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Soon to be married. Have some doubts about sex. Please help.

asked Mar 4, 2015 in Questions by Mini_Damn (165 points)
edited Mar 8, 2015 by longhands1

Hi Everyone!

I'm MINI new to AA, and soon to get married. We both are 25 years old are are virgins. Although I have more sexual knowledge than her since I watch porn movies sometimes. But still it's my first time and I have some silly Questions to ask..

Q1. Does beard and mustache (prickly and rough) bother women while having sex?
I've very sharp and pointed beard and i can't shave it because I look like a complete idiot with my face fully shaven, so I prefer to keep my beard but since It's sharp and I would like to have oral sex with her.. Would it affect her sensitive points such as lips, nipple and all over the body when i kiss her? If yes what should I Do? (I've never seen any man with full beard sucking pussy in porn)

Q2. Where Do I Ejaculate?
Porn-stars usually don't wear condoms and ejaculate on female pornstars face, on the pussy, Ass and sometimes inside the pussy. It does not make them pregnant because usually they are on pills I guess. But My Bride would'nt be on pills. And I don't like the idea of ejaculating in her pussy since it will make her pregnant in our first try and also I don't like to ejaculate on her face / body since it will make her want to take a shower instantly after Sex which breaks the romantic link which sex creates it. So If I use Condom and I Ejaculate inside it, will it be okay for her?

Q3. How do I ask her for sex?
Since we both are from conservative families, We never talked about sex. I am worried whether she shaves her pussy or not but I am afraid to ask her. So how should I ask her to have sex ?

Thanks for reading and I hope you will help me ...

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commented Mar 5, 2015 by Mini_Damn (165 points)
I have a beard similiar to My Profile Pic..

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2 Answers

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While a beard or moustache will not be a problem for your new bride, freshly shaved stubble is definitely an irritant if you are giving her fellatio (performing oral sex on her). Since the vagina is a delicate area a prickly beard can cause abrasions on her delicate skin. However kissing on her lips and sucking the nipples will not be an issue. Prickly stubble is a problem not a hairy beard. Be guided by what your wife desires. She will convey her objections to you.

Using a condom to ejaculate while having sex with your wife, is the best alternative. For one, it removed the dread of having an unwanted pregnancy. If you are comfortable using a condom, then there is no issue. Later on however there may be times when your wife wants to experience skin to skin feelings. But by then you would have worked out what is the best method of contraceptive tht suits you both. Porn stars as you have rightly pointed out use pills as method of contraception but for the common man the condom is the best method to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. You can also try the withdrawal method, but this is based on luck.   

Coming from conservative families is no reason not to broach the topic of sex. In any case, it will be up to you do so. If you will be dating her before marriage, it is advisable to talk about methods of contraception , how you both will prepare for the first night etc. If this is not possible, sex happens when it should. There is no need to ask for it. Be loving and caring on the first night and kissing will lead to fondling, removal of clothing and then sex.

We have in the past touched on the topic of first night sex. Search for it in the Search Box.

All the Best for your impending marriage. Relax.

answered Mar 5, 2015 by longhands1 (78,045 points)
selected Mar 9, 2015 by Mini_Damn
commented Mar 5, 2015 by Mini_Damn (165 points)
Thanks for the Answer longhands , I knew I could trust AA with my Question.. thanks once again, you guys are the best!!
commented Mar 5, 2015 by longhands1 (78,045 points)

Thank You for the compliment. I wish there were more people to answer questions and not leave it to the few of us here.

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1 and my husband both were from conservative families in our"arranged" marriage
① Beard and Mushtach do not prick or trouble in normal sex. I like them on hubby. Your wife will guide You after marriage -don't worry!
② I prefer You use condom. Your wife may agree for her protection - else condom is your best place to ejaculate!! Initial sex after marriage is largely penetration into her. Oral and other will come with familiarity, respect and desire both of You develop. Get yourpleasure and ensure her pleasure FULLY at least first 30 days (nights!!)
③ Cuddling her, kissing, foreplay, all will lead to sex when right place and mood is created. There is no need to ''Ask". It happens. Be natural,light, true and Simple. Help her to be Same and stress free! Love becomes sex when lights go off!!!
Love her
answered Mar 5, 2015 by MadhuGoel (420 points)
commented Mar 5, 2015 by Mini_Damn (165 points)
Would it be okay if I ask her about her Periods? Will it sound rude or caring?
commented Mar 5, 2015 by longhands1 (78,045 points)

Not at all. It is a topic that will put you both at ease and it is very topical too. But you need to be diplomatic about it. Ask what she expects on the wedding night? Will you be at home or in a hotel suite?

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