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My elder sister is being blackmailed into having sex. How to help her?

asked Sep 5, 2015 in Questions by sandy.sari102 (120 points)
edited Sep 6, 2015 by longhands1


My name is Sandy and I want some serious advice for an ongoing problem in my elder sister’s life. She is 32 and married since 8 years. She has 2 school going children. Last year coincidentally she met her ex-boyfriend who came to Pune for work purpose. He invited her to his home saying he will introduce her to his wife but he took her to his friend's flat and no one was there. He kissed her and after bit of hesitation my sister gave up and they both had sex. Next day, he took her to a nearby low budget guest house and again they had sex couple of times in the room. When she was coming back home a waiter followed her and came to know that they were not couple. Her ex-boyfriend went back to Kolkata.

Waiter started blackmailing my sister that he wants to have sex with her or he will tell everything to her husband. To save her family life she agreed to have sex but only for once. But that waiter did not keep his promise and continued to fuck her every time saying that this is the last time. He is doing this for past 1year now. That waiter is using my elder sister as sex worker any time he wants sex he calls her in his guest house room, makes her naked and enjoys complete sex with her for hours. I tried to talk to that waiter but he is not ready to listen anything. He said he is getting free sex from a beautiful housewife and will not give up. As per my sister many times he does not use condom and slaps her if she force him to use it.

Now situation has even got worse from last 3-4 time whenever my sister goes to his room there are 2-3 of his village friends already there and that waiter fucks my sister in front of everyone. His friends also enjoys live sex scene and they touch / squeeze her private parts very roughly.  They also make teeth marks on her boobs & butt. She gets scared that if her husband sees any of this, she will be finished.

Me and my sister are completely confused and depressed how to come out of this situation as she is equally afraid that if she says no to have sex then the waiter can destroy her family life. She regrets the day she went to that guest house.

Really in tough time; please need genuine advice.


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featued question

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7 Answers

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Dear Sandy,
After going through your question, I am unable to convince my mind that your problem is real one, because there are some drastic points which compels me to think so these are:

Firstly: The description given by you about your sister having sex with waiter as if you are also viewing live sex of her, it means while you are telling the story you are enjoying it, it doesn't seems a problem.

Secondly: Your sister and the waiter having sex since last one year to hide it from her husband, how can it be possible, that someone's wife fucking with with strangers regularly and the husband could know nothing for such a long time, so its a bogus question,
Thirdly if your question is genuine one than there is nothing to be worried because your sister has became a whore, she is enjoying it, now she can't give it up, she is telling you this only to show that she is innocent, so you can do nothing for her situation, it is only she who can come out of this.
Don't think much have a nice time.
answered Sep 6, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
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just one qn . did u sister shared all these things with u ? looks like a fantasy
answered Sep 6, 2015 by pradvi (265 points)
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It is very hard world...and your sister stuck in vicious circle of blackmail ...and the only way out of it is to have courage to face it ....deny these blackmailer ...oppose them..
One year is a long time and your sister confidence has been need to be her pillar in this will be better to know her husband rather then  be blackmailed by people....they are feeding on fear of your sister...
Have help of police if they blackmailed by videoclips.
Let be have courage....or she will have to live with this agony...let face it...oppose them Deny them.. what this rascals want...
don't live in fear.....these blackmailer feed on fear.
answered Sep 6, 2015 by Rarishi (175 points)
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Dear S,

She is sharing her body easily evenif to a waiter as well ex boyfriend indicates she may have some weakness or some other reason.
1. Why you are not putting a dummy person for that waiter who will charge him for molestation and sexual violence?? The laws are so strict that the waiter will be in trouble after number of complaints.
2. Why she is waiting for one long year ?? Is she enjoying as like a whore!!! She has to bold and contact waiter's family who can able to break the ice.
3. The waiter seems to be a wild fucker to number of beautiful women free. So do a video recording or such type of act which will put him in backfoot and you will get out if the problem.
4. Most effective way is the complaint to the police. Before do this you have to gather the information about such other women those are suffering from these blackmailing. If a group will gather against him then waiter will be inside the bar.
5. Let us know how she is managing her personal life including sex with her husband.. Is she is your real sister or known?? Is she dissatisfied with her husband.
6. Also inform us about her other sex partners I.e. pre and post marital relationship.

Clarify in details to understand the situation in a better way for a solution. Ignore it if fake and ficticious.  Thanks
answered Sep 6, 2015 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
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There is a lot wrong with this question. It sounds more like a fantasy than anything else. Either that, or the person being described is the writer of the question, who doesn't want to be identified.

The woman in question, if we take for one moment that this question is genuine, was easy enough to seduce. It sounds like her ex-boyfriend only needed to click his fingers, and she was there, ready to have sex with him. That was on their first meeting. On the subsequent occasion, she willingly went with him to a cheap hotel, and again had sex with him.

This is the point at which the story starts to become ridiculous. How does the waiter discover that they are not a married couple? How does he know where she is, in order to contact her for blackmail purposes? And why would she agree to meet him for sex unless she actually wants more sexual adventures?

I'm actually surprised that this story doesn't reach a climax with her having sex with the waiter and all his friends, with her every orifice staffed with huge cocks, and gallons of semen filling her mouth, and dripping from her breasts. That would be the usual closing paragraph for such a tale.

She would have to have an extremely intimate relationship with her younger brother if she was going to disclose all this information, together with such details of the things she is doing with this waiter and his friends, and the fact that  no condom is being used. If this has been going on for a year, one has to wonder whether she is taking contraception of some kind, as the likelihood of pregnancy would be high.

We are talking about a woman with two children, and a husband. I find it difficult to believe that she could successfully run her household, look after her children and her husband, and find the time for hours and hours of sex with multiple male partners. And this is before you even consider how much time off a waiter in a cheap hotel is likely to have.

On the tiny off chance that this is a genuine plea for help, I can only say that she has dug a huge hole for a self by getting involved in a really sordid ménage. She can continue getting fucked, and in all likelihood, enjoying it. Or she can call the waiter's bluff. In all likelihood, if her husband is much of a man, the waiter would be in serious trouble. If her husband isn't much of a man in the first place, maybe that would explain why she has taken a liking to extramarital fun.

I'm sorry, but I really don't believe that this is a true story. For all the reasons I have written above, and it just sounds like a young guy's masturbatory fantasy to me.

By the way, if you want to fantasise about your sister getting fucked by groups of men, that's fine, as long as it stays only a fantasy that you don't relate to others. Unless of course, she genuinely does like to be fucked by lots of men.


answered Sep 6, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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I am sorry even though many have already stated the obvious,i am not able to stop myself from replying to this question considering how ridiculous it is.
But everyone deserves a benefit of doubt even though its very little in your case,the only possible solution to end this waiter for all is :

-tell your sister to come out with the truth to her husband and try to solve the situation if any with her husband after that instead of trying to solve her situation with the waiter.
I dont know why this didnt come to you because it seems to be the only possible solution.
answered Sep 6, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
commented Sep 7, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)
moved Sep 7, 2015 by prashant69
Incredible scenario...! How to help her? just call the cops before it is too late .
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You are simply fantasizing.Isn't it? Are u fantasizing about your sister as a waiter? Is she this much open to you?

If it is real you would have traced the waiters wife or family or his boss or a woman police in discreet and did something about it rather asking a question here.

If you wanna see your sister banged by a group with consent then ask me ,I will ask my friend to do so...
answered Sep 18, 2015 by sarasija (130 points)

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