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How to seduce my cousin sister who is having an extra marital affair?

asked Sep 27, 2015 in Questions by sanjayservice (285 points)
edited Sep 27, 2015 by longhands1


My cousin sister is 36 years old and her hubby is 40 years old. I called her from many other numbers to seduce her but she gave the call to her hubby and I got bambooed. My cousin sister does not know that unknown caller was me. Every Saturday and Sunday her mobile will be switched off. I dont know why.

Once my mom called her and her mobile was engaged for 3 mints. When she picked my mom's call she told me she was talking to her hubby but actually my mom was talking with her hubby for 15 mins continuously. My mom told me why she is lying like this and we left it at that.

So tell me, is she unsatisfied with her hubby? Can I try to seduce her? But she is giving my calls to her hubby as unknown calls. I dont know how to tackle her. But I know she is cheating her hubby. How to seduce her for sex?



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4 Answers

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Sanjay first of all stop calling ur cousin by unknown numbers coz no women would like to have sex with a stranger u call her with ur own mobile number nd talk to her daily nd make her feel comfortable while she is talking to u nd get close to her when u think dat she is close enough visit her home when she's alone talk about personal stuff nd things like dat nd observe her body language nd cash in buddy don't try this if she is uncomfortable coz she's one of ur cousin sister so she might have a strong feeling on a brother nd sister relationship buddy so be careful nd hunt her
answered Sep 27, 2015 by Silent sathya (340 points)
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How do you so convinced that she is cheating her husband? How many evidences you have to establish it? Even if we presumed that she is cheating her husband then what gives you right to seduce her? She might cheat her husband but that does not mean that she opens her leg for everyone.

It is her personal matter and you are her cousin brother so remains stay as a brother.  However, there is no evidence that she cheats her husband it is your conjecture and you might be wrong at too. Why she lied to your mom that she can only reveal but that did not indicate that she was talking to someone else whom she has extra marital relationship.

Better to stay away from her and do not upset her life. If she complains about unknown call to the cop then you would be in big trouble that is for sure. Contemplate on your career rather than wasting your time.
answered Sep 28, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
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dear sanjay,

you mentioned that you have been bambooed for such a behavior. If something wrong with them why is it that you who have to be worried ? its upto them to sort out the things . i understand that you want to have sex with her . But didnt that occur to you that she is married , and you have been punished. mind you if you continue to seduce her, chances are that you might end up getting punished more . they may complain it to your mum/dad .I hope you are aware of the consequences .

In this website we dont provide any seduction tips for anyone . Dont get involved .
answered Sep 30, 2015 by salt (160 points)
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Dear sanjayservice,

   I don't know why are you so much tensed about her. Its her life and she have every right to keep her privacy. You are calling her from unknown number and disturbing her that's totally wrong dude.

   If you want to seduce her and want to be her in your bed then do manly things. Seduce her, impress her that's it. By doing these cheap things you can't get her.

   You mention that she is cheating her husband. Its her life. If she cheats let her cheat. It doesn't meant if she have another sexual partner than her hubby she would have sex with you. If you want to sex with her simply seduce her straight forward and not by doing cheap things.

   Only she can tell you that is she satisfied with her hubby or not. I think you should not worry about that. You want her in your bed. Try for it, seduce her, take her consent and then proceed. Good Luck .!
answered Oct 3, 2015 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)

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