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Why is my wife asking me to spank her ?

asked Apr 8, 2015 in Questions by magfrt (410 points)
edited Apr 15, 2015 by longhands1

We have been married for almost four years and have a good love and sex life. We have sex almost every day.

For last 2-3 days my wife is asking me to spank her. When I asked her why, she told that she just feels like getting spanked by me. What may be the reason for this?

Should I go ahead with it? Can you tell me ways in which I can spank her? Should I use hand, belt or a cane? Is wooden scale better?


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commented Apr 9, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)
Why not ask her about the instrument of spanking ? And as Salma had suggested in her answer, is she recreating some S&M fantasies or childhood experiences. Would you consult her and let us know? Also, has she suggested any particular dress or costume that she wanted to wear while receiving the spanking ? :)

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5 Answers

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         go ahead nothing wrong, after some time routin is broeing may be ur wife wann add some spice in sex so she ask u to spank her spank her be careful dnt hit her very hard  , enjoy this act .
answered Apr 8, 2015 by Asianblack (150 points)
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Many women like being spanked so your wife is nothing abnormal or unusual in this. She might get excited with the idea of being spanked and it is your duty to fulfill her wish, make her happy but be gentle. Better to ask her how would she likes to be spanked and how much power she needs. You may go ahead according to her wish and you may use any object as per her wish.
answered Apr 9, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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Spanking is something that some of us find extremely arousing, and sexually stimulating. For me personally, the instant stinging sensation brings a sensory rush, and then the tingling heat that spreads across my skin feels so delightful. For me, it's often a prelude to anal sex, where my husband rams into me from behind, hard against my hot bum cheeks, and that adds to my pleasure even more. I always urge him to spank me hard while he's fucking my arse as powerfully as he can.

Your wife may have similar reasons for wanting to be spanked. She may also have learnt to associate spanking with sexual pleasure from some past situation. A friend of mine admitted to me that her father had been very keen to spank her when she was a child. He would administer a spanking for any minor misdemeanour, making her lay across his lap, knickers down and skirt pulled up. He would give her slaps until she begged him to stop. She admitted to me that she found masturbation at first gave her comfort, but as she got older, she found that her masturbation was far more intense and satisfying after a hard thrashing from dad. It became such an association that she started to be deliberately naughty to get a good hiding from dad. By the time she was a teenager, she realised her father was sexually aroused too, as she'd feel his erection pressing against her as she laid across his thighs. Even now, she needs a hard spanking or caning to properly enjoy sex.

Your wife may have any number of reasons why she wants to be spanked, and if you ask her what motivates this desire, she may explain, unless she feels guilty about the origins of her desire. She may, like me, just crave that hot tingling sensation, or she may have a desire to be treated like a naughty little girl; maybe she sees it as a master/slave girl role play scenario. The reason doesn't really matter that much, whats important thing is that she feels confident enough in your love for her that she is comfortable iin asking you to do something that excites her sexually. This demonstrates that the two of you have a good, strong, loving union, and long may it remain!!!

You can use your hand to spank her, and ask her to tell you when you're doing it hard enough, let her set the tempo and the intensity. Don't be surprised if, after a while, she asks for more force, or even for you to use a cane or belt (or some more specialised punishment device, such as can be found on-line). If she watches porn (and don't we all these days?), she may have some particular S&M fantasies in mind. Talk to her with an open mind, and let her explore and develop her sexuality with the confidence that She's already showing. Remember, this is for you too, seeing your wife sexually excited will increase your own excitement, and she will be eager to explore the things you may have dreamed of, but never had the confidence to suggest.

Sex helps to bind us to those we love, and the better it is, the happier we feel with each other. There are no taboos between people that love each other, all that matters is that they give and take freely, without force or coercion. There's no 'right' or 'wrong' between those who truly love each other, so enjoy!!!!




answered Apr 9, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Apr 9, 2015 by vicky275 (180 points)
The question should be "Why I haven't been spanking my wife?"
commented Apr 9, 2015 by rahul007 (270 points)
I have always observed that you tend to answer any quuestion by comparing with your sex life and all that crap.
I do agree that your answers are useful but comparing every now and then seems weird!
commented Apr 9, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)

Yes, I do sometimes include my own experiences, but then I base my answers on the things that I understand, and enjoy, or dislike. My main objective is to help other people, and if my own experiences are relevant then why not use them as an example to give people a clue of what they want to be doing, or don't want to be doing.

I accept your criticism of my reply, but I'm not answering your question,This I'm answering somebody else's, and if that person doesn't like it, I'm sure they will have something to save themselves.

commented Apr 9, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Good question, if your wife has been asking you to spank her, I would have thought you would need no further urging, but perhaps you found it a little strange as a request. Be that as it may, as I said if spanking excites then why not, you will enjoy it too I'm sure.

I hope both of you have a thoroughly enjoyable time, and keep talking to each other and learn the secrets of what makes you excited and hot.


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Women and men develop love for submission and this kind of handling by partner. It is very normal. Give the spanking to her but ensure she is not hurt beyond pleasure levels.
To understand you need to develop liking and get spanked....
Enjoy it tamely and let her enjoy her fun
answered Apr 9, 2015 by MadhuGoel (420 points)
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Dear M,

Fantasy  developes  with the exposure to the porn video, site as well as magazines. Replicating porn to our fanasty is like build Rome in our area. This facts are  hard to believe.

There is noting bad to fulfill her desire... Like chillies or spices  makes  food tasty ...spicy acts makes the sex more exciting. If she is expecting that you will play for uninterrupted one hour or two hours as per the videos available then this would be the matter of concern. Be careful that she may have wish for threesome or other such fanasty.
answered Apr 14, 2015 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
edited Apr 14, 2015 by prashant69

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