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Caught my married sister having sex. How to react?

asked Mar 25, 2015 in Questions by ajay22 (120 points)
edited Mar 25, 2015 by longhands1

Hello Anjali mam,

I am Ajay 22 years old and my elder sister is 28 years old. She got married last year. Her husband is in a travelling job and he is out of the town most  of the time. One day I got call from my mother that my jija is out of town for many days so just go to your sister's house and check if she is ok or needs anything.

I have duplicate keys of her house so I usually enter straight away and I don’t ring the doorbell. I got shocked to see my sister completely naked sitting on lap of her ex college boyfriend. And to see me they both were also shocked, I shouted at them and my sister instead of getting embarrassed she started arguing with me. She said “Rahul (college boyfriend) is going through bad times and is very depressed so I am just making him happy, and he has already fucked me many time in college days so what difference does it make if he fucks me few more times.”

I was extremely shocked by her answer and I said that was different scenario as you were not married that time. For that she replied I know I am married that’s the reason I am not allowing him to fuck me without protection as in college days he use to fuck me without condom most of the time. I was stunned. They both said this thing will remain secret and don’t tell to anyone. I walked from there thinking its their personal life and let them do whatever they feel like and remained quite.

Now it has reached heights. Recently when I visited my sister's home. without notice, I caught her lying naked on sofa with her ex boss on top of her. I yelled at her at top of my voice and without even covering her nakedness she started saying Vikram (ex boss who is around 45 years) came to congratulate me for my marriage and we ended up having sex. I could not stop him as I had sex with him many times before marriage to increase my chances of promotion; you are over reacting only because I am your sister. Vikram is a nice guy, it was just accidental sex and nothing serious. She asked me to leave so that they can finish what they were doing.

I even came to know from Rahul that my sister had sexual relation with many boys in her college days and as he spoke with his friends even they had sex with my sister after her marriage. I am totally confused. Shall I tell this to my mother? Or is my sister right that I am over reacting?

Please only genuine advice or suggestion.


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6 Answers

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i would say telling your mother will not change anything because now she has gone at different level. i think you should tell her that having sex with so many boys is not affecting her but it does affecting your brother's image. you should emotional fear like ,your some friends knew about her and you are not able to meet eyes with them because of you. Its like emotional blackmail . tell her that whatever she does it  not only affecting her relationship with her husband but also affecting your image ,your respect in friends , and think about family and their image. so i think by emotional blackmail ,it would work .

and i usually dont answer any question, first time i m answering any question because i think your situation is very critical. i m sorry if you think its wrong to emotional blackmail but i think that would work in this situation. and i would say just try to explain the things in free time that what are the possible consequences.
answered Mar 25, 2015 by Rahul06 (180 points)
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Dear Ajay
Assuming your question is genuine, as it is hard to believe that upon been caught doing wrong your sister justified her actions.
You can help some one who feel guilty about doing something which is wrong. In your sister case she feels she is not doing any thing wrong, so even if you inform your mother and she talks to her nothing will change.
She is answerable only to her husband, as it's their life which will effect in case anything goes wrong. I can understand how you are feeling, but you can't do much.
If you inform her husband and he leaves her then you will have the guilt feel of spoiling her life, so let her do what she wants, we all have pay for our actions some day she will have to pay for her deeds.
answered Mar 26, 2015 by dev0112 (245 points)
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Strange situation. It is hard to believe that you have caught her two times red-handed with two different guys and she justified herself in naked condition before you. In other words, your sister was feeling no problem in coming naked before you. Well, if this situation really came, than it is very hard for you to overcome from this situation. Your single issue is what to do in such situation. I think if I was in your situation, would be thinking for the same as in such situations our mind stops working.

One of my friend suggested above that emotional blackmail might work for you, but I am not agree with him as the girl, who has become a whore (sorry if you are feeling hurt, but this is the actual word for her as per your story), will, if emotionally blackmailed, stop her wrong acts.

Well, in my view, first of all, you should find it out that whether her husband is giving her full satisfaction or not. Might be her husband is having travelling job and thus she is lacking the sexual satisfaction and this is the actual reason that she is doing all this. If this is, you should, I don't know what are the terms between you and your brother in-law (Jijaji), ask him to satisfy your sister to save his married life. Ask her husband to spend time with her as much as he can. Certainly you may talk with your mother about this, if you can and ask your mother to live with her for few or more days when her husband is not at home without being known to her that your mother is knowing all those things. I think if she has become shameless whenever she catch red handed, then scolding or anything will not work her, but she must be aware with the peoples, who are unknown to her activities and as long as such people's eyes remain on her, she will refrain herself from such activities and this could be work for you as long term distinction with her intimate (fucking) friends, would might be proved to them for forgetting her.

All the best.
answered Mar 26, 2015 by ricks25 (430 points)
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Ajay, Once a person tastes a forbidden fruit its very difficult to get it over with. And this woman who is your sister is an old champ in tasting it over a period of time and have been doing every taboo act in the book.

     Like having premarital sex(I not at all saying it is incorrect or have anything against it,just telling that it still is considered as a taboo in many societies across world including us) So she did premarital sex not with only one but with many too if her b/f is telling truth. her second act considered as taboo.

      Then to gain something in her job she offered her body to her boss to satisfy his as well as hers (Yes hers too) carnal desires and sexual gratification.

       And then there must have been seris of extramarital affairs out of which you caught her with two only. So think how many more she could have done successfully? In my poinion there must have been line of guys outside bedroom of your poor brother-in-laws bedroom while he were away working his ass off to make her life more pleasent. Its very late and very next to impossible to stop her . as one answerer have suggested , tell your mother about her doings subtly like you are hearing rumors of her astray behavior and tell her to go and stay with your sister while her poor innocent unsuspecting husband is away . Imagine as you have got a key to her home so her husband must have been having his set of keys. So imagine the havoc it would cause if she walks in on her having sex with some guy. We only can hope that no any untoward incidence happens then.

   So you can discuss this with her too . Make her aware that she have been playing with fire and ask her what she would have done if instead of you her husband would have walked in on her? She would then at least realize the gravity of the situation. We wish best of luck

answered Mar 26, 2015 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
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No, your sister is wrong that you are overreacting, any brother should reacted the way you had but having said that I think you should not visit her home without informing her to avoid embarrassment. You are right that it is her personal concern and she chooses such a way of enjoyment.

You should not dabble in her personal matter as she is married now and I am sure she is enough mature to handle this matter on her own. There is no need to tell your mother about your sister’s deeds, as this would not stop her doing what she does rather your mother gets into stress unnecessarily. What you need to do is just stay out of it unless she asks you to intervene. She is a woman besides your sister and she has a right to live the way she wants follow this simple rule.
answered Mar 27, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Next time when you go to her apartment go with some condoms, she wants you to fuck her.That is the reason for her lying naked even after she saw you. if you dont want to do that then inform her your expected arrival two or three hours earlier.

Or Advice her to stop fucking for free and ask her to charge some money for every fuck as she is a married women, so that she can buy and gift any expensive  car when her husband returns.
answered Mar 31, 2015 by pussycat (3,855 points)
edited Mar 31, 2015 by prashant69
commented Mar 31, 2015 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

pussycat, You are experienced and one of the oldest members .In my opinion you must have mentioned brand of the car overlooking it. You must have been aware we do not allow mentioning of any product or brand on this site So i made the changes which i felt appropriate.!