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Had sex with my cousin's fiancée before marriage was decided. What to do?

asked Jun 15, 2015 in Questions by Dark Horse (750 points)
edited Jun 17, 2015 by longhands1

Hello everyone,

I am a 20 year old boy, who is experienced in sex. Readers can read my old questions for more information.

Recently, about 4 months ago, our family went to see a girl for my cousin's marriage. At first, my brother did not seem to like the girl. When I asked him about her, he did not respond very enthusiastically or in a positive way. I liked the girl, so made friendship with her through FaceBook. She accepted my request and we became good friends.

The girl is 25years and lives in a village. I never had any encounter with a village girl earlier, so I too became interested in her. Later after 1-1½ months of friendship and close interaction, we had sex with mutual consent. She enjoyed it. It was her 2nd time. Earlier she have had sex, when she was 17years and was with her boyfriend. We kept having sex for last 3months.

Now I got to know that my brother and his family has agreed to marry that girl, and even she and her family have agreed to the marriage. On asking her about it, she said that as she belongs to poor family, she cant say no to my cousin as he is a rich guy, and that will lower the burden of her parents. She told me that sex with me was really great, and that she would be having regular sex with me even after marriage, when my brother is not around. She requested me not to tell about our encounter or her past to my brother or any one.

I am feeling guilty, as my brother is really a good person. I told his fiancee to say no to the marriage but she is not ready, and says that sexlife between us would be great after her marriage to my cousin and she would take care of everything. I am really confused and frightened. What to do? What if my brother comes to know that his fiancee is not a virgin? Will she tell my cousin?


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2 Answers

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Best answer
That's a difficult situation for you three. You can either get her married (by not bothering about her age) to you or stop having sex with her after she's getting married to your cousin. When the first one happens, all is well. But if she gets married to your brother, she will earn a good position and respect in the family. She might start blackmailing you for some favors especially sex. There are high chances that you turn to her slave.

If she has a good character, she might help you get out of this trouble. If you happen to be in her vision all the day, chances are high for you to have sex with her discreetly. Stay away from her. Let her get out of you and start enjoying her married life with your cousin.

If you really care about him, get out of her, which is gonna be a real hard task for you both, or don't let them get married.

Keep us posted..
answered Jun 16, 2015 by aaloka.sharma (1,080 points)
selected Aug 28, 2015 by Dark Horse
commented Jun 19, 2015 by Dark Horse (750 points)
I dont know how she is in behaviour, but we have been having sex regularly. We even had sex on day of their engagement. Being in same family, I am always in vicinity
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If this girl is in good in nature apart from sex with you than Let her marry with your cousin..  Make distance with her after marriage.... What you do if the next girl happen to be ****...
answered Jun 16, 2015 by rahulsngh (700 points)

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