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Am I doing wrong?

asked Jul 2, 2015 in Questions by Seduceme (135 points)
edited Jul 2, 2015 by longhands1

I am 27 yrs old. I have slept with more than 15 women till now. The last one was my student and it happened yesterday. I love sex, but the problem is that every time I have sex, I feel guilty. This is because our culture which never allows us to fuck more than one woman.

So my question is: Am I on a wrong path? How can I stop? Do I really need to stop? Am I committing a crime? I need your views.

Please don't give lecture, just share your thoughts.


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3 Answers

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Hello, Only because you think you are doing somethig wrong you are feeling guilty. Thats all. I  do not kow about any culture that says you shold not have sex with more than one person. I am a Hindu, Indian and no dogma has taught me like that. My language in school and college was the ancient language of wisdom- sanskrit and it has many references to sex and sexual enjoyment.
I am a person ,58 years old,living with out sex for more than two decades not because i think sex is sin but because i am not good at seducing women and i dont like paid sex. And i know sex is must for health and a happy life. I admire you for your ability to win girls.

in my view as long as you are not misusing some's trust and you are having sex with consent of the partner it is not wrong, unless your conscience says so. Then, if your conscience does not allow you , do not go for it. Your morality does not depend on others sense of right and wrong.

Sex is given to us as a recreation by nature so that procreation is ensured.

In my life i have noticed one more thing, a peculiar situation. It is always the man who feels guilty, more than a woman, after sex, especially sex out side the marriage. May be because man is the partner who initiates it, though the green signal is given by women.

Please analyse your thoughts. It may not be the act of sex that makes you feel guilty.It may be the situayion you have used or misused.
My wife had an affair with in six months of marriage and she is living successfully now. I am the depressed person who lost life. Cheating also makes you lose your self respect. Analyse such issues. I know many men and women who are having extra marital sex and living happily with out any guilt feelings. And i am here, an old man with out the courage to approach a woman for sex,

It all depends on your mental make up and belef system. And if any act is making you feel guilty anf if any act is not making you happy, do indulge in it. It is as simple as that. Just because some one else is doing something, you do not have to do it. You do not have to prove anything to anybody, including yourself.
More than anything elase it is the self doubt that destroys oneself. Good luck. Be happy..
answered Jul 2, 2015 by sumitran9 (1,605 points)
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Each individual has a right to get pleasure from sex the way one wants so you are not committing any offense. However, you have no right to make suffer another person on your account. You have not mentioned whether you are married or unmarried (I suppose you are unmarried).

If you are married then to have sex outside marriage without the knowledge of your wife, is ethically and morally immoral. Sex is crime when you have with someone based on fake promises I hope you have not done it. You had sex with your student I supposed it was consentual and not based on fake promises.

As long as you are not raping someone, you should know that men and women both get pleasure from sex. People have sex all the time and very few walk around with their heads down as if they did something wrong.

As long as you are over 18 and the sex is consentual, you should not feel guilty. Many people go through this and feel this way, but you have to train yourself to overcome it as hard as it may be.
answered Jul 3, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,295 points)
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Sex is a indispensable burning desire of every mIale and female in life..I think you are unmarried.There is two aspects of consideration one is moral and one is ethical..Though our culture doesn't allow intercourse with many women and are or extra marital is legal to have sex with females of more than 18 years age with their sweet will along with secrecy and privacy..So if all are more than 18 yrs old and if they are ready to enjoy with you without any pressure then you should not feel guilty and if not so then you are definitely committing a crime and there is every possibility that you can be convicted by law...If you want to stop then you should choose a nice partner and get married as soon as possible and thereby you can satisfy your physical needs..after married if you continue the same thing then its certainly crime and wrong path and your life will be spoiled...If you are established then according to me tie the knot with a beauty and enjoy your life to the brim and you will be free from the conflicts... All the best
answered Jul 3, 2015 by Sexy Simpram (1,285 points)

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