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Is it harmful to have continuous sex chat with my wife?

asked Apr 24, 2015 in Questions by sexlovingboy (440 points)
edited Apr 27, 2015 by longhands1

Dear Members of AA,

Thanks to AA, I have got many doubts cleared through the answers for my previous questions. Now, I have another doubt which I hope to get cleared through AA, as these matters cannot be disclosed with others openly.

So lets come to the point: My wife and I stay separately due to our jobs. Ans so we miss each other. We also feel the urge for sex daily as a result some times I used to have phone sex with her, after that we started sex chat. At the beginning I used to send her pictures of my dick and other nude fucking pic collected from social media. We enjoy this daily. Since last couple of days, I observed that she also has developed interest in collecting those things and uses them while chatting with me,

Therefore my doubt is:
1. Whether this act of seeing others tool while she is alone, may lead to interest in other men resulting in EMA?
2. Will it be problematic to search nude pictures in social media using real profile?
Waiting for your valuable answers specially from women members along with suggestions from other members.



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2 Answers

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Sexlovingboy, I also feel that phone sex with your wife will not harm. Since you are loving each other. That's ok. These days lovers do lot of phone sex (like kindling the mood and masturbating each other). That's ok. So I guess you can carry on. As far social networking, you can create dummy profile and carry out the search. Make sure you don't disclose your face if your sending nude photos.
answered Apr 25, 2015 by thewetindworld (565 points)
selected May 3, 2015 by sexlovingboy
commented Apr 26, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Thank You, thewetinworld,
commented Apr 27, 2015 by sadiq_khan (1,015 points)
It varies from person to person and also from couple to couple. It's dependent on factors like thier personal choices and chemistry between you both.
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i had read your question first let me thank you for showing much interest to the site AA

as you discussed sex chatting with wife is not wrong, as u felt doubt about seeing others manhood pics alone may lead to interest in others, But you said you and your wife love each other because of her love on you she may not attracted to other men don't doubt her in this because if you doubt her, she may think to have that type of relation or may be hurt by your words don't do that at all because she is your wife. visit her weekly once and satisfy her for all day. Show her how much you love her. Then she wont give a try for other men

Searching nude pictures in social media using real profile is problematic for sure, create a fake profile or search in google nothing will happen and no one can come to know who has searched for those pics. Remember that you, your family, your friends too uses social media and they can spot you searching nude pictures if you search them from real profile and that makes your character bad among them. No one has time to think that why you search for those pics and all that ok so better dont search for nude pics on social media with your real profiles ok
answered Apr 25, 2015 by abhi14343 (1,835 points)
commented Apr 25, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Thanks abhi14343,
For first part of your answer I would like to clear that, I never doubt her about EMA, I just ask that if such activity may lead to develop interest in other person.

For second part , thank you very mmuch...I will keep it in my mind..
commented Apr 25, 2015 by abhi14343 (1,835 points)
its if you dont doubt her it is very much fine and it shows how much u love her
commented Apr 26, 2015 by sexlovingboy (440 points)
Yes,,,,I love her most
commented Apr 26, 2015 by abhi14343 (1,835 points)
sorry for saying that you doubt her EMA. actually i expressed my view i thought it may happen i mean issues like this this may happen so i said that

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