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Women's Feature : Sex Myths About Women that are totally False.

asked Oct 26, 2015 in Articles by longhands1 (84,380 points)
edited Oct 26, 2015 by longhands1

Hello Readers,

I am starting a new Feature called " Women's Features" . These Articles will feature a woman's point of View and what she thinks about Sex and her partner. It is dedicated to all the Female Users on our Site and we hope that more Women will join and be comfortable talking abour Sex. Male Users will benefit as they will understand what a woman wants in Sex and how to please her. A happy woman will keep her man happy too.

Our First Feature discusses the Sex Myths about Wome that are totally FALSE.

Women rarely want to have sex, and when they do they are all about missionary with lots of eye contact...right? Wrong. Lots of the stereotypes about women in the bedroom are false, so we are here to give you the real deal when it comes to women and what they want between the sheets. Hint: women are thinking about sex way more than you think.

1. Women have less sexual desire than men.

Wrong. Men may be more impulsive, more reactive to arousal and find it easier to climax, but that doesn't mean that women have less desire. Often women can feel sexually aroused without physical symptoms or do not need to climax to feel fulfilled. So just because women do not show any erection, doesn't mean they aren't more turned on than male counterparts.

2. Sex isn't important to women.

There's a preconceived idea that women don’t like sex and prefer family life, emotions or talking to having sex. Women are wired to love a good sex life just as much as men, but they often attempt to multi-task things simultaneously while men tend to compartmentalize. Sex time means men are only thinking about sex, while women could simultaneously be worried about the fight with their friend or if they remembered to pick up their dry cleaning. You only have to look at the Sex & the City girls to see that sex is very much at the forefront of many ladies' minds!

3. Women masturbate very little or not at all.

It’s difficult to say exactly how many women masturbate because even in our times, female masturbation, is still a taboo subject. According to a recent study, 60% of women say they masturbate regularly. We may have not done so hot in calculus, but we're pretty sure 60% means the majority of women masturbate regularly.

4. Women talk about sex amongst themselves more than men do.

Not exactly, studies show that women talk a lot about sex when they are together, but they tend to get into the juicier details more than men. Men talk about sex much more generally, saying whether it was good or bad without necessarily going into all the details. Women want to know what positions, size and if everybody was able to finish. Who doesn't love hearing all the juicy details?

5. All Women love cunnilingus.

Wrong. 75% of women have had cunnilingus, but according to an American study, 45% aren't comfortable receiving oral sex because of embarrassment or simply because they find the sensation unpleasant. There's a lot going on down there for women and unless you're an expert it can be hard to know how to do it well. So if your girl doesn't love you going down on her, it may not just be her thing... or maybe you are just really bad at it.

6. If a woman's vagina doesn't get wet naturally, she isn't sexually aroused.

Not true. There are other causes of being dry down South for females, it's not the same as a guy getting an erection. You need to take into account stress, hormonal changes, lack of sexual activity and even the side-effects of medication like birth control. So don't worry if it's not Niagra Falls! Just invest in some lube and a patient partner.

7. Women are romantic and want their men to be chivalrous.

Yes, we love the bouquets of flowers, the surprise gifts and love notes, but that's not all. We also love to be challenged a little bit and even if we like to be the one with the reigns in real life, a lot of times we like to be the ones to give up the power in the bedroom. Chivalry comes in many forms, as long as you're making the girls feel sexy however they like it. Although if you could still open doors and pull out our chairs at dinner we would still love that.

8. Women like to take their time.

That is not always the case, although lots of women enjoy foreplay to help get them lubricated and in the mood, lots of women enjoy a quickie. Depending on how a women is most stimulated, she also may want to get right down to the dirty stuff because that is when she feels the most pleasure. The only way to know what your partner wants in the bedroom? To ask.

9. Women need to be in love to have good sex.

Women are perfectly capable of differentiating their hearts from their bodies and don't necessarily feel guilty about having sex with someone they're not in love with at all. As long as there is an attraction, whether emotional or physical, women often have no trouble finishing with a partner they are not in love with. As long as you are making them feel comfortable and sexy, fire away!

10. A woman's sexual pleasure depends on the size of her partner’s penis.

All lies, although it may be more popular to have a larger penis, it's not the end all be all. The depth of the vagina is limited and the G spot is not at the back: it's located around 4cm from the entrance. So as long as you know how to work with what you got and realize that vaginal intercourse is not, and should not, be the only way to pleasure a girl then you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you know what you're working with.



commented Oct 26, 2015 by imunique (1,025 points)
Really nice LH! keep it up.
This type of article and sections are helpful.All the readers will get benifits, particularly men who want to give true pleasure to their girls.
Waiting for next write up
commented Oct 27, 2015 by longhands1 (84,380 points)

Thanks imunique. 500 Viewers have viewed this in a day and there is only one comment. Why are we so stingy with comments? Unless we get User Feedback, how do we know whether Users are appreciating what we are doing?


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Hello, I read this only now. Very good and informative article. Very useful too. I saw this only today and there will be many who have not seen it still. So i suggest that this type of useful articles should be published repeatedly, so maximum viewers are benifited.

I suggest that an article on the art of attracting the opposite sex/ winning the opposite sex may be published. I was and still am at a loss at it. Many like me are there, especially young guys and girls. Diifferent experiences may also be aired through a discussion.
answered Nov 2, 2015 by sumitran9 (1,645 points)