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How to seduce my complicated aunt to bed?

asked Apr 19, 2015 in Questions by Sam.sam (120 points)
recategorized Apr 20, 2015 by longhands1

When I was 15 years old, I used to be seduced by my aunt. I have seen her naked, wearing thongs, and heard her masturbating and many other things.Now, I am 24 years old. I have tried to lay next to her in bed and see if i can have sex with her, but all that I could do was touching her boob softly.

When I approach her pussy she rejects me. I don't know how to get her to have sex with me, because she is not seducing me any more.

She is 48 now, and she is single since ever. Any Ideas?


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5 Answers

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Since she is allowing you to feel her, she definitely is not fully averse to you, it appears. So you concentrate on that and once her passions are rekindled, she may welcome you. Don't be forceful in your approach. Good luck to you
answered Apr 19, 2015 by sumitran9 (1,645 points)
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Dear Sam
I guess most of the young people have fetish to have sex with aunt/bhabhi/mami/mausi. I know how it feels. I am no exception dude. But all you have to follow is "watch before you leap"
You don't have to relate present time with what happened before almost ten years. Your aunt was 38 at that time and they say women have higher sex drive in their 30s. Now she is 48, I guess her libido is decreased. It is nature, and you know, you can not beat it.
As you have said, you press her boobs, I assume she knows that and you were not doing it when she was asleep. Dude, you are too lucky to have boobs at least. Don't be hasty or you won't have them in hand too.
answered Apr 20, 2015 by chinmay and chinmay (470 points)
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If actions doesn't work, words may play the game. Try to talk with her more and more in a sexual way. Tell her ur experiences and ask her's. This will allow sexual urge inside her. Also, most importantly, don't stop to touch her body sexually. If you don't loose hope, surely u will succeed one day.
answered Apr 23, 2015 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
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1. Slow and steady.

2. She doesn't mind you touching her boobs. So stay there. and Please her the maximum you can, in various ways you can thing of.

3. Be innovative.

4. She WILL respond.

5. Shag in front of her. Let her see you shagging. Let her see you hard dick.

6. Try shagging when you are touching her boobs. She will enjoy the effect she has on you.

Women love it when they see the effect they have on men. So feed her desire, and she will satisfy you.

answered Apr 25, 2015 by kinkyguy (1,415 points)
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Dear S.s,
She seduced you in your teen which shows she has lot of requirements. You have informed that she is not giving you the pussy means someone might be affairs with her. Now you are interested to taste her pussy so you have to take initiatives like 1. Propose her or beg her attention for love or hug. 2. Give her gifts and dress material in her birthday and show your extended love towards her 3. Go and meet her in romantic moments like after bath or while preparing to ho outside. 4. Request her to stay with her at night which would fulfill your dream. 5. If she is not showing interest then go back and try another one.

Accept the reality and keep you in safe place.
answered Sep 12, 2015 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)

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