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How can my mom stay without sex for 3 years?

asked Jun 23, 2015 in Questions by jason scott (175 points)
I am 21years old and I have a sister who is 23 years old. My mom is 40 years old. My mom and dad divorced 3 years ago and have separated. I am staying with my mom and my sister.

I remember when my mom was staying with dad, she used to have sex with him often, but now I can see that she does not have any desire. I dont see any activity related to sex from her. I know she doesnt masturbate, nor have I seen any sex toys in her wordrobe etc.

People say every human needs sex, whether male or female as everyone has sexual feelings. Then how is my mom staying without doing anything. She is not depressed about anything. She is always happy and cheerful.

Are there any women in this world who can stay withou sex suddenly. Please tell me some tips about how to find out whether she will be having sex with someone or not? Please reply ASAP.
commented Jun 23, 2015 by jason scott (175 points)
ok as you told my mother has good experiences in her early ages ..can you pls tell me will my mother tolerate of i tell her how i masturbate and when i do it mothers like mine know their sons masturbate do they just pretend thet they dont know ..i wold love saisfy my mother NOT INTERCOURSE

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1 Answer

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Jason. From your question or from your profile its not clear which part of the world you are from as it would have become easier if we would have given  any idea about your background.

       What you are thinking or wondering about is quite natural means yes it is true that having sexual relations with the person of opposite sex (or with the person of same gender too these days) is considered the basic necessity of the person . But in most societies of the world women are taught to supress their sexual feelings anyhow! In many cultures having sex is considered as sin , genitals are associated with dirty organs, watching sex or doing sex is considered as taboo! So in the minds of many women it is cultivated that sex being a dirty, nasty act which has to be done in dark with minimum possible festivities and quicker the better!

        But then above things are NOT necessarily applicable to your mom as sha have enjoyed active sex life for better period of her youth. She just might have been thinking that she has gotton aged to enjoy sex ! And believe me friend for many of the female clan sex is not as important an issue or matter as it is with their male counterpart! Even if once in a while she might have been getting a feeling of having sex that you can not fathom ! I would suggest you to concentrate on your studies and career and stop about the sex life (existing or non existing) of your parents. They are older, matured and wise enough to think about it! You should be the last person on this planet to think anything about it!

answered Jun 23, 2015 by prashant69 (7,010 points)
selected Jun 23, 2015 by jason scott
commented Jun 24, 2015 by prashant69 (7,010 points)

Jason, First of all thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer!But you selected this ONLY answer as the best answer only after three hours of  posing the question !

     It have now closed this question and no anymore answers could be added and you have to remain content with this answer only! We always advice our questioners to wait for couple of days or until at least couple of answers are posted as it gives opportunity to different members to express their different views ! OK now deed is done better wait for some more time next time if you ask any question ! 

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