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My chachi touches me. Am I thinking the wrong way?

asked Sep 2, 2015 in Questions by sahil fogatia (120 points)
edited Sep 3, 2015 by longhands1

I live with my parents and my cousin chacha and chachi live in my neighbourhood. For the last few months, my chachi has been acting differently and whenever she comes to my house she always comes to me and she tries to touch me and the same happens when I go to her place.

Is she trying to seduce me or am I thinking the wrong way?


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7 Answers

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Dear sahil

Please come out of those dreams , we are here in india leaving in joint families like culture and in such places the relation of chachi and Bhabhi  are very sensitive and they flirt with their brother in law or nephew just with love and affection and not for fucking ,    

At all the places we are reading the relationship with mature women and those type of stories and queries here also , that some times make us think or inclined for it

so please take the right call,

all the best
answered Sep 2, 2015 by kapilh (1,020 points)
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Touch you where?
Dont be too quick to guess wrongly.i dont think she is seducing you if shes touching your shoulders.
but if you still think she is trying to seduce her by touching then to hint her back touch her back to somewhat indirectly so she gets a message not so directly.Be safe.
answered Sep 2, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
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Dear friend., she is touching you not in a way as ur thinking. But your thinking in a different way. May be becoz of your that age. So better you stop thinking in that way.
answered Sep 2, 2015 by rahul.sharma (180 points)
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What's your age , your chachi's age ?? Your uncle age and how is the relation between your uncle and aunt ?? How she looks n life style education n profession and what about your looks ??
answered Sep 2, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
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You need to provide more information in order to get a good response that suits to your situation. How old are you? How old is your chachi? Does she touch you when you are alone? Does she touch you even when you are with family? Most importantly, do you want to be touched - do you like the experience? or are you the victim of abuse?

If you are not being abused - i.e., if you like being touched, then it is a different situation. Growing up, we are taught about certain values and sentiments about our family - you respect your brother's wife, or your sister's husband, you respect your uncles adn aunts. But times are changing and so are the values. if you feel that it is okay to have fun with your chachi, no one can stop you, provided your chachi likes it as well. So try to figure out if she likes you. Does she touch you all the time or only when you are alone? Where does she touch you? Many times, we would like to think that we are being seduced or provoked, but we may be wrong. More details might help in trying to figure out if its a case of misguided love as an elderly family person or if its down right seduction.

However, if your chachi is taking advantage of your situation, it is really sad to experience such an abuse. You need to tell your parents, preferably your mother and let her know whats happening. Although in India it is not likely to lead to a  confrontation, your mother might intervene every time your chachi comes to 'see' you when you are alone in your room. After a while, your chachi might understand that she is being interrupted and might stop her from approaching you.
answered Sep 3, 2015 by prometheus4321 (665 points)
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If your observations are right about her changed actions then yes she is trying to seduce you. Now you have to decide whether you want to go ahead or not if you have decided to go ahead then meet her when she is alone in the house and go on. However, if you do not want to be in sexual relationship with her, which I think, you likely to be in then tell her clearly that you do not like her touches at inappropriate places of your body; she will understand and will leave you. Decision is yours, as you will have to face the consequences if anything goes wrong. My advice you should not go ahead with your aunt as its called incest and always bring obstacle later among family members.
answered Sep 3, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (22,895 points)
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Dear Sa,

You should take care of these act lightly. You ate become adult and have desire to dream girls as well as women. It doesn't mean that anyone touches you will share bed with you. These things happens routinwly. It becomes matter I'd you have desire to be in relationship with them.

Why she tried with you???
You are young and can able to help her in various ways and become a true follower. Why she wouls try to miss u? As a young guy you will give her full enjoyment for long period of time till you will feel guilty for this act. None will doubt you as a neighbour or Part of family.

Why it is a opportunity??
If you will try to avoid you then you can't delete her in your dream. You have to do mastubate which is common in most cases. If you ll have sex then the excitement would be released which definitely help u in focus on study. After all you are a male have to taste a pussy in your life then why not today. Better to do now rather late forever.

answered Sep 6, 2015 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)

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