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I am in sexual relations with brother and his friends. Is it good?

asked May 19, 2015 in Questions by riturai (150 points)
edited May 20, 2015 by longhands1

I am Ritu and I am 23. I have sexual relations with my brother and his friends. I have had  group sex with them many times. Is it a bad way to fulfill my sexual desires?

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13 Answers

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If social morals are not holding you  back or making you feel guilty, then carry on!

Consenting adults can do whatever they wish to do  as long as one doesn't abuse/harm anyone.

Although I must point out the risk factors that you should be aware of and make necessary precautions.

1. STDs. You can never know who is carrying what kind of infection. Some STDs are not detectable at certain times, and yet can be transmitted, even when using condoms. So educate yourself on all STDs. It is quite a big list. ;)

2. As you get older, how will you handle the situation, with your future boyfriend/husband etc

3. You could be exploited by your brother or his friends, and use you as a "thing" to enjoy. Are you ok with being objectified. Behind all the praises you might be getting, do understand at the end of they day their interest lies in fucking you.

As long as you are aware of these emotional pitfalls, and ready to cope with it, you are free to enjoy yourself any & every way you find convenient to you.


All the best!
answered May 19, 2015 by kinkyguy (1,415 points)
selected Apr 28, 2016 by riturai
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This is not gud , in india the relation of bro and sis is not a thirsty relation , its a rltn of  trust nd u shouldnt do dis . U did a shameful work bt from now u shud stop doing dis
answered May 19, 2015 by Atul raj (105 points)
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Dear Ritu,

                            It's really of having a sexual relationship with your brother because I have never heard anything about it till date.But you are an adult lady and it's you who has to decide that on what course your relationship with your brother will go.Because there are several factors like if your parents find out or when both of you will get marries then how will this relationship will go.So it's who has to decide.

                             And regarding having sex with your brother's freind that's somewhat common some do it for pleasure and some do it for love so just decide whether it's for love or for pleasure.

Take Care
answered May 19, 2015 by akb60 (145 points)
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Dear Ritu,
           If we were animals, maybe it would have been normal. But human race is ever evolving and ever improving itself by various rules, laws, morals, ethics and code of conducts. Every rule, law, moral, ethic and code of conduct was made up to avoid some or other complication in human life and to have a better life. What do you think will happen when you both get married? Do you think you both can be like normal brother and sister? Will your future husband and his future wife feel secure if you both have to be together lonely due to some circumstances? What will his friends do when you get married? What if they mock your husband? Do you think you can have a respectful life with your husband and kids? I hope you got your answer. Rectify your steps and move away from them.

Good Luck :)
answered May 19, 2015 by sadiq_khan (1,030 points)
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Hi Ritu, It is completely Normal for a girl of you age to get sexual pleasure.

If u are having sex with your cousine brother it's fine ( because in some communities, girls   get Married to their cousine Brothers ), but if u are having sex with your own brother it is called INCEST and it is legally,morally and ethically Wrong, Avoid doing it Ritu.

Having Group sex with multiple partners with proper protection is becoming common now a days ( without the approval of society ) so u can enjoy It, with CARE .

Make sure they doesn't capture your intimacy on camera.


you have full rights to fulfill your sexual urge but not with your own blood brother.

Enjoy your Youth RITU

answered May 19, 2015 by Rubber88boy (440 points)
edited May 19, 2015 by prashant69
commented May 19, 2015 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

Rubber88boy, Avoid mentioning names of any communitiy , religion as we do not want to creat any social tension ! 

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Socially its wrong. Logically its OK. If you are getting sexual pleasure by doing this, its fine. But you have to think of the consequences of doing this in near future. And you can better judge what can the consequences be. Good Luck and enjoy !!!
answered May 19, 2015 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
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Sibling sexual relationship is not just an moral issue it is also a natural one. Nature always tries to to combine unfamiliar genes in order to make the next generation stronger and healthier it is part of the evolutionary process. Even social animals like wolves, lions and primates don't generally mate with their siblings, they leave the pack in order to find a mate who shares dissimilar and healthy genes and they do this by using the sense of smell. Mating with one's own brother/sister is done as last resort to avoid extinction.
      In human this ability of distinguish unfamiliar genes is given to women, that's why when women ovulate their sense of smell becomes acute. So sexual relation is not just an abomination in the Indian society it is also in nature. So it is still OK, if you are having sex with your brother's friends, but you shouldn't have with your brother. One's own brother is meant to be trusted and loved not fucked.
answered May 20, 2015 by danny14 (525 points)
commented May 23, 2015 by Rubber88boy (440 points)
You must not break social bondage
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The first thing that came in my mind after reading the question is that this is some kind of fantasy. According to me a girl who is thinking or have sexual relation with blood brother is completely wrong. So if it's your fantasy please stop thinking about it specially about your brother.

