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Is bending of penis on one side, some kind of disease?

asked Sep 1, 2015 in Questions by Raj M (150 points)
edited Sep 2, 2015 by longhands1

Hi Anjali Aunty and all the members,

I am 23 years old and a Virgin. For past one month, I have noticed that my penis bends (tilts) on the left side (with or without erection). It does not pain but I am feeling the bend.

Is this related to masturbation as I have been masturbating from last 7-8 years, 4 to 5 times a week? Is this any kind of disease? Should I go to a doctor? Please help.


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5 Answers

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Best answer

Penis bend is a common thing in all men and its natural also. Nothing worry about your cock bend.
answered Sep 2, 2015 by rakilove96 (200 points)
selected Sep 6, 2015 by Raj M
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Hi Raj,

This is perfectly normal. No need to worry about it.
In fact up-to my knowledge no male has 100% straight cock, there is some shape bend in almost everyone.

So relax. And most importantly, it is the size & fight of cock that matters not the bends ;)

Keep Rocking!
answered Sep 2, 2015 by mrsriya (130 points)
commented Sep 6, 2015 by Raj M (150 points)
Thanks a lot !!
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Its actually NOT common to have a straight penis in reality.
But this bent of a penis has a limit my friend,and if it exceeds that limit then the disease is called phimosis.
check for its images in google and you can identify how much is your penis bent.

i dont think its much to worry about.
answered Sep 2, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
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Hiii dear...a lot of males have curved penis either towards left or right side...You can ask or check among yours friends...Bending of penis within 30 degree either towards left or right is normal and it would interfere with sexual activities or mastrubation...If more than 30 degree then it may creates problems and needs surgical intervention....
    Actually the bending of penis is considered as a disease... Its due to rearrangement in nerve supply but its generally developmental...not due to mastrubation or any other causes...But excessive forceful vigorous mastrubation or any nerve injury in accidents or such process may cause the same...
     You have mentioned you  noticed it since one month back...Have you sustained any injury in the penis..??If not,then its OK...In this case mastrubation should not be cause of curvature of penis...
     Above all a little bending would not affect your sexual life in any way provided it should not painful...If you are still apprehensive go and be checked by a urologist....
   All the best...
answered Sep 3, 2015 by Sexy Simpram (1,285 points)
commented Sep 9, 2015 by Raj M (150 points)
Hey dear.. Thanks a lot for answering.. well I didn't faced any kind of injury in penis but from last few months I had been masturbating daily (forceful and vigorous as u said) using my left hand only without using any lube.. is it the way I masturbate can cause bending in penis ?
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If that were the case, feminists would have field day calling 'all men a disease'.. (: If the penis is having natural inclination, am afraid even a doctor or sex pert can't change it's course. Something you have to accept over time and live with it without much consideration.
answered Sep 5, 2015 by guru=diva (525 points)

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