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Why am I so attracted towards this particular girl?

asked Sep 18, 2015 in Questions by Magesh (120 points)
edited Sep 19, 2015 by longhands1

She knows that I am in love with her but still doesn't express her feeling for me. When I talk about this to my friends, they say I am simply giving her too much attention and how on earth have you fallen in love with a girl who  is not so attractive? But I know this girl from school days (she is just 2 months younger than me. Sshe was in 6th and I was in 7th) at that time we know each other due to common tuition class. Most of the time she will be the one who completes my GK and EVS books.

I never had any crush on her till my 11th Std as the school and tuition was only up to 10th. I changed my school for junior college this is the time I fell in love with her and I proposed to her but she never said any single word (ha ya na) so i thought she is not interested and moved on. I had not seen her for almost 7 years and never missed her as I was happy with my college life and never had any lover nor any crush on anybody. All of sudden, out of blue moon, 2 month ago I saw her elder sister near my house and came to know from her that they relocated on our area.

Now suddenly I wanted to see her how she looks . I roamed around their house many times. Couple of times, I saw her and  suddenly the old crush returned but I never had the courage like before to say a Hi to her but followed her. She too knows that. She is not in a relationship with anyone and she was not interested in latest fashion dressing like jeans and tops etc. Most of the time she wears a simple old fashioned chudidhar but that's what attracts me to her. The uniqueness which she has that's just an example.

How should I approach her now? Since last 1 month, I am simply crazy about her and always getting dreams like marriage and kids between us which I wish to be true.

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