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Relationship with nephew but sex with Husband led to profuse bleeding.

asked May 3, 2015 in Questions by Payal84 (120 points)
edited May 3, 2015 by longhands1

Hello Anjali,

I am Payal, 31 years old, married Woman. I belong to a very rich family and my Husband is a Buisnessman. I have been married for 6 years and have 1 child. Me and My Husband had a wonderful Sex life upto 3-4 years, but after that due to the influence of some of his bad friends, he suddenlly started visiting Call Girls and we always had fights on every alternate days.

This matter got extended and he always scared me with Divorce and my sex life was on a ration of 1 time in a month only. Life was going on. After that, I got Into a relationship with my Nephew (Sister-in-law's Son), aged 20. He proposed sex to me as he was knowing all about me. We met in marriages and Functions. I also started liking him and I enjoyed maximum sex 5-6 times in a week. I had maximum pleasure in sex with him and we spent a great time together.

But last week, my Husband had sex forcefully without precaution and from the next day my periods began. There was a huge flow of blood and the bleeding is increasing more and more. I have stopped my nephew from sex as I have very much pain in my vagina and I got tensed very much.

What Is it? Are there chances of AIDS or any type of Infection? Please help me. I am very much scared.


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7 Answers

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Dear payal,
First to answer your direct question, the pain you are having might be due to muscle tear because you were forced by your husband.But you should consult your gynaecologist as soon as possible to rule out any other things.The symptoms of AIDS will not present as vaginal pain.But you mentioned that your husband that your husband has been doing it with call girls ,there maybe a chance of STD through those call girls.

Now first of all ,know this that what is your husband did with you was a simple cold blooded rape.The very definition of rape states that"Forcing yourself on someo ne without his or her's consent".Don't ever let him do this to you.

And if he again ever threathens you for a divorce ,just simply threathen him back,Why the hell are you scared from him!?.You are entitled to half of the assets since your marriage consult a nice divorce attorney.And if he ever forces himself on you again call the police.You can also threathen to go to public about his "HABITS".But please take control of your life and don't let him bully you.Gone are the days where men think ,they can get away with stuff like that .Please promise us through this forum  that you will take control of your life

answered May 3, 2015 by mauliksab (355 points)
edited May 3, 2015 by prashant69
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The problem you  are having now is only because of your hubby, He have  forced sex with you and  you were  forced by him! You surely would not have  not co-operated  him,So  when  he forcefully penetrated  your vagina you may have the muscle contraction and have  heavy bleeding and this is not about AIDS ok don't worry about that.

Payal, You are not supposed to blame him or his friends. You are the reason because he got  attracted to another girls(call girls) by his friends advice. I said this because you may have been  neglecting   him in sex so he might have discussed this to his friends and by their advice he might have  gone for them. Now your chance is to regain his interest on you, Stop having secret relations  with your nephew, If your hubby comes  to know about this, He could  leave you and your life will be in problems.
Dont threaten him back for divorce tell  him that why should you  give  divorce as  you  ready to satisfy his  all need  but he  have been  encouraging another girls(call girls). When ever he asks   for sex try to give him hard enthusiastic sex , so he will loose his interest in the girls(Call Girls), He may get pleasure with call girls but they can't give satisfaction, So he only get that from you so think on that and give him full pleasure, He will stop going to Call girls.

Best Wishes
answered May 3, 2015 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
edited May 3, 2015 by prashant69
commented May 3, 2015 by Payal84 (120 points)
It's not My mistake at All Because My Husband Always Show Me & the World the Power of Money & His Friends are travelling with him to Delhi & Dubai where They have girls there through Agents . My Husband Sudden Change in Behaviour was also Shocking to me & at that time I also thought it would be my mistake But After Discussing to my Best Friend Came to know I am Not wrong ....
commented May 3, 2015 by Payal84 (120 points)
So As a women I also have sexual Desires & 1 loving man & when I got Frustated at that right time My nephew came into my life & I was & I am very Happy Enjoyinng my life with him All my Desires are fulfilled by him & He also love me very much & in the end I know 1 thing that we are sharing Happiness to Each other .
commented May 3, 2015 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
sorry, for saying that is your mistake, I cant get that so i apologize ok
Trying your nephew is not correct i think as he is a 20 year old guy, Having relation with the guy in your family may cause problems, So am saying is try any good guy out side your family, So that if any thing goes wrong it will not effect you much, If your hubby ask you, Why you go for a male other than me? You can answer him that you gone for a female Escort so i gone for a Male escort(say).
If you try your family member(Your NEPHEW(your sister-in-law son)) it will be so embarrassing in your relations(in laws, your sister-in-law) and will effect your relations too.
I think this am not saying to have sex with him ok

As he is 20 years guy he may not be experienced in sex, If you try a better experienced guy he may show you more and more in sex and spice you more, So i advice you that
commented May 6, 2015 by ak61610gmail (160 points)
Yeah you ate right I agree too,  causes of sudden bleeding can be any like fibroid uterus,  trauma,  do u have offensive vaginal discharge,  I would suggest for sonographic investigation for whole pelvis.
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You're having more pain due to the vaginal layer tear/abrasions. Your pain is due to the body trying to heal itself.

