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Can condoms prevent sexual diseases?

asked May 1, 2015 in Questions by ram1 (220 points)
Hi guys,

I had sex relation with women of different age groups using condoms. Now I am afraid that I can get sex disease (STDs). Can condoms prevent sex disease?

Please clarify my doubt

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1 Answer

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Condoms are meant for birth control and prevention of STDs also...but sometimes the condom ruptures in violent sex or any other reasons.At that time the seminal fluid comes out and enters into female vaginal or anal tract ....moreever female genital fluid also comes in contact with the mouth of penis..Apart from using condom you must be sure that ur partner must not have any vereral disease because when you do sex ur inner thigh and others body parts comes in contact with her private parts..during process of licking vagina or doing fingering in her holes u may get STDs if your partner suffers from that.U have mentioned that u r doing with a lot of females so u r prone to suffer from STDs and urinary tract infection also may occur. As all females can't assure 100% sanitation of private parts and urinary tract...they may be indulged in sex with others apart from the chance of spread of STDs becomes high..Therefore my advice is to stick to one or only a few reliable partners as using condom doesn't help alone..If u r not married have a tie with a sexy lady and enjoy the sweetest game of life with of luck..
answered May 2, 2015 by Sexy Simpram (1,285 points)
selected Jun 11, 2015 by ram1

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