a bed .Just take care that this lucky SOB does not dies with the loads of pleasure being with two gorgeous horny nude women! 

   On the serious note this is not proper and if found out just think what could happen to you? As stated in another answer that creature without having any reasoning can start objectionable moves in front of others and any smart person could put 2+2 together and would guess correctly what is going on, So be careful. You can have men behaving like this ***  very easily just look around and do not entertain such animalistic advances(literally)!



answered Oct 29, 2015 by prashant69 (7,010 points)
commented Nov 9, 2015 by Rima (230 points)
prashant...i like your suggestion.
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Hello Rima,

I think your friend must have been aware that this might happen. From your description, her *** is well practised in the art of sex with a woman, and he can only have learned that in one way. Of course, if you mention it, she may pretend to be shocked, and full of apologies, because she may not want to admit that she enjoys this pleasure with her ***.

I'm not interested in judging you, or making any kind of moral pronouncements, I'm just interested in the practicalities. The 1st thing to say is this, you can't get pregnant, whatever other people might tell you, or whatever old wives tales you may have heard. We are such totally different species that genetically we are incompatible. Nor can you come to any harm from having sex with a ***, as long as it is well looked after, and in good health. I suppose the worst that could happen is that you might get fleas, but if it's a family pet, I'd be very surprised if the *** hasn't been treated to ensure that it has no fleas or ticks. A well looked after *** should be free of these things.

A *** that has been trained to have sex with women will respond according to that training. When he sees a woman who has presented herself in a position for sex. In finding you on your hands and knees, bum in the air, he just did what came naturally to him. You have discovered for yourself that it can be extremely satisfying, as dogs last much longer than a man, and a large *** as a penis which is at least equal to a man's, and in fact, usually much larger (for you girls who really love a big one!!!), and can fill you up completely.

If you want to continue doing this, you either have to buy a *** yourself, or talk nicely to your friend. I'm sure you can drop a few subtle hints ;-) ;-)

Be careful that your husband doesn't catch you in the act, he may not like being substituted. Having said that, Judging by the huge amount as bestiality porn that is available on the Internet, a lot of people are turned on by animal sex, so maybe your husband would get a thrill out of it???

Good luck,

answered Oct 29, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
edited Oct 29, 2015 by sexysalma
commented Nov 9, 2015 by Rima (230 points)
rima.....only you know what women enjoy.
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What ever ur question is i really dont care ....but i am turned on by tge behaviour of that *** ....i wish i could have also enjoyed that feeling which u have experienced i  have a fantasy to experience this types of unique things ...
answered Oct 30, 2015 by zeens (425 points)
commented Nov 9, 2015 by Rima (230 points) must try. you will enjoy.
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I'm shocked at how some of the answers are supporting your act of a guy did it he would have been lectured on animal cruelty and blah blah mentioning u have sex with a *** husband and a boyfriend shows your levels of sexual not abuse animals for ur frustrating sexual never ending sexual feelings..stick to one partner you have mentioned your husband never lasted long ..are you comparing your husband who feeds u pays ur bills to a ***???high time you set your mind properly.
answered Oct 30, 2015 by pritesh007 (680 points)
commented Oct 31, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
On what evidence do you base your comment that Rima has abused the animal? I never found anything in her post that suggested that she initiated sexual contact with the animal; rather, the animal took her by surprise, and took advantage of her vulnerable position. The fact that she enjoyed the whole thing tremendously, and the animal suffered no ill effects, would suggest that no harm was done to either of them. Leaving aside any moral considerations or passing judgement, which is not my interest or intention, I cannot see what the argument is against sex with an animal, if the animal is clearly accepting sexual contact, what harm is being done? An animal like a *** would soon turn round and bite you if you caused it to suffer in any way. A ***'s automatic reaction to a threatening situation is to attack, so how can sex be an abuse of the animal? I suppose you could argue the case if the animal was tied down securely, and muzzled so that it couldn't bite or scratch, but anything less than that, and the animal would react in its own natural way if it felt threatened.

You raise a point about her being unfaithful. Again, I have some issues with this. Nowhere in her post is there any evidence that she has a current boyfriend. She mentions a boyfriend, but we don't know whether this predates her marriage, or is an ongoing situation. Is she unfaithful to her husband by having sex with a ***? I suppose it depends on your viewpoint. Having sex with another man, or another woman, and I would agree with you. Having sex with a different species, well………… It's not quite the same kind of sex is it??? To extend logic somewhat, it could be argued that if a person masturbates while thinking of someone other than their partner, they are being unfaithful to their partner, but this goes on all the time doesn't!!! Nobody seems to mind about that.

