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Is my husband's penis length and girth adequate for enjoyment?

asked Aug 3, 2015 in Questions by piyapal (625 points)
edited Aug 5, 2015 by longhands1

My hubby has an erect penis length of around 6 inches and girth around 4 inches. But I am not really sure if this is the best erect length of the penis. I have known it should be around 6.5 inches - 7 inches.

Is his penis a bit short? Can it be made longer to 7 inches in anyway or will it always remain short? Is the girth size standard?


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6 Answers

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Best answer
He cannot make his size desirable or as per your wish as it is inherent and will remain as it is. Therefore, drop the idea to make size big. He has a normal size and enough to make you squirt if he knows how to use it.

If you are not pleased with the size of his tool, then discuss with him and take the help of oral sex, as oral sex is more enjoyable than actual penetration. See porn movies together and try to become skilled at new things to make sex more pleasurable.  

There are a lot men with small penises, just like there are a lot of women that have small breasts. What the most important organ that needs to work well for great sex is your brain. In your sex life, you need to welcome toys, hands, tongues, and fingers; you can have a great, passionate, and erotic life together. If the size affects your desire to be with him well, only you can work on that.
answered Aug 4, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
selected Apr 3, 2016 by piyapal
commented Apr 3, 2016 by piyapal (625 points)
Thanks for the reply alpesh
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Piya, In my opinion as long as sexual act goes size does not matters much. But two things does matters ! One is the man irrespective of his size should be able to use it ' appropriately' !He should be able to last long that much enough that his partner should experience the greatest of orgasms! 

   Second one is , though size does not matters in the actual sexual' act' , visual impact of the bigger size tool is always impressive and it starts a feeling in the mind of a woman concerned how would it feel! 

    I can explain it with an example, When given a choice in selecting the fruits Which would one most probably would go for? Bigger and juicer one correct? Because we always like bigger things in life like bigger smartphones, bigger homes, bigger vehciles , bigger television sets , the list is endless! 

   I think you are thinking that a little more bigger tool of your hubby would not have hurted you much! Its your outlook now . We need not to comment on it. 


answered Aug 4, 2015 by prashant69 (7,010 points)
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Dear Piyapal you are unnecessarily worried..the size of tool of your husband as mentioned by you is perfectly OK to fuck any female on earth and to give her sexual estacy...The size of penis among the people of different countries varies more or less and genetically also....and the average size of Indian penis is less than 6inch in length.and girth average also around 4 inch......I know a lot of married men who has penis length just around 4 inch long and penis also not so thick but they are always nice performance in bed...
     I think after watching no of porn videos you have compared those large sized thick dicks to the tool of your husband...They are rareest of the  rare and such big penis holders are only chosen for hardcore sex  so that the publicity would be more...but in reality you may hardly find such dicks across the globe.. As u mentioned about 6.5 to 7 inch long penis and girth more than 5 inch its possible in a few countries like African subcontinents where it is due to hereditary or genetic cause...which control both length and girth of penis....
      Moreover the size of the tool doesn't matter more but the art of sex matters a lot....If your hubby is important or not getting a strong erection then that's a problem which can be sort out by proper medical attention.. But if your husband is OK in that respect then he should only learn and practise the art of sex and foreplay...If he is able to sustain without ejaculating while performing the romance over different parts of your bodies you would be certainty get divine pleasure... You  both can also perform oral sex and try sex in different positions...but a lot of intense foreplay must be done prior to penetrative sex as females are turned on by that...You both should watch porn movies together and go for different online sources to search how to get sexual gratification from each others....Always maintain a romantic background before sex. .
    Therefore stop blaming your hubby and cooperate him in all possible way...because many times due to blames by wives  husbands become psychologically depressed  and doesn't performs to the optimum level...If you have any questions or queries you can message me personally...
     All the best
answered Aug 4, 2015 by Sexy Simpram (1,285 points)
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hi piya...for sex enjoyment..the penis size is not most important...its important whether he is actually able to satisfy you or not..nd in the same time..u should also see that..u r getting enjoyment or not..u wont believe that in some countries men's have shorter penis compare to our penis size...
answered Aug 5, 2015 by hornysubbu (145 points)
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Hello piyapal,

Your just 23 years old and my guess it that your just about to get married or just married recently.

The length of penis that is required to satisfy a woman during intercourse in the vagina is approximately 4.5 inches. (I am not sure about the upper limit). Even a 3 inch penis will be sufficient to satisfy a woman.

A penis of 6 inches length and 4 inches thickness is more than sufficient to satisfy a majority of the female population.

Most of the nerve endings in the vagina are in the entrance of the vagina. And the biggest sex organ in the body is the brain.

If you are not feeling satisfied with your husband, ask him to try different sex positions with you and ask him to have a longer foreplay session with you.
answered Aug 6, 2015 by bigandtall (145 points)
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Hi  piyapal,

1. Size doesnt matters
2.A person how he uses his tool to satisfy a girl is what that  matters most.
3.Penis length and girth cannot be increased except by surgery but the side effect is he will lose his erection soon.
4.If a man has more then 3 inch penis when  erect , that is more then enough for a man to satisfy a girl.
5.Indian men's AVERAGE Penis size is 4'(length) and 3'(girth) so your hubby has more then that, u should be happy with it.
6.medicines will not help
7.His length and girth are above normal


you are confused. everything seems to be normal with your husband,lead a happy life with him, dont force him to take medicines which could spoil his health,be satsified with whatever he has.
answered Aug 7, 2015 by rubber1988boy (655 points)
edited Aug 7, 2015 by prashant69

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