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Do females like body touch in public transport?

asked Jul 12, 2015 in Questions by boyExtreme (150 points)
edited Jul 13, 2015 by longhands1

If a good looking muscular guy is standing in the bus that is filled to capacity, and there are girls and women around him, If their bodies keep touching like his arm to arm, thighs to thighs, their back with his chest or even their butt with his pubic area.

Then what will be the percentage of girls and women liking it? I mean will most of them like it or not at all?


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6 Answers

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Every guy reading this page, get something very straight in your heads. We don't care how handsome you might be, how big your cock might be, whether you've got muscles or you are as fat as a pig ready for slaughter,or as thin as a rake. We do not appreciate, nor do we want to be touched, groped, spoken to in lewd ways, or subjected to any kind of sexual innuendo or harrasment when all we are doing is travelling on public transport to get to or from work, or socialising, or whatever. Furthermore, the way a woman chooses to dress has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not she wants any form of sexual harassment. She has around reasons addressing the way she has done, such as because her boyfriend or husband might appreciate her looking nice. Again it doesn't give you any right whatsoever to behave inappropriately.None of you perverts has the right to start groping people, purely because we might be attractive. It's disgusting behaviour, and it not only demeans us as women, it demeans you men as well. There is absolutely no justification for this kind of behaviour, and the sooner you get that into your thick skulls the better.

Guys, please understand, I'm not aiming this at every man on the planet, just that percentage that things they have a right to be disgusting towards the female population. So the guys that behave like gentlemen, thank you very much, you are appreciated by all of us. The men the behave like stupid childish ignorant falls, stop it, JUST STOP IT!!!!!!


answered Jul 12, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Jul 13, 2015 by boyExtreme (150 points)
dear ma'am,
                     i'm not of that type. i use to care..... because those females can be my mother etc too..............i was just trying to enhance good believes.... =)
     I've seen  in buses that some men (mainly uncle type) use to stick to females...n make sounds.......
   then i use to stare aggressively on those men so as to make them stop
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Ha! Ha! Ha!  Welldone! nice answer from salma for a innocent growing kid's question.
See, am not always with womenside supporting ,  but  the thing is , I feel there is always different between rape , and a sex with mutual concern!.
Raise a own question towards you & ask that "is any strong musculer gay with decently dressed stand behind you and rub his dick or his arm on your arm? Will you enjoy his touch?  No!  Dont feel bad about what I say.

Your question clearly picturised one thing that you dont have a lovable girlfriend or partner right now.  I  am sorry for that.
You can enjoy that touch with your own loveable parner or girlfriend in public!
Wish to get girlfriend!
We should allow girls/women to travel in public transport,  and to sit near to us.
But now a days that is not possible in many place in india. The women/girl never sit beside male.  Rather They prefer standing.  When a girl/women sit beside and talk friendly, you will feel enjoy the pride, that they respect you and believe you.
This pride or respect you cant get or enjoyed any where other than public transport.
Sorry! For advising you friend, because I also like you during my teenage, but now I change my self to enjoy  the travel with unknown women by have good friendly talk.
May be somebody who doesnt have a lovable boyfriend or partner may like those type of touch, but I am not sure.  Any how its going to end with short duration or may be began with some disaster relationship. The end wont be fruitfull at all!!!
Dont try and get caught!

answered Jul 12, 2015 by peruvinu (105 points)
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With all due respects - I differ with Salma here.
No two human being are same. There are physical, emotional, psychological differences. This phenomenon is equally applicable to women folk as well.
While a very high percentage of women do not like being stared at, or commented about, or even an attempted groping, there is still a small percentage of women who do like being appreciated about their beauty. While forced groping is a strict no, casual body contact arouses human beings - at times.

it is after all, nature, that opposite sex is attracted to each other. So, as long as it doest cross the threshold (which, again varies, person to person), a small percentage of women do enjoy physical contact.

Now - i am not a competent authority here (as i am not a female). But, I have seen some of my friends who admit to having enjoyed physical touch in closed area (like bus / train). Ofcourse, they will never admit it.

Just my humble opinion !
answered Jul 12, 2015 by kuttikunju (330 points)
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well in my personal experience I've had about two or three instances when I felt that I was being touched in a bus by women and all of them were in a relationship (married or had a boyfriend). Well I'm not that tall and handsome kind of guy, but good-looking according to some girls. One of the indecent I remember vividly, because I felt really embarrassed.
She was a young married lady probably in her mid-twenties, I was standing in an over crowed bus right beside where she and her husband were sitting. Her hubby wasn't giving her much attention; was busy sleeping or occasionally looking at his phone . Then I felt her hand touch mine I moved it, then it repeated and finally she grabbed my hand then looked up at me and smiled I think I smiled back but totally embarrassed, (because my dad was standing right behind :P) then looked away. Later I also felt her head rubbing on my stomach and waist area, until I found a seat and moved away. Well this was just an experience, but don't think you can make a general statement based on this that "Girls like to grope handsome guys in public", but I do know that girls try to create a conversation with hot guys (especially if they are strangers) if there is an opportunity. I know this from some of the girls most of them from whom I have grown up with from kindergarten to college in a coeducational system.
I my opinion never grope or touch women on purpose, in public just because you may  think that they'll like it or ogle at girls in public, all these are creepy and uncultured. Be a man, respect others and be respected that's the kind of man women may like.
Hope this helps.
answered Jul 16, 2015 by danny14 (520 points)
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Hi boyextreme,
      First sorry to Mrs.Salma I   have had personal experience on bus  where some girls intentionally moved near to me to touch  hand or butt to my penis area .
    So we can't generalize all girls would be  sacred or pious like godesses  , If an opportunity  comes they could be  mischievous and naughty . if  they are caught they do all drama to save her name and claims all the  fault was due to  male.
     So  in my opinion all males are not sex addict and all females are not a mothers  or sisters to all men folk . If good opportunity presents itself  all will try to capitalize it .
      Some exceptions  are there in both genders. To hate in some point, My personal opinion dont do in public.
answered Jul 17, 2015 by Aleeeex (165 points)
edited Jul 17, 2015 by prashant69
commented Jul 17, 2015 by prashant69 (6,990 points)

Aleeeex. You had mentioned names of the three  Godesses'  in your answer which i have edited. We do not want to create any religious tentions in this secular country. So as a policy we do NOT allow mentioning of any religious name, matter etc on this site. So please refrain from mentioning such things in your contribution/s ! 

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This is a question that is asinine,  There is nothing sexual here and if you try to touch a female inappropriately you are in trouble if they raise an FIR.  My suggestion, dont think about it and think about other things.  Roads in India are at times uneven and buses are known to have poor suspension and the passengers are going to bump into each other.

There is nothing sexual about it.  Get over it.
answered Jul 23, 2015 by Idontknow. (800 points)

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