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How to convince her to chat with me again?

asked Aug 22, 2015 in Questions by sexlovingboy (440 points)
edited Aug 22, 2015 by longhands1

Dear AA members,

In my earlier Post, I told you about my relationship with a married woman. Now that has been stopped and there is no contact these days because she has deleted her FB account and I don't know if she has new one. She even doesn't pick up my phone, no meeting is possible as I have been transferred to a distant place. In that question I had told you about her daughter who is 19 years of age.

Now let come to the question : After class twelve, she got admitted in a college which is far away from her home and my place as well. Earlier, I never thought about her in a sexual way as I was attracted to her mother and we had a good relationship. She used to call me uncle with respect. From last 4 months there is no communication with her mother but some times we (daughter and I) exchange whats-app messages. One day unintentionally I sent her an adult message which I was supposed to send to one of my friends. There was no any adverse reaction from her side, and this has encouraged my sexual thinking about her. I started sending such messages and she does not react.

I started moving forward. 2 weeks ago, I sent her a sex video. Then she replied not to send such videos again. Next day, I sent another and she blocked me. After that I started sending mobile messages saying sorry and again she added me back with a condition that I shall not send any such videos.  

After chatting 2 days again I sent her a nude pic and again she blocked me. During these two days, I tried to convince her for sex chat but I did not get any positive response from her.

Now friends some questions arise in my mind:
1. Why she enjoyed the erotic messages in the beginning not reacting to those?
2. If she doesn't like all these why she added me back?
3. If she had added me back because of her interest, then why she blocked me again?
4.What type of relationship does she expect from me?
5. How can I again start chat with her?

Waiting for reply from all members including women. Kindly do reply friends.

Thanks to all and Anjali Mam.


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commented Aug 25, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)
38 is no age to be an uncle. Tell her bluntly that you want to bang her , If she is not willing, waste no more time or effort on her !

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2 Answers

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Best answer
oh my god are you serious.
she is so clear,now let me make you clear
here are your answers my dearly lost friend,

1.I am sure,as you said she called you uncle,so she must have seen you as really an uncle,and when her so called uncle messaged her dirty,she must be shocked and not knowing what might come from her not replying just choose to ignore it as she just wanted to end the matter.also the erotic messages[if i believe erotic adult joke] that you sent dont show what you are really trying to say to another person.even if she enjoyed it doesnt necessarily say shes interested in you.

2.i believe she just wants the way back as it were normal,or she may want to give you a second chance. i said not because of her intreast

4.she wants the same old uncle relationship. can start by asking her another chance and stay clean and be her uncle only.but i advise apologize and leave her ,

okay now for a little note,this is what is called harassment my friend,and it bothers me the fact you dont get it that she clearly doesnt want anything to do with you
my take is the only reason you are getting chances with her are because she is a sweet,innocent,and a soft hearted girl.
answered Aug 22, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
selected Aug 23, 2015 by sexlovingboy
commented Aug 23, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Thank you very much
commented Aug 23, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Hey friend,
Just now I send messages to her saying "I am so sorry,,,and I did not think about her feelings,,,she is so good that is why she kept silent over my miss deeds, so if she can forgive she can do....I will never disturb her, I will try to keep myself away from messaging her....I will never send her message again...good bye...." after reading all this messages she added me back now......
Friend, now what should be my stand towards her? Kindly suggest Please.
commented Aug 23, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
she added you back,that just doesnt necessarily show shes very keenly intrested in you,it could possibly be she is soft cornered,so i advise you to stay away from messaging her for awhile and when you resume just chat like an uncle,not in a dirty way.
explain to her that why the reason you got carried away ,you know because she didnt reply to your erotic message and you thought she liked it , and then apologize and make her sure you wont repeat it again.
you will now atleast get the reason for her not replying to your erotic messages.
the chances of her liking you are very very very low in the other way you want according to me judging on the basis what you wrote in the start.
commented Aug 23, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Thanks, I will surely stop messaging her from now......let see what happen..
commented Aug 23, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
please do keep me updated if you can i am just curious.
commented Aug 24, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Ya sure....from 23.08.2015, 01.49 PM was my last message till than I have not sent any message to her ,,,just waiting
commented Aug 25, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
just reply to her soon,and chat like an uncle.
and then after a few chats, you can explain to her why you got carried on when you thought she is interested after her not replying to your erotic messages,this way we will clearly know why she didnt reply.
commented Aug 25, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Ya Now I have started sending her general messages, like thoughts quotes etc..but she is not responding...
commented Aug 25, 2015 by Djlandd (465 points)
i didnt mean this soon,anyhow i guess now give her more time.
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Such questions should not arise in your mind because it is apparent that she is not paying attention in you otherwise, she would have not blocked you. She added you again but you yourself mentioned that she did with a condition that you should not send such videos to her. What makes you believe that she is interested in you? Stay away from her and do not disturb her life with constant messaging her. Moreover, her mother too is not interested in you hence better to stay away from them and focus on your schedule.
answered Aug 22, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (25,535 points)
commented Aug 23, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Thanks for your response

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