After any injury , the body starts pumping prostaglandins into your blood stream to help with the healing. But an unfortunate side effect of this prostaglandins is that it makes the uterus contract more while shedding blood or periods. This increased contractions is causing you more pain.

The pain should normally subside in 1-2 weeks as soon as the vaginal tear gets maximally healed. If not, then consult a gynaecologist

Sexually transmitted diseases usually takes a long and insidious course to cause problems. The first symptoms of HIV infection is >10% loss or weight in 3 months and diarrhoea for 2 weeks or more.

I'll try not to go into your personal matters as you and only you know your personal situation and I can't comment on that aspect of your life. You already know what's wrong and what's right , no point in anyone deriding that aspect.
answered May 3, 2015 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
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Dear Payal,
All These  Types of Men like your Husband who do not respect their  wife should have no right to live on this earth and in  my view  as a women I will advice you to enjoy deep relation with your nephew & have great time with him and   live happily ahead & Make your husband feel it with his Heart......
My husband is also very Busy person like your's but  I don't  at all care for  him I am enjoying my relations  with one  of my students  & he fulfils  all  my  desires . My life is full of happiness.... Firstly I was also thinking I was wrong But The world told me that i am  are right .....
So Go ahead with your Nephew & have  full Fun .....
answered May 3, 2015 by Ankita82 (125 points)
edited May 3, 2015 by prashant69
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Hello Payal,

The 1st thing I must say to use this: if the bleeding continues, you must see your doctor. This is not something to put off in the hope that it will just go away. It might go away, but if it doesn't, it indicates that something is wrong. We are not medically qualified on the AA website so really, you must see your doctor if you have any worries.

The next thing I want to say is this: if your husband is having sex with schoolgirls or prostitutes, don't let him have sex with you without a condom. While it has to be said that most call girls are very careful about sexually transmitted infections, and value their own safety above all else, there will be a few that don't care at all. Particularly those that are already HIV-positive, they may feel they have nothing to lose now, and a few of them may even be infecting men in some kind of revenge. It might sound unpalatable to mention this, but it is a fact, and you must be aware of it. HIV is a frightening subject for all of us, but I have to mention it, to do otherwise would be totally irresponsible on my part. You wouldn't think much of me of an I wouldn't be much use as an adviser if I didn't raise this subject.

You also have to consider that, while you're enjoying a good sexual relationship with your nephew, unless he is taking precautions, he may be unknowingly at risk if your husband is infected with something, and has passed it to you. The facts of this situation are: your husband is behaving like a real pig, and you are seeking relief from your sexual tension by having an affair with your nephew. I don't care about the morality of this situation, it's already going on, and your morals are not my business. However please consider the safety aspects. The discrete visit to a sexual health clinic would be a good idea for both you and your lover. I understand that talking to your husband about his sexual activities with prostitutes could quite likely be a dangerous situation for you. Some men get very violent when confronted with their own iniquities. But he is risking your health as well as his own, and why should you suffer because of this?

I imagine that you are reluctant to give up the rich lifestyle that you've become accustomed to, but is all the riches in the world worth keeping if you're unhappy? I know Indian women are scared of the whole divorce thing, because of the stigma attached to it; but I'm sorry, all the money in the world wouldn't make up for a miserable life. If I were in your position, I'd have sued for divorce a long time ago, and demanded a fair share of everything. At 31, you're still a young woman, and there must be a man out there that is far more deserving of your love and time than the man you married.

Now, my dear Payal, please make an appointment to see your doctor about the bleeding, and sexual health clinic to make sure your husband hasn't given you an unwanted present.

Good luck,

answered May 4, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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1. If the bleeding and pain hasn't stopped, visit your gynaec IMMEDIATELY.

2. Get a full STD check up. Explain to your gynaec about your husbands habit of sex with call girls. The  STD list is a decently long one.

3. STD check up is also recommended as you are exposed to sex with nephew too.

Get to the gynaec without further delay!
answered May 5, 2015 by kinkyguy (1,415 points)
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There are no symptoms of AIDS as AIDS symptoms does not increase blood flaw. It might be possible because of in excess of force your husband had with you. It is better if you visit doctor and get checked yourself.  

Oppose your husband’s deed, as he has no right to treat you this way. Initially he will react on your oppose but later on he will value that you do not like this. There is no need to be afraid of his divorce tactics.  

Next time when he force you counter him as much as you can even if it turns into violent. Brings his parents into the matter and tell them his behavior towards you. Show your annoyance to your husband and I am sure he is making you frightened by saying that he would divorce you.  

Make your mind not to tolerate anymore and ask him you are ready for divorce if he thinks. Stick to your decision if you want fine life ahead otherwise your position will worsen further.
answered May 11, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)

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