As far as having group sex us concerned you can think and have with as many groups you want to have. Just that make sure no one is capturing your video & all are health to have sex.

Enjoy group banging.
answered May 23, 2015 by lusty2510 (235 points)
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There is no justification that what you do is acceptable in any mode. Leaving out-of-the-way group sex, you are talking about your brother whom you have sexual relationship and that descend into incest sex.

We are living in a society where we ought to respect such relationship. Is he your real brother? Unquestionably, you may have high sexual drive and it is your right to get sexually satisfied even before marriage but you should not turn out to be **** to get sexually satisfied (Sorry for using such derogatory word but it clarify my feeling ). You may make boyfriend and have fun with him. Ask yourself are you on right pathway?
answered May 29, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Hello Ritu,

According to the law in your country, incest is illegal.

As I've said many times, the law gets broken all the time, and incest is no different. You are a grown-up woman, and therefore, you are old enough to make up your own mind about what's right and wrong according to your own feelings. I'm not about to preach any view of morality upon you. If you enjoy having sex with your brother, and you haven't been coerced into it, or coerced him into it, then what you do is no one else's business but those you choose to involve.

Having sex with your brother's friends as well, this is another thing. Do you realise the potential for blackmail with such activities? There may come a time when you want to move away from these activities, but the threat of exposure, and a possible prison sentence, is a strong incentive against breaking the status quo. You are also in a very vulnerable position for further exploitation if any of these guys decides to do something that goes against what you actually want., I know from personal experience what can happen when you get yourself into a vulnerable position with the wrong type of person. But this is nothing to do with me, this is you.

You can continue doing whatever you like, and whatever gives you pleasure, for as long as you want, and as frequently as you want; but only if you know you can implicitly trust the guys you're doing this with. Maybe you actually get a thrill from being the centre of attention. It may also be a sexual turn on to you to be used by a group of men. It's not an uncommon fantasy with many of us.And of course, your question may actually be just a fantasy. I'm treating it seriously though, as the things we want to do in our fantasies, can often come to life if we have the courage to do so. You sound as if you are thoroughly enjoying all the things you're doing, so if you love it, continue to enjoy it.

I really really hope that you are taking proper precautions against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Apart from any other consideration, that should be the 1st thing on your mind. It would be an absolute disaster in your circumstances to get pregnant; and if a single one of your partners as an STI, so will all the others in very short time. Make sure your using contraceptives, and make sure you are all in good sexual health. Anything else would be madness.

You are only young male, and glass doesn't seem to figure in the equation. This won't be the case forever, and that's where the problems will come. All the time that you're enjoying yourself, but not forming a lasting relationship, everything is fine; but what happens if you fall in love?

He really didn't give us a whole lot of information with your question, and I think I could give you a better answer if I knew more about the situation. I'm happy to discuss this with you at length if you want to PM me.

Best wishes,

answered May 29, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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Not at all.Don't feel its bad/feel guilty about it. Its OUR PUSSY AND THATS OUR RIGHT!!! Histories and many ancient   Sanskrit scripture proves it  as a relationship which can be..
answered Aug 22, 2015 by sarasija (130 points)
edited Aug 22, 2015 by prashant69
commented Aug 22, 2015 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

Sarasija,Do not mention the names of any religious book in your contribution!

commented Aug 28, 2015 by sarasija (130 points)
May I know you  say so?
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I would rather advice you to carry on sex with your brother's friend.
Kindly note that the sexual relations with your brother must not
continue further as this may harm your future family interest.
Its very common to have sex with known people during this
age, you can go ahead with your brother's friends.
answered Feb 4, 2016 by rockupman (190 points)
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Incest sex is not a new term by our improvised society. Back then it was called Kautbik sex. It is mentioned in ancient texts 'Harivansh' that the daughter of sage Vasishta, Shatrupa believed her father to be her husband and therefore used to have sex with him. In the same Grantha (book) it is mentioned that Daksha gave her daughter to his father who was her grandfather, Brahmadev and hence Narada was born. Indradev too had sex with his great grandson Janmejay’s wife Vapushtma. Sex in the family was probably the best thing back then
answered Nov 22, 2017 by deep_ak (110 points)

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