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Which matters more for girls - Penis length or Penis girth?

asked Jun 25, 2015 in Questions by Pagol (125 points)
edited Jun 26, 2015 by longhands1

I am 20 years old. I have a 5'5 inch length penis and 5 inch girth penis . Can I satisfy my girlfriend? What matters more for girls - penis length or penid girth?


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4 Answers

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Most women prefer girth over length, and scientific studies prove it. A wider penis promotes greater clitoral stimulation, and length is far less significant. The vagina is actually relatively shallow, with an average of 4 inches of depth. Most of the sexual stimulation happens along and near the wall of the vagina, so if you want to have the maximum impact, girth is necessary.

You may have 9 inches of length dangling like a pendulum between your knees, but if the circumference is weak, then sex will not be enjoyable for a woman.   

Sexologists and sexperts agree that girth is more vital than the length in the long run, and not so much of the length, unless it is just 2 inches when erect fully. Bigger penis girth gives both strength and consistency of the penis. When the penis is making its entry into the vagina, it hits wider area that hold sensitive nerve endings resulting in a much intense sensation for orgasm.

Additionally, the tighter it gets into the vaginal walls, the more pressure it has to stimulate the nerve endings. The vagina entrance simply stretches and adjust to the penis size, unless the penis is bigger than the head of a newly born baby.

Another fact why girth matters over length, majority of the sex sensitive nerve endings are found close to the vaginal entrance. The first 3 inches deep into the vaginal entrance wall considered the most sensitive area.

The survey found that 45 out of 50 women prefer girth to be sexually satisfying. Therefore, the survey concluded that the bigger the penis can fill the vaginal walls, the better sexual sensation it offer. Sadly, the survey did not gather data as to what sizes are preferred or can be considered to create less sensation.

When blood flow is at its best, the penis expands to its maximum girth and stiffness, but you may have already caused damage to your natural blood flow without even realizing it. Do you frequently masturbate? Or did you frequently masturbate as a teenager?  

Frequent masturbation causes scar tissue and plaque accumulation along the penis, and that causes blood flow to become inhibited. But before you do anything else, you should definitely cut back on the masturbation, assuming that's still an issue.

answered Jun 26, 2015 by longhands1 (78,355 points)
selected Jun 27, 2015 by Pagol
commented Jun 27, 2015 by danny14 (525 points)
According to this study, how much girth is sufficient for pleasing most women?
commented Jun 28, 2015 by longhands1 (78,355 points)

Thanks Pagol, for selecting my Answer as the Best. Hope I was able to clear your doubts.

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Pagol,Neither length nor girth matters much for a girl/ woman. What matters most for any female is love, care and respect! How much you value the relationship, it matters to her! 

        Obviously you have  not asked  this question to know this philosophical advice! So even if it is said that size does not matters what I believe is size does matters at least visually! 

         If a woman or girl who is accustomed to a particular penis and if by accident or on purpose she views larger size penis it makes her start wondering how that would feel inside her . On purpose viewing means if she happens to see porn, or her friend tells about some bigger size she had came across! 

        But mainly women do not become intimate easily if she does not trusts the man. And for that the above mentioned things like love, care, respect are of  utmost importance! 

answered Jun 26, 2015 by prashant69 (7,010 points)
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I have had encountered with few girls before getting married but each girl poles apart from other and had its own preferences as far as sex was concerned. My first girlfriend had been neither craving for length nor for girth but she wanted it to be last long with lots of foreplay. One matured aunt whom I had sex many times wants oral sex and craved for length and girth therefore each girl’s preferences is different  so we cannot generalise it easily.

However, I have found one common thing every girl wants, which is most essential in every relationship, is love, care and affection. Therefore, if you want specific answer then I can say girls want warmth in relationship over sex but exceptions are always there.
answered Jun 26, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
edited Jun 26, 2015 by prashant69
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What is it with you guys!!! It doesn't matter how many times we say it, the size is not that important, as long as it's big enough to get inside. What really matters is whether the guy knows how to use his penis in the 1st place. Most of you guys that ask these sort of questions are usually the type of guys that wouldn't know what to do with it if you had a dong the size of a horse!!!

A man who is a skilled lover knows how to make the most of what he's got, and knows the different skills needed to make love to his girl. Stop watching so much pornography and comparing yourself to the freakishly large guys that you see in these videos. Try and understand that they are only chosen because they are freakishly proportioned. Very few men can measure up when it comes to size or thickness. If you consider that a woman giving birth to a child can stretch much wider than even the biggest cock imaginable, what makes you think it really matters to us?

My husband is well endowed, but what is far more important , and much more satisfying, is that he knows what he's doing in the bedroom. He can make me orgasm any number of times without even using his penis. The biggest sex organ in our bodies is the brain, so try using that instead.

You can dream of impressing girls with a mighty weapon, but if you don't know how to use it, you might as well not have had it in the 1st place. So instead of placing emphasis on size, learn the techniques of making love without even using your cock!!!!!


answered Jun 26, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Jun 28, 2015 by Rajeev kumar sharma (360 points)
i m entirely agree with salma ji.. she has very straight and clear thoughts
commented Jun 29, 2015 by Gulaam (100 points)
Amazing Answer.. Thanks a lot.

" learn the techniques of making love without even using your cock!!!"
you told right all of us need to learn...

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