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How to handle my wife's Durga/Kali foot fetish?

asked Oct 7, 2015 in Questions by sunilsarkar (120 points)
My wife Aparajita and I, Sunil, are a newly married couple. We dated for around a year before getting married. Now, it seems that my wife gets sexually aroused only when she tramples me under her feet. She would invariably wear a red saree and trample me before having sex. She would either do the role play of being Durga with a stick as the Trishul or Kali with her tongues stuck out, of course with me beneath her feet, before committing sex with me. It is pertinent to note here that she was working with a women's rights NGO before marriage. She tells me that she can't get aroused until she dominates me and punishes me. My wife is beautiful and I absolutely love her but I am not being able to take this. She is a little on the bigger side and it is pretty painful when she poses as Durga or Kali with her full weight on me. I have no idea as to how I should handle this. She would actually trample me to death like Maa Durga if she knew that I am putting up this question on an online forum! Please help!!!!

Sunil Sarkar
West Bengal

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1 Answer

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It seems to be like that she has a personality disorder and that requires good amount of counseling to understand her strange behavior so my straightforward advice you to consult psychiatrist to understand the pattern of her behavior. If she denies to come with you to the doctor then you may go alone and explain her behavior in detail to doctor. Specialist doctor is the right person to seek advice, as there are many factors behind her behavior. Good amount of analyses require in treating her and making her normal. Remember patience is the key.
answered Oct 7, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)

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