There is only one thing that is inescapable in this post, and that is the fact that Rima enjoyed the experience tremendously, and now wishes to repeat it. She's certainly not alone in her desires, as the superabundance of animal porn can testify. Pornography is produced to cater to people's desires and demands, and to make the pornographers wealthy. If it didn't sell, they wouldn't make it. And if it sells, it's because it's popular. Whether moralists like it or not, animal sex occurs in every society in the world, regardless of race, religion, or social status. People's fascination with the outer fringes of sex means that they will experiment, and frequently discover that those experiments bring them pleasure. In Rima's case, she discovered that sex with a *** can provide her with even more satisfaction than she imagined possible. I read a report a few years back that estimated that as many as 5% of all women worldwide have had at least some experience of sex with an animal. Given a world population of over 5 billion people, that's an awful lot of women that have enjoyed bestiality. It also mentioned that a similar percentage of men had experienced it at least once. So,zoophilia, to give this activity its correct name, is not such a vanishingly small interest. A minority certainly, but it's no more unusual than a number of other sexual practices.

A surprising variety of animals our popular partners. Dogs were by far the most popular, which is hardly surprising, given the easy access to them, but goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, horses, and even more bizarrely dolphins (I would imagine that one carries considerable risk) were listed as sexual partners. Given the sheer physical size and power of most of these animals, the idea that they could be forced into sex, or abused against their will, strikes me as extremely unlikely. I can tell you now, from personal experience, if you've ever been kicked by a horse, sex would be the last thing on your mind!!!

commented Nov 8, 2015 by pritesh007 (680 points)
Hahahah everytime I read the stuff you write all I can do is laugh you try to show women can't be wrong try same argument outside and you will land in jail I will write what I want who are you to counter me with ur one sided biased feminist crap
commented Nov 9, 2015 by GSM (240 points)
i think u are great..........enjoy if u like ............
commented Nov 9, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)

I'm glad you find my comments amusing. Yet again you miss the point. I'm not interested in making moral judgements, if you feel that what Rima did was wrong, that is entirely up to you.

Was she committing an act of cruelty to an animal? Not as far as I can tell.

Was she hurting herself, or anybody else? Not as far as I can tell.

Should she continue to enjoy herself? That's up to her surely.

When she talked about husband and boyfriend, did she say that she had them both at the same time? Not as far as the information I read would explain.

You have a real problem with anyone who wants to stand up for a woman's right to enjoy her life. Anyone who dares to stick up for women is branded as being a feminist, as if that is some kind of evil label to pin on somebody in the 1st place. Can anybody here tell me what is wrong with wanting equality between the sexes? If you want to label me a feminist, by all means do so, but let me tell you one thing, please get it into your thick skull: I will stand up for the rights of human beings to do the things they want to do as long as they don't hurt anybody else in doing so. I don't care whether you're a man or a woman, or a hermaphrodite. I think it's the American constitution that states its the right of all humans to enjoy life, whatever else it says in the American constitution, that is one statement that I wholeheartedly believe in. As long as the things we do in life are not causing harm to others, then why not let us enjoy them. I don't think that makes me a feminist, I think that makes me a humanist; but when I see women being oppressed, simply on the basis of their gender, usually by men who want to maintain their dominance over women, I will stick up for women every time. If you don't like that, you're perfectly entitled to your opinion.


commented Nov 10, 2015 by pritesh007 (680 points)
Hahahahah hilarious did not know this was an American website don't give me this jazz I'm an Nri and have seen the world more than you.keep your story writing feminist crap for a women magazine not here you r not defending rights you r defending a women having sex with a *** being married is that not cheating ???are you encouraging cheating ??dont know how some one like you has so many points and so many rights on this site ...get the crap out of your thick head and get a life instead of supporting cheaters and humans as u said having sex with dogs and other animals wonder how the animal association would react reading your bunch of crap hahaha
commented Nov 10, 2015 by longhands1 (78,025 points)

Salma / Pritesh, Kindly back off. We do not need a slanging match. Please use the PM mode if you want to continue trading barbs.

This is the end of this discussion.




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