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My dream is to become an Escort. How? [closed]

asked Mar 23, 2015 in Questions by flirtymaxx (325 points)
closed Mar 2, 2016 by prashant69
Hi AA Team And All The Users,

As you can see my previous question a year ago its same related to this question.

It has been one year and I haven't contacted any escort agency as per my past experience but still I don't want it professionally just a passion of becoming a male escort (Part time ). Am not a sex addict or a pervert. Its only that I want to be an escort.

So please Guys don't tell me to concentrate on my career and life. Have already completed my studies and well settled. Have my own office with a partnership.

Just need your suggestions on how could I get into this line (Male Escort)?
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2 Answers

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Money is the last reason that anyone will employ you for being an Escort. If your motive is to earn money, then you will be a complete failure as an Escort. You must have a passion for sex and the ability to please your clients. I have an acquaintance who is an Escort and will tell you a few things, I know from him.

Firstly, you must be well endowed. Women who hire escorts are looking for something to wow them with. Most clients will be above 35. Some could be mush older. They could be fat and ugly, and nothing what you have in mind. Okay, you have the equipment. Now, do you have the experience. You have to pleasure the woman and give in to all her desires. Whan a man visits a prostitute, the job is over when she makes him cum. Usually in 3-4 minutes. While servicing a woman, you need to spend hours in foreplay. 

And, what could be foreplay? Licking the toes, licking the anus, having your cock in straps, shaving the woman's pussy, may be she wants to sit on your back and ride you like a horse, when you are naked. Spending the day at her mercy, maybe even pleasing her friends.

Remember, this business is only by word of mouth and one bad reference will completely cut you off from further contacts. Do not rely on the advts. you read. Most of those are fake and out to take your money rather than for you to make any. Unless you are well established, only then you will make more money. How do you intend visiting your client? By bus and then on foot to the Bungalow?

I am not trying to discourage you. It is a hard Life and nothing like what you imagine. Fuck a few chicks and make loads of money. Why should women pay for a fuck, when they can get it easily. Think about it. Do not ask our Readers for contacts. We are not in that Business.

I am giving you feedback from one person who fell for such Advts.

Bastards, sons of *****, you cheated me 10500/- on June 21 2013. These guys are completely fake. They talk very professional and handle people very carefully finally to screw them royally. They will talk about sending a representative so that we do not get cheated. And finally no one comes. They also talk about some training manager who will guide about all dos and donts. Nobody comes in the end.. Finally the phone gets switched off. So dudes, never trust them.. I am a govt. official and i have passed on the information with this site to my counterparts in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh and will see that they get nabbed.. Also note the Account Number details that they will tell to deposit: State Bank of India, Name: Babji, Account No. xxxx. Not only the amount deposited in the bank.. They will just call some cab and make u speak to them in Hindi and finally we need to pay the cab also. People, please be aware of such frauds.

answered Mar 24, 2015 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
edited Sep 28, 2016 by longhands1
commented Mar 26, 2015 by flirtymaxx (325 points)

Thanks buddy for your valuable suggestion your words really encourage me. Because most of the agencies i contact over INTERNET were most probably fake and most of the things which i was not aware you clarify them very well.
Thanks Onces again :)
commented Mar 27, 2015 by longhands1 (84,380 points)


Agencies which advertise promising to provide you clients are fake. They will ask you to pay to enroll and then forget all about you. The way to enter this line is to build your own contacts and then by word of mouth you can get more contacts. It is hard work.

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Dear flirtymaxx
Being male escort is not an easy job, and specifically in country like india , where already the sex ratio of male and female has a wide gap.   however it is not an impossible task.  
being male escort physical appearance plays important role ,  
contacts are necessary and to start with you have to provide free services ,
invest and join some fun clubs to get into network, money will not come in easily till it is invested ,
visit some female escorts and make the repo and help each other to get the clients.

all the best
answered Mar 25, 2015 by kapilh (1,205 points)

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