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I have fantasy sex with sister-in-law and her daughter.

asked May 1, 2015 in Questions by kumar Mumbaikar (165 points)
I am 45 years old. My sister in law is 42 years. She is a hot sexy woman and is a widow for last 6 years. My family supports them for the last six years in emotional and financial matters. Some times I think about her. She is so beautiful but due to society she has not remarried. We both many times chat and laugh together.

Her daughter who is 22 years is also hot and sexy. My fantasy is to have sex with both of them. My sali always comes before me in presence my wife. I have seen both sali and her daughter half nude. During lunch, sali sits with her boobs half showing and sari up to her knees.

Her daughter some times changes her clothes in front of me and waxes her legs in front of me. After all I am a man. I have some feelings.

Is it ok to ask them for sex? How to make my dream come true? Guide only with real answers not fake, please. Thank you. Waiting for your replies.


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3 Answers

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I think you should really give it a try. But do this calmly taking one step at a time. Try to get your sister in law first. You are saying that she's a widow so I'm sure she also wants to get a good fuck as she has been deprived of that for so long. So try to seduce her first and once she gets really into it, then you can ask her for her daughter. But do at your own risk.
answered May 3, 2015 by shwmchl (130 points)
selected May 7, 2015 by kumar Mumbaikar
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NO Kumar, You should not ask them for sex. She is much like your Younger daughter;

Please keep Yourself away from such awkward moments.  Concentrate on Your other business.
It would create a mess when they complain,  or If your own family member comes to know about this activity.!
answered May 3, 2015 by Dinakar (125 points)
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Hi kumar,
Whenever I reply to any post I always try to put me in that situation. So if I were in your place I would have surely given a try but at the same time keep my hands away from the kid nor I would have ever encourage her advances (if any). Further more I would also check your saali's intention before taking any steps. For that you can flirt with her or send her some naughty SMS / whatsapp and find out if she discloses the same to your wife. Also you could touch her making it look like accident and check her reponse. Hopefully you will get your answer. PM for any more advice as I been in such situation
answered May 3, 2015 by letschat0921 (860 points)
commented May 9, 2015 by kumar Mumbaikar (165 points)
Till date I am waiting real guidance. but not get answers it wrong God give us feeliings.and I see daily two aexy hot women.i see some nude part of body.i am not sant I am normal man.
Why God creat situation.  I see regular hot sexy lady. And I am dye without her for sex..

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