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Kamasutra Corner: Sexual Positions - Part I

asked Aug 1, 2015 in Articles by longhands1 (77,195 points)
edited Apr 30, 2017 by longhands1

Hello Users,

This Part and subsequent parts will feature the different Sex Positions. There are 62 of them. Enjoy.

Pole percher

You'll be loving his wandering hands in this gentle but thrilling sex position. Just jump on board for the ride of your life!
Supercharge it: Get some vibrating power up front by using a sex toy as you rock up and down.


Crossed wires

A great position for extra deep penetration, this is a super stimulating sex position for both of you!
Supercharge it: Get him to massage you all over with one of his free hands.


Gentle clasp

This is a great sex position when you're not feeling that energetic. Just lie on your fella and let him plunge away.
Supercharge it: Get him to alternate between fast and slow penetration, using his hands to help stimulate you.


Sexy scissors

Make a v-shape with your bodies and rock your way to orgasmic heights!
Supercharge it: If you can get the angle right, this position is hot enough as it is.


Crouching tiger

You'll both need to put your backs into this one - but the rewards are worth it! And the best bit? You can control the angle of penetration to make sure he hits the spot
Supercharge it: Use a sex toy on yourself as you bounce for a multiple orgasm miracle.


The path to heaven

A sideways version of the missionary position, this is an easy and comfortable position to try when you want something really sensual and erotic.
Supercharge it: Make sure you look deep into each other's eyes throughout. Especially when you both orgasm.


Love lock

Grab your man round the waist and pull yourself onto his lap in this hot sex position
Supercharge it: Let his hands be as active as his groin!


Lap it up

This is one of the most sensual sex positions you can try. Get some romantic music on and slide onto his lap.
Supercharge it: Try leaning backwards and arching your back. This will give you deeper penetration.


The sheet ripper

A reverse missionary position, this is a good one for clitoral orgasm as you grind against his groin
Supercharge it: Get him to pay attention to your bum.


Planet orgasm

This sex position looks harder than it really is. All you need to do is kick your legs up, hook them round his neck (not too tight) and enjoy the ride!
Supercharge it: Make sure his hands caress all your hot bits.


Honey trap

Get your man in your trap with this massively erotic position. Warning - there's a high chance you'll wake the neighbours!
Supercharge it: Make sure your man helps you get multiple orgasms using his hands too.



commented Aug 1, 2015 by longhands1 (77,195 points)

Dear Users,

You can post "Answers" to this Post telling us your favourite sex position and how it excites you!

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1 Answer

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Excellent information in real pics...thanks.
answered Aug 10, 2015 by harshad51 (190 points)

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