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How to increase the size of my penis?

asked Jun 17, 2015 in Questions by Nivis (120 points)
edited Jun 17, 2015 by longhands1

I am a 20 year old boy. The size of my penis when it is erect is 4.3 inches only. Is this normal? I need a long penis. How to increase my penis size?


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3 Answers

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Penis size is determined by many factors. Genes, clan, diet, climatic conditions etc. Questions that you have asked are common doubts in every male - young and old.

It is difficult to say what is the ideal penis size. 

The average penis size when it is flaccid (not erect) is 3.4 inches to 3.7 inches (8.6 cms to 9.3 cms).   

The average penis size when erect is 5.1 inches to 5.7 inches (12.9 cms to 14.5 cms).

The average penis girth when erect is 3.5  inches to 3.8 inches (8.8 cms to 10 cms).

Some statistics, you may have read are by marketing companies who are interested in inflating their claims. So beware.

Penis measuring is never a well defined area. Where does one start while measuring the size? Where do you measure the girth - at the base? at the head? or around the shaft? Do the sample study represent the general population? Are the sizes stated, provided by self reporting or taken by others?

What you are worried about is ---does size really matter? Not to you, but to your partner. This is debatable and many factors decide this. What is important for you should be your skill at love making. Not the size of the equipment,  but how well you use your physical attributes. 

Yes, there will be a marginal growth till you reach 21 years. This again is a guess.

answered Jun 17, 2015 by longhands1 (76,920 points)
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Unless you have a surgery - you cannot increase the size of your Penis. Yeah.. people say size doesnt matter.. blah blah blah.. Me, for one with a relatively small penis - would say - size does matter, at times. For example, if your gf / wife is bit on plumpy side, some positions have to be ruled out..

But having said that - concentrate on your stamina, longevity and erection. These are more important than size.. Tell me, how will a long flacid penis help?
answered Jun 19, 2015 by kuttikunju (330 points)
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dear 20 year old friend,size of organ varies man to man depending on many factors especially genes,at least wait for another 2-4 years and see the change .and coming to the lovemaking part,if instrument is functioning normal then learn the art of being a good lover.
answered Jun 19, 2015 by plabby (105 points)

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