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I had sex with my sibling and now I am confused. What to do?

asked Feb 27, 2015 in Questions by Tapu83 (150 points)
edited Feb 27, 2015 by longhands1

By reading all the incest sex stories, I was provoked to try incest, which I tried with my elder sister forcibly. After some resistance she came into my hand. I have done intercourse two times and many times caressed her breasts. I also fucked her in day light in her in-laws house  while all are away .

My question is: I am confused whether to continue to fuck her or whether to stick to my wife only. I sometimes enjoyed this incest and the next moment, I feel guilty. My sister is also confused about this whether to continue or not but among all this confusion the sex continues.

Your advice please.


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6 Answers

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Tapu,You say you forced her initially to have sex. And later she consented though reluctantly ! As of now it is more of an EMA with two consenting adults than a bro-sis incest.

       So if you are confident that you two would never get caught then continue , otherwise leave it.

Self restrain is the only solution available to you if you want to stop. But then what your sis thinks about this? You forced her for this and now she have tasted the forbiddon fruit;she would have liked it. No actually she have liked it so she allowed you to have not only sex but her boobs to be fondelled and pressed by you. So if she wants some more are you going to say no now?

 Tough call and some tough decisions to be made for you. All we can say is best of luck!

answered Feb 28, 2015 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
selected Mar 1, 2015 by Tapu83
commented Mar 1, 2015 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
edited Mar 1, 2015 by prashant69

Thank you very much ,Tapu! You have got enough (six) answers to choose from.Still in my opinion if you would have waited for some more time  you would have got more response. What i mean is we have members from all over globe. So everyone's time zone is different . Anyways thanks again.

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Just think the consequences when you are caught and let me tell you will be caught sooner or later. You feel guilt later on because somewhere back of your mind you recognize that you are doing wrong to your sister and to your wife.

Incest gives added pleasure because it is taboo. Your sister is confused that means she has no problem to continue with you sexually at present so now the ball is in your court to decide how to go ahead. If you want to stop it, (which I think you should) then self-control is the only way if possible stop reading incest sex stories and do not meet your sister when she is alone.

Initially you will find it tough to stay away from your sister, as you have experienced your sister but later on you will be succeed if you will stay determined on your decision not to continue incest. If you are clear within yourself that you can handle the circumstances when you are caught or you are compact that you will never be caught then you may continue incest relationship with your sister leaving moral part aside.
answered Feb 27, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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What you have done is a very shaming thing. Most important thing is that you have entered into a sexual relationship with your sister. I don't really wanna blame you but others will blame you and even you will become socially avoided by others, if they knows about your incest relationship. Will you able to live a social life after that. Everybody knows the answer that nobody will accept you as a good guy after this. And another problem is that you said that you forced her into having sex with you. Is it acceptable when some guy force you to have sex with you. No you won't accept it. Maybe now she is doing sex with you because she is afraid of you. That's why she is letting you to fuck her. So think about it before you do next time with your sister.
answered Feb 28, 2015 by chubbygayathri (220 points)
edited Feb 28, 2015 by chubbygayathri
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Forcing a woman to have sex is rape, plain and simple. And, regardless of every other consideration, is a crime which, if your sister had gone to the police, would result in a prison sentence if you were convicted. That was a despicable act that you perpetrated.

​ Now your sister is cooperating with you, and if you are telling the truth, is as eager as you to continue this clandestine relationship. As I've said, I'm not interested in trying to moralise, as you and your sister have made your choices and decided that your sexual desires outweigh any other considerations.

Even guilt hasn't stopped the pair of you, and the more the two of you do this, the less guilt you'll feel. The risks of capture is real, and the consequences are incalculable if you and sis are discovered. Furthermore, what do you want in the long-term? I do know a brother and sister that live as husband and wife (and only their closest friends know the truth), with two perfectly normal healthy daughters, but they've been deeply in love with each other from childhood. The fact that you started out by raping your sister doesn't suggest much love to me!!!

oh two have to decide what you want, it's no good asking us. The law is clear enough, and you're breaking it. But people break the law all the time, or the world's prisons would be empty. We all live with our conscience, and make decisions accordingly, and sometimes doing as your conscience guides you can put you at odds with both social opinions, and your country's penal code.




answered Feb 28, 2015 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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There are 2 aspects of your question Legal and morale aspect

Legally its not allowed to make sexual relationships in your blood line

Morally its not correct too but it depends upon the 2 individuals

Rather than judging I leave this matter upon both of your two
answered Feb 28, 2015 by DrAKumar (250 points)
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99 % of incest stories are fiction. And having sex with own sister, brother, mother and father ( though rarely you see such things) are frankly too much disgusting.
As a real Man, I don't have attraction even for my own 1st cousins like father's ( or mothers) brother or sister's daughters but I have attraction for other females of another race ( country), community, sect, group etc.
So do not believe these incest stories and carry this type of disgusting relationship which may even end up impregnating your sibling with your child ( which will never be healthy due to in-breeding)
answered Mar 1, 2015 by shyam shyam (310 points)
commented Mar 1, 2015 by Tapu83 (150 points)
It's not a fiction one. Even I created a thread in xxxxx with her pics uploaded. U can get the truth,
commented Jan 24, 2017 by girish21 (175 points)
give the url here we will check

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