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Will it be wise to forcibly have sex with my girlfriend?

asked Aug 19, 2015 in Questions by iftekhar (125 points)
Hi Anjali & friends,

I have a girlfriend. Should I go for her and offer sex. I'm thinking to force her if she doesn't agree. Will it be wise? Actually after doing sex, I will break up with her. So your suggestions needed.
commented Aug 21, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)
I don't know why sexysalma hasn't given her piece of mind over this query !!!

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4 Answers

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What if she decides to ruin you , go to police and complain or if really loves you then suicide and you get behind the bars ??  Do you have any plans for that ??
answered Aug 20, 2015 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
selected Aug 20, 2015 by iftekhar
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Even if you are going to continue with her sex by forcing is consider as a rape. Do you want to rape her? For you sex might be just fun but it would ruin her life so you should not make someone’s life ruin in order to get fleeting fun. Many people just seek the suggestions for the sake of their satisfaction, to avoid culpability later on. However, in reality there are never serious to take action on it. I hope you are not one of them.
answered Aug 20, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Aug 20, 2015 by iftekhar (125 points)
thanks... however I will take your suggestion
commented Aug 20, 2015 by iftekhar (125 points)
My father is in a very powerful position.  So no tension about police case. I wanna enjoy, that's it
commented Aug 20, 2015 by prashant69 (7,210 points)

iftekhar. I think you are too childish and amature! ?Do you read newspapers? Even clebrities who themselves are very powerful monewise or having access to powerful ones in the centre or state governments can not hide themselves from the wrath of the law?

One of such high profile Bollywood hero is  already been sentenced and is  behind bars and another one is just waiting outside to enter. Its just a matter of time!

Ex ministersand chief ministers are being sentenced and are being sent to prison! Do not think you are above law in this country! And whatever powerful your pops could have been do you think he will feel pride in protecting you from the allegations of rape ? It will be too shameful and would bring a lot embressment to him than you imagine. So stay away from this sinful  thought. We only can advice you! May the God bring a sanity to your mind! 

commented Aug 21, 2015 by sadiq_khan (1,040 points)
edited Aug 21, 2015 by prashant69

That's the only feeling  I have for you
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Dear bro you should have mentioned your age and age of your gf also..Its never be advisable to do sex forcefully..if you do so there is every possibility that you would lose her forever which might result in a disheartning .. break up..
  Remember sex is not a child's  play as you might have been thinking..Its concerned with emotional and sentimental attachment between you and your gf..If you want to do should proceed gradually..You first love her from the bottom of your your caring and sharing nature and help her in every possible way...Go for shopping and dating especially on special occasions..You must take her on bike ride..You can spend time with her in park or cinema hall..You kiss her,hug her...In this way you can win her heart completely...
   After that you can invite her to your house when no one is there..Watch some romantic movies where there is hot scenes of kissing and hugging..You can do the same things at that time in privacy... she must be seduced and after so much intimacy your gf also wouldn't deny for sex. in most probability ..
   If your gf still denys don't lose your heart..One day she will be agreed to offer her body at suitable time and place....One thing you remember its better to avoid sex until she is 18..because below 18 a girl can't give consent for sex..but you can do with proper protection and privacy....Always use condoms and don't fuck her forcibly...
    Best of luck...
answered Aug 20, 2015 by Sexy Simpram (1,290 points)
edited Aug 20, 2015 by prashant69
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Iftekhar, It is not at all wise to have sex with force with any woman at all! Be it your girlfriend, any woman with whom one is having a physical affair or even with  one's own wife. It amounts to rape and  one who has done it could be prosecuted under appropriate penal laws which could result in legal punishment also.

   Apart from that don't you think its an offence against the humanity? Using force to get pleasure from the body of other person be it your lover, wife etc? 

  So as have stated in other answers try to win over her heart and soul. Do not long much for the physical pleasure(at least at this point of time) It could or would long last  for the couple of minutes but  if you would be able to touch her soul with your love,attachment, involvement she will remember you for whole of her life no matter you two get married or not! 

So start to respect her feelings. Be a good listener and give it a point to do what she prefers to do or have. Try to become a very good friend of hers You can always use force to have sex with her. But it would only result in a life long resentment for you in her heart! So just leave this thought away from your mind. If she realizes your love for her  she herself, one day would offer it to you and it would be most enjoyable that way only! 

  In the meantime also try to become a better humanbeing. Nurture some hobby, read books, listen to good music, watch good movies . or concentrate on your career and studies. Make yourself to a stature that no one could ignore you including her . She should feel pride for being your girl. That would be the MANly thing to do! NOT using force to have her! It would be very much unmanly and act of a cowardance ! Best of luck! 


answered Aug 20, 2015 by prashant69 (7,210 points)

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