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Why do I feel itching in my scrotum from a very long time?

asked Apr 4, 2015 in Questions by aaadityaa367 (275 points)
edited Apr 7, 2015 by longhands1


For many years I feel itching in my scrotum. I dont know why this happens. I feel very bad when I am in public and itching my scrotum.

Why is this happening? Is it an infection or a disease? Please provide me a complete solution for this. I am feeling very nervous about it!


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2 Answers

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its a fungus , grows when u dont keep ur scrotum clean .... go and buy an anti-fungal cream or *********i dont think it myt work much) .... take care .... apply the cream and in a week or two it will go , nothing to be worried of.
answered Apr 4, 2015 by hareshli (105 points)
edited Apr 4, 2015 by prashant69
commented Apr 4, 2015 by prashant69 (7,010 points)

hareshil, You as being a new member might have not idea but make clear that we do not allow mentioning of any product or brand. We do not allow any solicitation too. So do not mention names of any product. 

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Hello, Your problem can be easily cured with application proper ointment on the affected area. Coconut oit can also be applied, as a home remedy.
This can contracted/ spread by using soap, towels etc  used by people who have this condition. So be careful about this aspect in future.Good luck.
answered Apr 4, 2015 by sumitran9 (1,605 points)

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