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Why am I going so crazy about my mother's ass?

asked Jun 5, 2015 in Questions by sgupta (265 points)

I had always this fantasy for mature MILFs with big asses. Last week, it so happened that after lunch, I was watching TV while mom was sleeping besides me. So in sleep , somehow her nighty went up and suddenly I was able to see her big fat ass.

I tried to control, but got an instant erection and masturbated watching her ass.
Now I have started fantacizing about fucking her from behind in her ass and other nasty stuff. I know its all wrong, but I could not control from watching her ass whenever I get any chance  and masturbate heavily. I am going crazy about her big ass.

How do I control these urges? Any suggestions?

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6 Answers

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Best answer

You have a fetish for voluptuous women and that's alright.
Now coming to the problem of yours, it'll eventually fade away, but it will stay until you find an alternative.

For instance, I used to hit on my maid, hoping in someway or another I would persuade to have sex with me thereby fulfilling my sexual desires. But my lust for my maid stopped when one fine day, my next door hot neighbor woman in her 30's invited me over to her house as it was her b'day. By invite, I mean not sexually, just as a neighbor. She was always easy on eyes, and extremely curvaceous with a body to die for. So that day, all of a sudden, my new crush is my next door lady and from that very day till today, I haven't made a pass on my maid even once.

You see what I'm trying to say..?? Our mind keeps searching for the best, and immediately replaces the previous best and so on. Your fetish is for curvaceous women and since you might not have had the luck of finding any plump women for you to lust after or even make an acquaintance with, your mind is running after an alternative which is nothing but your mother.

All these feeling will fade away within a fraction a second. Like for instance, take your favorite porn star.
Before her, you must be having another favorite porn star right and you used to give 1st preference to her videos. Now one fine day, all of a sudden you had a new favorite and your previous favorite was 2nd best.

You just have to wait for the right time and the right woman. I suggest you try getting a girl friend or at least start flirting with women so you'll master the art of social skills relating to women which will definitely come in handy when you need a woman in your life.
answered Jun 7, 2015 by trueanswer (505 points)
selected Jul 16, 2015 by longhands1
commented Jul 16, 2015 by longhands1 (80,625 points)

Good Answer.

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If you truly want to stop then involve strong effort to stop it. Divert your mind from your mother and never be with her when she is sleeping. Let me tell you that there is only one way to rid of your problem “self-control”.

My honest opinions ‘use will power and be strong determined to move away from your mother’. Still you failed to do so then to consult psychiatrist is good option as you are in need  of  counseling to understand your desire for sex.
answered Jun 6, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (24,005 points)
edited Jun 6, 2015 by prashant69
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u just pic any milf whore and satisfy urself!
answered Jun 6, 2015 by johnremo123 (105 points)
edited Jun 6, 2015 by prashant69
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Control your self ,its your mother stop watching go to other milf its my suggestion.
answered Jun 7, 2015 by poonam (115 points)
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If you enjoy watching her ass ; just watch,masturbate and enjoy. I understand this - mature moms have big round asses which would turn on any guy. Watching and masturbating won't harm anyone as long she does not know about this.

But don't act on anything as it might ruin your family condition.
answered Jun 7, 2015 by neeraj6 (185 points)
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Why you are going crazy about your mother's ass. The answer is simple- you harbour incestuous thoughts and desires and the very proof is some of your previous questions in the site.

So why blame her ass ? :D
answered Jun 7, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)

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